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EASYJoint JET BLACK 20 X 12.5Kg

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Easy Joint Jet Black 20 tubs, ideal for the builder, landscaper or large DIY project.

The original and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available in the UK. Do not be fooled by others making similar claims.

This quality paving joint compound or paving grout is available in 5 unique colours to perfectly suit a variety of natural stones and block paving.

EASYJoint is easy to use and is very popular with landscapers and builders because it saves an incredible amount of time on labour and therefore allows the contractors to win more contracts based on price.

Highly recommended by landscapers, builders, interior designers and DIY enthusiasts. See the YouTube video below for some great professional testimonials.

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20 tubs, ideal for builder, landscaper or large DIY project.

The original and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available in the UK. Do not be fooled by others making similar claims.

EASYJoint is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving materials. It is suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. As the name implies it is easy to use – simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain.

The result will be a joint that is completely filled without the need for kneeding and compressing the material by hand that will last for years.

EASY Joint colour range


Truly all weather
An all year round product that can be used whatever the weather conditions are before, during or after application

Very fast to use
The use of water to wash and fill the joints is a breakthrough jointing methodology

Less Effort
The application method makes it easy to use

Technically advanced
Years of research and continuous development makes this a market leader

No staining or framing

No Waste

Non mainland UK post codes, including some parts of Scotland may incur additional delivery costs, please check with us if you are unsure.


For the DIY user it means that you do the work when you planned to. For the professional user, it improves cash flow - get the job done and get paid without delay

10 to 20 times faster than conventional mortar based jointing methods

The application method means there is no need to kneel and compress the product into the joint – mush less wear and tear on the back and knees

You can be sure that provided the instructions are followed you will have a solid joint that will last for years

The use of water is also a protector for the paving material – correct use will ensure a clean, mark free paving surface

Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2" (50mm) or more of water.

The following brief instructions should not be relied upon alone. They are designed to give an overview of a typical Wet Application Method which is suitable for the majority of jobs.

Step 1

The application is made easier if two operators work together. Most paving can be protected by thoroughly soaking it with water for a minimum of 10 minutes before application. The wetter the surface the greater the protection.

Step 2

Tip one bag onto the soaked paving. Keep the hose running throughout the application process. Do not pile or leave EASYJoint standing in one spot, nor allow the paving to dry out with the compound on its surface

Step 3

Simultaneously sweep & flush the EASYJoint into the joints. Keep the hose low to the paving & continuously wash both the paving & the compound ahead of & behind the broom. Never allow the paving to dry.

Step 4

Once the first bag is used open another & repeat the process. Keep the hose running to keep paving wet. Keep the compound moving at all times.

Step 5

Top up sagging joints with more EASYJoint. Repeat the washing process, flushing the compound into the joints. Fill to just below the paving surface.

Step 6

Once all the joints are uniformly filled, reduce the water pressure & apply a final gentle spray of water to wash away any final traces of compound & the binding oil.

Setting Times

In warm dry conditions, once drained, the joint will be firm within 18 hrs & sets hard in 24 hrs.Wet or cold weather considerably extends the curing time.


Coverage will greatly vary according to the size of the joint. Because accuracy of gap width & depth cannot be uniformly guaranteed, the table can only be considered a guide and assumes the stated gap dimensions.

Paving Size (mm)

Joint Size (mm) 30 x 5

Paving Size (mm)

Joint Size (mm) 30 x 8

600 x 600

13.5 m2

600 x 600

8.5 m2

600 x 450

11.5 m2

600 x 450

7.0 m2

450 x 450

10.0 m2

450 x 450

6.0 m2

600 x 300

9.0 m2

600 x 300

5.5 m2

450 x 300

8.0 m2

450 x 300

5.0 m2

300 x 300

7.0 m2

300 x 300

4.0 m2

450 x 225

7.0 m2

450 x 225

4.0 m2

225 x 225

5.0 m2

225 x 225

3.0 m2

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