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Single hammock - Traditional cloth hammock for one person. Tip: It’s most comfortable when lying diagonally – giving your back the best possible support and opening the hammock with your body.

Pure Cotton - High-quality cotton with long fibers:soft to the touch, lint-free, durable, and easy to clean.

Tearproof selvage - By doubling the weft threads, the selvage is reinforced, making it exceptionally tearproof.

Many suspension cords - The number of suspension cords contributes to the comfort and durability of your hammock or hammock chair: The more cords there are, the more even the distribution of weight – providing a feeling of utter weightlessness!

GS-tested - TÜV-certified safety - The internationally renowned quality label "GS-Prüfung" is only awarded to products that fulfill highest safety standards.

Required space - The distance necessary between the two suspension points can be determined by a simple rule of thumb: The suspension height (y) should be approximately one half of the suspension distance (x).  If the distance between the suspension points is greater, the hammock must be mounted somewhat higher.

Fixation  - Hammock between two trees

Depending on the size of your hammock, the trees must be at least 3 meters apart and strong enough to bear the weight.  In order to mount the hammock between two trees, a rope is looped around the tree trunk and attached to the hammock.

Hammock between two walls

Weight bearing and solid walls are suitable for mounting hammocks. The MultiSpot is especially simple and safe, distributing the weight over three drilled holes.

Reclining position - When you lay in the hammock diagonally, your body expands the surface area so the fabric does not constrict.  In the diagonal position, there is optimal support of the back and pressure is removed from the spine. This position also makes rocking more pleasant.

Machine-washable - This hammock can be machine-washed: delicate cycle 30°C!

Bind the cords together - Bind the suspension cords together before washing to avoid tangling. The Brazilian macramé can be protected by using a mesh wash bag.

Do not tumble dry! In order to preserve your product, line dry. Do not machine dry.

Protect from abrasion - Ensure that your hammock swings freely and does not rub on the ground.

Remove at night - Cotton hammocks are susceptible when exposed to constant moisture. Therefore, take the hammock down in the evening to protect it from overnight dampness.  Keep in mind that a hammock that has become damp needs adequate air circulation to dry.

Keep dry during winter - We recommend cleaning and thoroughly drying the hammock before the winter season.  After it is completely dried, store the hammock in plastic to protect from vermin.

Unbleached and uncolored cotton - Exceptionally soft to the skin thanks to a production that is free of dyes and bleaches.

Organic cotton (GOTS) - Fair to humans, fair to nature: Organic cotton is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cotton, it is also as soft to the touch and as easy to clean.

GOTS-certified - The organic seal of the globally renowned Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stands for strict environmental and social criteria, which are applied throughout the manufacturing chain.

Certified by IMO-CH, Licence no 130448

Double hammock - Traditional cloth hammock for 1-2 people. Tip: It’s most comfortable when lying diagonally – giving your back the best possible support and opening the hammock with your body.

Traditional handmade plaits - The traditional plaits on hammocks from Colombia are considered a special quality feature. They are called Cadejos. Combined with a multitude of suspension cords they provide an optimum weight distribution, making the hammock extremely comfortable to lie in and improving its durability at the same time.

Kingsize hammock - Traditional cloth hammock for one or more people. Tip: It’s most comfortable when lying diagonally – giving your back the best possible support and opening the hammock with your body.

Handmade in Colombia - Handmade in Colombia by artisans using traditional methods. Top-quality, comfortable and beautiful.


Hand wash (hammock with spreader bars) - Your hammock with spreader bars is hand washable.

Reclining position - In a hammock with spreader bars, it is most comfortable when you lie in the lengthwise direction.  The spreader bars keep the hammock surface open for maximum relaxation.

Spreader bar made of bamboo - High-quality bamboo: particularly robust and attractive. Thanks to its production in high-quality plate technology,it is exceptionally weatherproof and has a pleasantly smooth surface.


Scandinavian spruce - Due to its fiber density, this wood is exceptionally robust, making it a perfect fit for the special statics requirements of hammock stands and hammock chair stands

Certified wood from responsible forestry - The international certification system of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) guarantees that the respective wood is sourced from ecologically and socially sustainable forestry.

FSC®-Licence Code: CO12427

Weatherproof wood - Thanks to a high-pressure lamination process and a special waterproofing method, this stand can be left outside throughout the whole hammock season.

Adjustable attachment - Thanks to the patented QuickExtend system, adapting the tautness of your hammock is a matter of seconds.


Steel - Powder-coated steel: durable and easy to clean.

Practical plug-in system - The PlugTube system enables quick assembly of the stand by simply clicking the tubes together.

Height Adjustable.

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