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Testimonial for Supreme Landscaping Products

At the end of last year I published an article entitled 'Video Marketing and Customer Testimonials' which was very well recieved and soon became a hot topic of conversation with builders and landscapers alike. I was surprised at just how many people said they didn't have time for things like testimonials but they still agreed that they were probably a very good idea. 

As a company Supreme Landscaping Products don't have the luxury of video testimonials, that article was focused on one of our suppliers who have got deeper pockets than us; I'd love to be able to interview some of our customers and record how pleased they are with our products and services but there you are.

However, a good testimonial is still a good testimonial and when I received an email from my recent customer Martin with some very kind words praising not just our Black Spot Remover but also praising our technical advice and prompt service it inspired me to write about the true value of testimonials once again. Plus, he sent some great photographs of 'before and after'.

Plus, another customer who recently purchased one of our top quality Border Stoneware garden ornaments was kind enough to say how happy she was with Large Wishing Well and send us photos of it in her garden.

If you want to create confidence in your services and products there really is no better way that with customer testimonials and it provides you with superb opportunities to create quality content marketing and user generated content.

Read how it can help your company...

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Wooden Planters, user generated content and content marketing

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:16:35 Europe/London

Planters and Troughs online from Supreme Landscaping Products

The task of listing new hard landscaping products for our customers continues and we are very proud to announce the addition of a superb range of top quality, British made, wooden planters and plant troughs.

These new products are likely to be of particular interest to gardening enthusiasts as well as landscapers, landscape architects, interior designers, garden designers and landscaping enthusiasts. 

You will not find these wooden planter products sold at a discount on the High Street or in garden centres across the UK; they are high end products, handmade by craftsmen in a UK midlands based joinery shop.

However, simply announcing the fact that we're once again expanding our hard landscaping product range wouldn't really be inkeeping with the ethos of social media marketing, would it? That would just be advertising, right? People get bored with traditional advertising, we know this and consequently this article is focused on the value these great new products can offer you or your company as a buyer.

So, based on the social media ethos and the continued popularity of 'user generated content' and the basic principles of content marketing, I decided to take a rather different approach to announcing these new products.

This article will provide all my customers, not just landscapers and garden designers, with the tools to create some quality 'user generated content' for Supreme Landscaping Products and for themselves.

If you want to find out how this concept will actually work, read on...

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How to be a success at E-commerce: Proof for you!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 12:23:29 Europe/London

How to succeed at E-commerce

If anyone says that E-commerce is an easy way to create a quick and successful business it's probably worth asking them how long they've been doing it and if it's more than a week or two, then asking them to prove what they're saying. 

E-commerce is not simple, it really isn't, it's certainly not quick or easy, and I guarantee it takes a multitude of business strengths to do it well.

First and foremost, the most important issue is getting some great products to sell that people definitely want to buy; if you've got that covered or at least you think you've got that covered, it's probably worth your while reading this article and getting a few tips.

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87 year old Ray chooses to use EASY Joint for his landscaping project

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 11:39:15 Europe/London

87 year old EASY Joint user Ray Odey

Quite recently I published a post 'How to joint a patio - EASY Joint on YouTube' and I explained how a gentleman called Ray Odey called me up with a few landscaping product questions and we discussed at length whether or not he would be able to use EASY Joint for his patio. Ray explained to me in detail that the stone was OK on the patio but the pointing was looking old and tired and needed replacing.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Ray, he was great guy and he seemed delighted that the product came in a choice of colours and that it was premixed and ready to use straight from the tub. Ray's main concern however, was how easy the jointing compound would be to use, so I mentioned that Azpects, the manufacturer of EASY Joint, had produced an excellent video highlighting how simple and straightforward it is to apply and I suggested that Ray watched the video and based his buying decision on what he saw.

Ray watched the video and came back the next day to order. He said that if it was a easy as it looked on the video he should be OK, afterall, he added, 'I am 87 years old'. 

I think Ray is completely brilliant and I really hope that I'll be up for a landscaping challenge when I'm his age.

Here's Ray's full story... 

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Landscapers and how they can win business using content marketing

Thursday, 13 April 2017 13:45:09 Europe/London

Landscapers like quality content

Does some of the content you read online make you weep?

Most people will say yes and you really don't have to be a landscaper, a builder, a developer or a landscaping architect to be able to relate to this article. We all need to stay up to date with what's happening in our particular sector, but very few of us can spend even half an hour reading stuff that's a waste of time, right? 

But, imagine that you are a landscaper, imagine you've been working super hard all day, since very early this morning, lifting slabs, moving soil, grafting hard and the job has just begun. There's a lot to do and the projects going to take a while before things start looking good, it's all about preparation, right? 

What do want to do when you have a break? Chill out, maybe catch up and surf the internet on your mobile, see what's happening in the landscaping sector? See what the competiton is up to?

If you are super keen and you really want to help build your business, you might even read some of the latest landscaping articles, an article or 2 about how best to market your company and win more contracts. But that's only likely if you're super keen, some landscapers are more traditional and established, they're not looking to grow much. They're happy enough reading the paper and relying on referrals.

But if you are young and keen, what you don't want to do is spend time reading articles that tell you nothing, articles that are a waste of time.

Here's some good advice. 

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Patio time? Why al fresco is so fashionable...

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 15:05:00 Europe/London

Hard Landscaping Design

Photo courtesy of Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry

Spring is here, the weeks are flying by and before we know it another summer will be here.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to long sunny days, lunches on the patio, chilled wines, cold beers and all the benefits of eating al fresco with friends and family. It hasn't been a particularly cold winter, but we certainly miss the sunshine and the blue skies, don't we? 

As a company we can see that demand is going to be very high this year for our hard landscaping products, it's only just April and our sales are significantly higher than they were this time last year. OK, it's true that we're quickly becoming the UK's fastest growing online hard landscaping products distributor and that our regular landscaping, building and property development customers are coming back to us based on last years good prices and fast delivery, but that's not really the point.

Today we're wondering why sales are so much higher than this time last year, what's actually motivating people to spend more than ever on their gardens and landscaping and the answer is pretty simple.

The demand here in the UK for 'outdoor' living facilities or seamless 'indoor outdoor' social amenities is growing exponentially and we see this as being much more than simply a fashion trend.

Here's why...  

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How to joint a patio - EASY Joint on YouTube

Friday, 31 March 2017 09:55:50 Europe/London

EASY Joint really is easy...

A wonderful 87 year old customer phoned me from Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, earlier this week and he asked me if I thought he would be able to use EASYJoint for his patio as it needed rejointing or repointing.

His name is Raymond and we discussed the benefits of EASY Joint at length. Raymond wondered how straightforward it is to use and I explained that you just brush it into the paving joints. I also mentioned that because there's no mixing involved, the paving compound colours stay consistent and that there are 5 very unique colours to suit all different types of natural stone and paving,  

I also mentioned the main benefit of using EASYJoint is that as long as you follow the Azpects mantra 'The Wetter the Better' you'll be OK. Of course, with professional landscapers and builders time is very much of the essence, but with DIY enthusiasts the important issue is getting a consistent, strong and dependable finish!

The fact that Raymond is 87 years old and still willing to take on such a task is very commendable and I was very keen to help him out as much as I possibly could.

I suggested that he checked out the Azpects video on YouTube for the EASY Joint usage directions, 'How to Joint a Patio' shows exactly how easy the product is to use. I've had a number of customers leave comments about EASY Joint being just as simple to use as it looks on the Azpects YouTube video and I was confident that once Raymond had seen the video he would have a good idea if he could do it or not.

The next day Raymond ordered his 2 tubs of Stone Grey online (he's Internet and E-commerce savvy too) after he'd watched the Azpects video and that inspired me to write this post. I spoke to him yesterday, his tubs of EASY Joint arrived the day after he ordered and he's looking forward to his forthcoming landscaping project.

Want to see just how easy EASY Joint really is?   

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Statues - Modern chic and traditional landscaping

Monday, 27 March 2017 12:09:16 Europe/London

Statues - Easter Island Head

Statues, used as part of any internal or landscaping design, can say a lot about about an individual, and of course, everyone has their own taste.

What you love and adore, your neighbour might hate, but luckily at Supreme Landscaping Products we offer a truly diverse selection of statues. You'll be amazed at the range we're now offering landscapers, interior designers, landscaping architects and property developers and not just for residential designs, for commercial applications too.

Whether your preference is modern chic or a more traditional, classic design, we've got something for you.

The fact that we deliver these beautiful, hand crafted statues free of charge to any mainland destination across the UK within a couple of days of ordering is creating quite a demand as we hurtle towards the UK's landscaping busy season.

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Limestone - Back to Black Colour Enhancer

Monday, 20 March 2017 14:47:47 Europe/London

Back to Black Limestone Solution

Natural limestone is a very popular stone for patios and paving but unfortunately, it can soon lose its great natural look. Yes, sorry everyone, but it can fade.

Over recent years, we've seen increased demand for a product that will solve this often inevitable problem with such a popular natural stone. Let's face it, who wants to spend £1,000's of pounds on landscaping around a swimming pool, installing a huge limestone patio or creating a beautiful bespoke paving installation around their property only to find out that after a short while it looks dull and lacklustre?

At last the scientists at Azpects have come up with an easy to use solution and as the name suggests Back to Black brings Limestone right Back to Black. 

Amazingly, this product is not a paint! 

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5 types of GIF for great marketing

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:16:23 Europe/London

Architectural GIF

Marketing Hard Landscaping Products can be a challenge, how much can you say about a roll of ground stabilisation membrane before it gets boring?

Natural stone paving and paving compounds or jointing compounds offer a bit more scope because if a company has quality customers, as we do, it's a pleasure publicising the excellent landscaping projects they've created using the products we've supplied them. If you've seen our Landscaping Awards 2016 article or our Supreme Landscaping Products USP article I'm sure you'll appreciate just how rewarding that can be. (I must send a huge thank you to all the customers kind enough to include the products we sell in the project photographs they send us). 

However, when it comes to marketing, you've got to capture people's attention and you've got to capture it quickly. If, like us, you want to get potential buyers to your website to see all the great hard landscaping products you've got available for them, you've got to create some interest and fast.

Here's 5 types of GIF that will definitely help you do that.

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Insane on the membrane (prices) ?

Friday, 10 March 2017 14:40:05 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products Insane Membrane Prices

How do you market something that just isn't that exciting? 

Where do you begin? 

Where do good marketing ideas for mundane products come from?

In this instance I found my inspiration on YouTube...

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Pothole Art at London's Tate Modern? Really?

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 12:53:39 Europe/London

Pothole art from Supreme Landscaping Products

It's been almost a year since I originally wrote an article enititled 'Pothole Art at London's Tate Modern? Really?'

Clearly, for some people, potholes have become more of an issue since I wrote that article, as the GIF above highlights, but 12 months down the road (pun intended) are potholes art?

Or maybe, to you, they're still just a major issue? 

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How's that craving for paving?

Monday, 27 February 2017 10:06:08 Europe/London

New paving products from Supreme Landscaping Products

It's no secret that around this time of year people get a craving for paving.

Whether it's cleaning their existing paving, patio or decking or simply ripping up the old slabs or decking and starting all over again, you just can't stop them. It's absolutely true, come spring time that craving for paving is a force to be reckoned with and as a consequence our sales pick up very, very significantly and very, very quickly. 

Why the rush? Simple, people want to get their paving, patio and decking jobs finished as quickly as possible so they can start enjoying the spring and summer weather ASAP and who can blame them?

That's why the hard landscaping sector is renowned for being a tad seasonal; the fact that some of our products, EASYJoint being the prime example, can be used pretty much whatever the weather really helps, but people still tend to think patio, paving and all things hard landscaping once spring arrives.

Are you ready for this?

Officially Spring will be here in 2 days, it's starting Wednesday 1st March and thankfully, we're ready for the action to begin.

You're probably wondering why we're so confident..? 

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Why we put the rock on our website

Monday, 20 February 2017 11:21:49 Europe/London

No, not the rock from Supreme Landscaping Products

When I told my colleagues I was going to write a blog article about the rock availability at Supreme Landscaping Products, it certainly raised an eyebrow or two.

So I guess I should explain, we haven't actually got The Rock, but we have got the rock, we've got the pebbles, the boulders, the gravel and the decorative stone too!

It's all part of our growing range of hard landscaping products and that's not all... 

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Watch out LinkedIn and Facebook!

Monday, 13 February 2017 13:05:53 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products on Houzz


Supreme Landscaping Products have always supported landscapers, builders, landscape architects, property developers and other professionals with tips and trends on social media, we even go as far as to publish articles here on our blog helping our professional customers win more contracts. 

Over the years we've offered valuable advice about using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc., however, there's a new social platform called Houzz that's a definite contender for the very best place for all of our customers to be in 2017.

Watch out LinkedIn and Facebook because Houzz is getting a lot of attention, here's an idea of just how brilliant it is! 

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Stone Grey or Mushroom EASYJoint?

Monday, 6 February 2017 12:10:17 Europe/London

Mushroom or Stone Grey EASYJoint

The rise and fall of any brand or product popularity is often a tough one to quantify.

Things don't just happen, there must be a reason for changes in brand and product popularity, right?

Sometimes a company, in any given sector, can spend a fortune on advertising and promoting their brand and products, and sales actually fall instead of increase. This is never good, but sometimes it's easily explained. Some campaigns (often the most expensive) try just a little too hard and often it's kind of obvious, consumers hate desperation. 

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EASYJoint is (still) our cash cow

Monday, 30 January 2017 12:02:26 Europe/London

EASYJoint the cash cow

Cash cows are something all business people dream of and in case you're not 100% sure about what they are, here's a story I think you'll like. (Does the picture give our cash cow away a little?)

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How to get quality content and how to blog!

Monday, 23 January 2017 13:47:10 Europe/London

It's all about content


A lot of landscapers and builders are visiting our website regularly now to read our blog posts, which in turn of course, increases our online website sales. 

Why? Simple.

The hard landscaping products we offer are all here and why wouldn't you take a quick look whilst reading the latest blog post? New products are being introduced all the time.

It's during this process that landscapers and builders are beginning to appreciate that both social media marketing (SMM) and blogging offer huge value. They don't really take as much time as people imagine.

The bottom line is that practically everyone searches on Google (or Bing) nowadays for whatever they need, not just games and toys, books and DVD's, but also landscaping and construction products. Yellow Pages are so 1980's and 1/2 page glossy magazine adverts are expensive and just don't work, even in the most prestigous landscaping, construction and building magazines..

Social media marketing and blogging are the answer and they're easy... 

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Amazon: How to handle a bad review

Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:28:10 Europe/London



Buy EASYJoint online



Maintaining a perfect product profile as an E-commerce company is not an easy task. However, working on the historic premise 'The customer is always right' means that complaints have to be dealt with fairly and promptly. They really can't be ignored.

The biggest issue with any product that involves usage, or some kind of application, is that people don't always read the instructions. Sadly, even some experienced builders and landscapers neglect reading the instructions. This approach is not recommended.

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How I spent a whole month on LinkedIn last year

Monday, 16 January 2017 09:54:51 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products on LinkedIn

I've been on LinkedIn since 2010 when the social media platform for business 'slipped into hyper growth' and it seems to me that it's a platform no business can afford to ignore completely.

However, I've been looking over my LinkedIn activity for 2016 and wondering if it was time well spent or not. 

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