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Road repairs to sort out before the winter arrives?

How's your road or your driveway looking?

Pretty rough? In need of repair? 

Well here's the bad news, despite the warm weather, winter is definitely just around the corner and we all know that means - ice, snow, frost, slippery surfaces and treacheous driving conditions.

Now that's something to look forward to, isn't it?

OK, consider this an early Christmas present, it's limited to just a few customers, but it's a Christmas present nevertheless.

(If you want to go straight to the product page and the usage video, just CLICK here!)

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Easy Grid so easy to install as a shed base or for a paddock

Yes it's winter again and very soon it'll be much colder and much wetter, this is not a great prospect in many ways, but it is time for some of our more seasonal products to start selling more quickly.

One of the main products is EASYGrid, as featured above, and this applies in particular to horse and pony owners, and equestrian centres. With a main focus, of course, on people looking to upgrade their paddocks and turnout areas to improve their horse and pony's wellbeing. 

I know that I've just blogged about the fact we're offering EASYGrid with free delivery now, but our suppliers Azpects have just carried out a very successful EASYGrid promotion on Facebook that featured a couple of YouTube videos and much more.

The promotion not only explains what EASYGrid is all about and how effective it can be, but they're also sending the lucky winner of their prize draw, a free EASYGrid retail pack!

We noticed this all happening about a month ago because we appreciate the real benefits of social media, and we saw that Azpects got lots and lots of LIKES and shares on their Facebook page.

We were jealous to say the least! This is great social media marketing and it would be very silly if we didn't jump on the social media bandwagon, right?

Based on the fact that there's only 1 winner for the Azpects EASYGrid competition we wondered what we could offer the other entrants.

The social media consequences of this promotion caught our attention immediately, why? Because Azpects had received a lot of interest on their EASYGrid competition Facebook post, currently that's 317 shares, 91 comments (lots from Equestrian Centres) and 178 LIKES. That's not bad by any standards, right? 

Who wouldn't want to jump on that social media bandwagon? (Connect with us here on Facebook using this link)

So we approached Azpects very politely and asked if we could make a special offer to all the interested EASYGrid fans that didn't win, luckily they said, 'Why not?'

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Buying online with free delivery, great news for you

Thursday, 12 October 2017 15:20:42 Europe/London

Free delivery on some of our best selling products

As you may or may not know, we've been exceptionally busy just lately adding new products to our landscaping range.

Last week we added even more outdoor lighting products, including some great security lights that provide a 'dusk to dawn' feature which is ideal as the nights and mornings get darker and darker.

The response to these new products has been very positive and we wondered if that's because some of them are delivered free of charge?

We think that free delivery definitely helps people make the right decision when it comes to buying online and based on that good feeling and as a gesture of goodwill to our DIY customers, our landscapers and our builders for their continued customer loyalty this year, we've decided to offer some of our best selling products with free delivery as we head towards the end of 2017.

First and foremost, EasyJoint is still our best selling product and based on that, Easy Joint pallet deliveries are now free, so if you need 20 or more tubs, here's a great opportunity for you and there's more... 

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Do you think your garden needs spotlights?

Friday, 6 October 2017 14:25:06 Europe/London

Lighting makes all the difference to any new or established garden or landscape

Whether you've got a sprawling landscape, a smaller high rise decking area or patio, or a traditional sized back garden with a lawn and a couple of trees, you can make all the difference with some well chosen, well placed lighting.

Regardless of your taste, whether your garden is full of features, statues, ornaments or just a plain decking area or traditional stone patio with some lawn and a few flowerbeds, you can still make it something very special and we can help you. 

We are now working with Lumena Lights Ltd and we've added a whole selection of spot lights, spike lights, up lighters, down lighters, tree lights, step lights, wall lights, lanterns, pathway lights, parking bollards and driveway lights.

Plus, for the more security concious we've got a great selection of 'dusk to dawn' photocell entrance and landscape lights that switch on automatically as the darkness approaches and switch off as the daylight returns. This particular option is very popular with householders who are away from home a lot or who work long hours, as the lights come on automatically and the house looks occupied as the days get shorter and the evenings get longer.

If you need to add those finishing touches to your new landscaping or gardening project or if you want to add a little more style to your existing patio and decking area, we've got the products you need and you can buy them from us online, right now.

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We're offering you the very best quality lighting solutions online

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:01:13 Europe/London

Outdoor lighting solutions from Supreme Landscaping Products

Photograph from our customer Burnham Landscapes

Supreme Landscaping Products continues as one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors to look at providing growth within our comprehensive range of quality gardening, landscaping and outdoor lifestyle products.

In our continued search for the best possible landscaping products for our online customers across the UK which include DIY enthusiasts, landscape designers, landscapers, builders and developers, we got our team together tecently and questioned what additional products we needed to provide a more complete range.

We have done well over recent months adding a huge selection of top quality planters, a great selection of sheds, garden offices and outbuildings and some new top selling products from other suppliers but we don't tend to rest on our laurels.

The conversation developed and among the top choices of products came outdoor lighting.

Fortunately, we recently met with Lumena Lights Ltd. at Glee exhibition and we were very impressed with the high quality of their products, their traditional and digital business model and their professional approach to customer service.

Based on that successful meeting, we can now announce that we will soon be offering a full range of Lumena's lighting products online; these will include, traditional and modern lanterns and pedestal lights, brass and copper feature lighting, commercial and residential bollard and path way lights including photocell lighting, security lights, flood lights and a whole lot more.

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How to repair cracked asphalt

Friday, 22 September 2017 11:49:59 Europe/London

Easy4Cracks asphalt road repair kit

The winter is on the way once again, but why are we never ready for it?

This year you can be prepared, take a look at your driveway or your road, does it need some attention? Do you need to carry out some repairs? Do you need to know how to repair cracked asphalt?

Before the really cold weather arrives you've got chance to put right all those problems that are only going to get worse.

Calling in a professional road repair team will cost you a lot of money, there's no denying that but we're offering a far, far cheaper solution.

We're offering an Azpects EASY product as the perfect solution to use because it just got significantly cheaper.


Well it's all due to some fine negotiating by Supreme Landscaping Products on behalf of it's UK online customer base. (Yes, that's you)

If you've got road repairs that need doing before the ice and snow arrive read this...

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How we find new landscaping products

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 11:11:17 Europe/London

Landscape Show London

The Landscape Show at Battersea Park, London was very good despite being given the wrong post code. Yes, it took a lot longer to get there than we anticipated and having to wait ages for a parking space was a bit of a waste of time, but once we finally got into the event it was pretty good.

I should add that it was quite nice that Sir Bob Gerdolf said hello when I acknowledged him strolling casually into the exhibition. 

As one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors it's essential for us to stay up to date on trends and new landscaping products and design ideas and therefore attendance to this prestige show was essential.

What new products were we looking for in particular?

  • All kinds of paving, including porcelain, Yorkstone, Sandstone and Riven
  • Decorative gravel, pebbles, chippings and stone 
  • Rockery rocks, slate, cobbles and boulders
  • Water features and garden ornaments
  • Garden pots and planters
  • Outdoor fire pits and heaters
  • BBQ and outdoor catering equipment
  • New innovative landscaping products

To find out what was there and what we really liked read on...

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We're so happy with the very latest garden and outdoor living products at Glee

Thursday, 14 September 2017 14:32:55 Europe/London

Outdoor living fires and heaters

Driving to Birmingham and spending several long hours looking at a vast array of the very latest garden and outdoor living products at the Garden and Outdoor Living Trade Show or #glee17 was a tough day but the results were excellent. 

More about the good results later, here's what Glee said about the exhibition:

'Glee is the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living tradeshow. At Glee you can discover thousands of the newest garden retail products from over 550+ suppliers across 8 tailored show sectors; Garden Care, Landscaping and Garden Decorations, Food and Catering, Retail Experiences and Services, Outdoor Entertaining, Pet Products, Home, gift and Clothing and Plants.

As well as enjoying our free, inspirational and educational seminars from leading industry experts, Glee also offers valuable insights into future key market trends, and with over 7,000 visitors in attendance, it has unrivalled networking opportunities with likeminded professionals from both the UK and overseas. Glee is the only place to source the very best in British products available within the UK and is the most crucial garden trade event in any retailer’s calendar.'

To see what Supreme Landscaping Products found particularly interesting read more...

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Tickets for Glee Garden Industry Trade Show

Wednesday, 6 September 2017 12:36:29 Europe/London

Tickets for the Glee Garden Industry Trade show, have you got yours yet??

If you haven't, you can CLICK here and I'll see you there next week!

If you're not too sure what is GLEE all about, here's what they say on the Glee website:

'At Glee we bring the most exiting exhibitors together with the most powerful and influential visitors and buyers in the industry. Spread across 8 select show sectors Glee offers three jam packed days of networking, selling and purchasing which are not to be missed. Whilst discovering the latest in innvovative products, you can also meet hundreds of new and existing suppliers all under one roof. Taking place at the perfect time of year to re-stock your shelves just before Christmas, Glee is the most crucial trade event in any retailer's calendar.'

If you visit this blog on a regular basis you will know that as one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors we are constantly looking for great new products. We may also know that we've recently added a comprehensive selection of sheds, outbuildings and garden offices, a high end range of garden planters and troughs, some additional garden statues and a selection of new landscaping products from the EASY Joint people, Azpects.

For me, to be able to find my customer base a multitude of new top quality garden and landscaping products all under one roof sounds like a brilliant opportunity.

If you'd like to see what I'm particularly interested in checking out, read on...

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Easy Grid keeping your horse happy

If you own a horse or a pony you are probably ready for the change of season, the nights are drawing in already and the weather seems to getting wetter by the minute.

It was about 9 months ago that I published a blog post entitled 'What is proof of quality exactly?', it was all about a very innovative new product called Easy Grid, as you've probably guessed, like the entire Easy range, it's made by Azpects, the company that revolutionised the paving compound sector a few years ago with Easy Joint. (one of our best selling products)

EasyGrid is brilliant for shed bases and driveway construction, but it's also the perfect product for Paddocks and Turnout areas.

My most recent conversation with a serious equestrian fan has proved to me that it's well worth spreading the good word about this superb new product to all horse and pony owners. (I'll mention the new stables we're offering with free installation too!)

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Children's playhouse castle, post office, den and many other options

Our growth as an online landscaping products distributor continues and we've been looking at offering our customers more and more products for their gardens. Why wouldn't we? As a Supreme Landscaping Products customer you can now buy your paving, your Easy Joint, your sandstone or limestone sealer, your garden lights, your garden furniture and a statue, all in one go!

We've spent a lot of time over recent months researching the viability of offering garden sheds, children's playhouses, wooden workshops, timber built fitness studios, garden offices and a whole host of top quality British built wooden outbuildings online.

We know from our customers that the demand for sheds and outbuildings is there and based on our online selling experience, we also know that our customers require top quality materials, excellent design, great service and of course, great prices.

Fortunately, we can now offer all of the above, but this is about so much more than just selling a few garden sheds online.

No pun intended, but we've got a lot of ground to cover because we offer so many types of garden buildings, but let's start with the larger buildings like summerhouses. Why summerhouses? Because we feel there's an untapped niche market for these and it's something we're confident that our customers will really like.

Given the fact that it's very expensive to move house nowadays and it's not always practical or financially viable to extend your existing property, garden sheds, summerhouses, garden offices and villas are presenting themselves as very cost effective alternatives. (subject to planning permission if required)

Based on these underlying factors and still looking to maintain our position of the fastest growing landscaping products online distributor in the UK, we are very happy to now be offering a very comprehensive selection of British built, quality garden buildings.

To learn more about our mini man caves and smaller sized she sheds, the super large summerhouses and luxury timber villas, read on...

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Azpects Easy Joint from Supreme Landscaping Products

Without a doubt, we are one of the fastest growing online landscaping products distributors online and we're very proud of the fact that we've made the builders merchants accessible to the general public.

We treat the DIY enthusiast, the same way we treat our long term landscaper and builder customers, same great prices, the same great service and super fast delivery.

We started life just a few years ago selling safety boots, Hi Viz jackets, goggles, gloves and a few paving sealers and a product we felt was bound to take off. 

That product was Easy Joint from Azpects.

Things have changed dramatically over the years, we now sell statues, water fountains and sculptures, high quality wooden planters as used by the royal family, sheds, outbuildings, playhouses and summerhouses, paving slabs in all shapes and sizes, decorative stone and gravel, rockery boulders and rocks, designer 'stone' globe lights, Easy grid the shed base and paddock solution, natural stone sealers and cleaners and so much more.

Despite this amazing growth, our best selling product is still Easy Joint, so it looks like our judgement was right.

The word is out about Easy Joint and we're not the only stockists online, but there are some very good reasons to be buying from us rather than our competitors.

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Do you prefer expensive advertising or cost effective blogging ?

Tuesday, 1 August 2017 12:12:40 Europe/London

Landscapers blogging and marketing

It doesn't matter what business you are in, if people don't know about your products or services they won't buy from you. That's right, first off, we're going to look at advertising. 

Who builds a shop in the middle of nowhere or puts a website online without telling Google?

American marketing pioneer John Wanamaker was a very successful merchant, he opened one of the first and most successful department stores in the United States, which eventually became part of Macy’s.

Apparently he coined the phrase “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”.

Do you spend too much on advertising? Do you even know what part of your advertising spend is the most effective? 

It seems to me that landscapers, builders, property developers, landscape designers and many other businesses are missing a major trick and that's blogging about the great work they do. 

Blogging instead of advertising, or at least blogging and spending a lot less on advertising has got to be the preferred approach. If you'd like to cut down on your advertising costs and at the same time improve your brand presence read on...

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Do you need a man cave or would you prefer a she shed?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 14:55:27 Europe/London

Artist's studio, home office, she shed or man cave

Many people complain of being over exposed to technology nowadays, I hear them say they're over stimulated and need some space for some serious relaxation, some space to be quiet and take time for a little contemplation.

Does this sound familiar? Are you one of those people wanting to get away from it all, not actually taking a break as in a holiday, but just taking a break from the house? Looking for some special space outside the home, away from all the noise and activity?

Do you yearn for a place of tranquility, a quiet place away from telephones and away from screens?

If you do or you know someone who does, we've got the perfect solution for you.

The concept of the 'man cave' is far from new, in the USA men have had 'dens' for decades, places where testosterone rules and all kinds of sporting type macho stuff goes on, but times have changed and women have finally escaped the tedium of the boudoir.

Women need their own space too and now the 'man cave' is finding itself competing with the 'she shed'. 

Not too sure what the options are? 

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Bellway Homes communal area with high quality planters

How's this for a roof garden?

Architects, landscaping architects, construction specifiers, quantity surveyors, developers and building contractors are often challenged when it comes to providing an impressive communal area when designing and developing multi occupation new build projects. 

We've got the answer and these amazing hard and soft wood planters and troughs are also ideal for commercial applications, such as restaurants, pubs, clubs and corporate facilities and of course, ideally suited to the more discerning homeowner with a significant landscaping design and budget. 

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Buying landscaping products online with Supreme Landscaping Products

Selling a wide range of landscaping products across the UK to customers via our website is a fairly straightforward process. I wouldn't say it was easy, because we're probably the fastest growing online landscaping products distributor in the UK, but the actual process is straightforward.

People visit our website, they check out our products, maybe read an article or two on our blog and get a good understanding of just how pleased our customers are with our products and our service. They then proceed to order what they need and we deliver the products the next day. (pallets take a little longer but not much)

It all sounds very easy and it really is.

OK, the Supreme Landscaping Products range has grown a lot since we started back in 2015 but our website is still very easy to navigate, our telephone number is very prominent, plus, in addition to that, we say 'for advice on any of our products call 01440 786932'. So to me, we've pretty much covered all the bases.

The products we offer, whether it's a Border Stoneware statue of Mars or Marte (almost 5 foot tall), an Iroko Blok Hardwood Planter or a 12.5 Kg tub of Stone Grey Easy Joint, all have full descriptions and therefore the purchasing process should be relatively simple.

My customer Ray Odey, who is 87 years old and featured in a recent blog article here, managed to order his Easy Joint online and arrange for delivery the following day without any hassle whatsoever.

However, not everyone does their homework and when it comes to landscaping projects, whether you are buying something as simple as 5 litres of Sandstone Sealer Enhancer, or something more significant like a 245 Kg Japanese style Border Stoneware patio set or a couple of tonnes of Red Sandstone for your new rockery, you need to consider a few things before you actually make the purchase.

Here's some tips to make the whole process as simple and cost effective as possible, whatever you are buying.

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Social Media and Supreme Landscaping Products

It's quite a task nowadays turning your back on social media, isn't it?

Who goes away on holiday for a break and never thinks about their social media accounts or their business?

Not too many people, I bet?

This post is my 1st since my wonderful holiday and yes, I did have a lot to catch up on, hence the all encompassing title 'Specially for you: Social media, holidays, Twitter automation and landscaping testimonials.'

I've got a lot of ground to cover, a lot can happen in business in just a week or two, right?

If you want to find out what's been happening, and there's quite a lot, including some great news, continue reading...

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Here's some great reasons to still be using email

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:45:57 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products

Marketing can be an expensive process and I'm sure that most business people would agree that with digital marketing the main cost is the amount of time members of staff are focused on any given campaign.

I've been very involved in social media marketing since back in 2010 and people are still questioning the true ROI with social media marketing and it's still a very contentious subject.  

OK, if I gloat about putting together a great EASY Joint purchase and delivery with Craig at Habitat Landscapes via Twitter a while back and then subsequently putting another great deal together with Ed at Burnham Landscaping via Twitter, I can assure you that doesn't happen every day. OK, I've built a great rapport with two very talented landscaping specialists and they've said some great stuff about the products we sell and the service we offer, but orders via Twitter are sporadic at best. 

Twitter is great for connecting and communicating with people but I couldn't recommend it for a constant stream of business.

So what is the most consistent, cost effective way to communicate with prospective customers?

That, of course, is a very tough question and there are a number of variables to consider - i.e. campaign budget, individual business model, specific sector, brand and brand awareness, staff skills and resources, data base availablity and customer connectivity. Considering all the variables, the good old traditional email campaign should not be ignored or considered old fashioned.

Email campaigns can still be very effective if done well and here's why... 

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Patio paving nightmare

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, looking forward to a lovely family al fresco weekend lunch in the sunshine and seeing your patio looking like this.

Complete nightmare right?

Obviously, things like this don't just happen over night but sometimes as the seasons change and we look a little closer at what we left behind at the end of last summer and we realise that during the winter months our patio slabs didn't actually get any better, in fact they got decidedly worse. What do we do know, you might ask?

Do we dig up all the slabs and start again? Do we buy a load more Limestone or Sandstone paving slabs, some sealer and some EASY Joint and get a landscaper in to lay a brand new patio and paths before the summer comes to an end?

Maybe I should rephrase that, 'Do we choose to spend £1,000's of pounds on a brand new patio and path or do we look to find a less expensive alternative?'

If you prefer the less expensive patio alternative, keep reading...

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It's absolutely true, we can put even more Gods in your garden...

Friday, 2 June 2017 13:08:48 Europe/London

Ornate quality British made feature water fountain

Back in December 2016 when we first announced our new Border Stoneware product range, I entitled the introductory article "We can put Gods in your garden" and it was very well received, in fact we've had over 3400 clicks on that article, 19 just today, and the whole statue and ornament range has created some great business and a lot of website traffic.

Based on our sales so far, we have continued to expand the range, it seems that DIY fans, landscapers, landscaping architects and garden designers are all keen on these top quality British made sculptures.

In March this year I published another post highlighting some more contemporary themed statues and again, that article was entitled 'Statues - Modern Chic and traditional landscaping' which was equally well recieved. Lots of interest, particularly in the Easter Island Mega Head statue, but today we will revisit our more traditional sculptures and statues and we'll also include some water fountains and some stone garden furniture.  

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