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Supreme Landscaping Products have always supported landscapers, builders, landscape architects, property developers and other professionals with tips and trends on social media, we even go as far as to publish articles here on our blog helping our professional customers win more contracts. (Click here to check out the Landscaping Awards 2016)

Over the years we've offered valuable advice about using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc., however, there's a new social platform called Houzz that's a definite contender for the very best place for all of our customers to be in 2017.

Watch out LinkedIn and Facebook because Houzz is getting a lot of attention, here's an idea of just how brilliant and far reaching it is! 


Houzz and Supreme Landscaping Products

Supreme Landscaping Products heard about Houzz from Ed Burnham from Burnham Landscapes during a quick chat about the delivery of his 1st pallet of EASYJoint from us. 

Ed asked me: "Have you heard about Houzz? All the landscapers are heading there nowadays!"

It didn't take me long to check it out, believe me.

So what exactly is Houzz?

Here's what our old friends a Wikipedia have to say: 

Houzz is a website (seems so much more than just a website to us here) and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz platform and mobile apps feature photos, articles, product recommendations, and a user forum. 

As of July 2015 a localised Houzz platform was available in UK, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy and Spain. By the end of 2015, Houzz was also live in Sweden and Denmark and cited over 35 million monthly unique users and over one million active home professionals including contractors, designers, architects, etc. 

OK, so Supreme Landscaping Products may not be classed as 'early adopters' as such, but we certainly know a good thing when we see it. 


Landscapers on Houzz


Some of the garden architects, garden designers and landscapers on Houzz!  


The 1st thing we noticed was the quality of the site, how easy it is to use and the fact that Houzz have really covered all the bases. A lot of landscapers and garden designers we work with have a minimal social media presence, hence the service we provide with our USP. Quite a few use Facebook and Twitter and some have a presence on LinkedIn, but generally, although there are exceptions, Houzz could most certainly be a major benefit and a perfect point of reference without needing to maintain a website.

It seems to me at first glance, that although Houzz may not offer the quick and easy accessibilty of Twitter, it can provide a much more comprehensive platform to exhibit any landscapers, builders or interior designers successful projects than is currently offered by the likes of LinkedIn or Facebook. It provides a far more focused business audience than LinkedIn, basically connecting with people in need of various products and services, plus it provides a far more attractive viewing experience than Facebook. 

Let's look at what Supreme Landscaping Products have acheived in just a couple of hours, shall we?


Houzz and Supreme Landscaping Products


It's not just landscapers, builders and interior designers as you can see, as online hard landscaping products distributors or online merchants, we are able to display our latest (very new) range of boulders and rockery solutions


Statues from Supreme Landscaping Products on Houzz


I added our Classic Statues and Garden Furniture selection too and was delighted with the search results. This is before I've gone over new the new account in more detail and made a few tweaks and adjustments!


Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


As a company we have always been more than happy to promote our customers, whether it was on LinkedIn during the early part of 2016 or more recently here on our blog. The more we advertise our customers, potentially the more contracts they win and of course, the more products they buy from us.  

If you go to the Ideabook on the Supreme Landscaping Products Houzz page, you'll see a good selection of projects from some of our landscaping and construction customers. There's more to come, but I feel this this is a good start.

EASYJoint on Houzz



Of course, we had to include our best selling product of 2016 Azpects EASYJoint, the ever popular paving compound or jointing compound.


New Garden Style on Houzz


As a marketing man, I've always maintained that all communication adds value, therefore my 1st move was to connect with lots of people on Houzz and the response has been great. Nick Baker at New Garden Style was the 1st person to follow back and I'd like to thank him for that!

It may be obvious to more seasoned Houzz fans that I need to do more to improve my account, I appreciate that, but I'm doing OK for just a few hours work. 

Looking at this as a new favourite platform is a serious option, and looking at what the competiton has to offer suggests this could be a great choice. I've got well over 2000 followers on LinkedIn and I last year I posted 56 articles relating mostly to landscaping, landscaping and construction products and their development, and of course, social media and blogging. But how much business did I get from LinkedIn? Maybe some, but nothing that I'm really aware of.

Twitter has been more fruitful with landscapers buying EasyJoint by Tweeting, which is amusing and both quick and easy.

My Facebook campaigns have been OK, lots of interest in the Supreme Landscaping Products page, but once again, not tons of business that I'm 100% aware of.


Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow


I think Houzz has got the right idea for sure; firstly it offers the perfect audience, people actively looking to start or complete projects. That's ideal, right?  

Plus, ideas, people need ideas sometimes and this represents massive value. Not only can you find inspiration and the right people to help you reach your goals but you can also find products that you may never have found. (I think Houzz is a bit like Behance in some ways but far more business focused)

Let me know what you think, connect with me on Houzz. Please share this article on any social media platform of your choice including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!