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Statues, used as part of any internal or landscaping design, can say a lot about about an individual, and of course, everyone has their own taste.

What you love and adore, your neighbour might hate, but luckily at Supreme Landscaping Products we offer a truly diverse selection of statues. You'll be amazed at the range we're now offering landscapers, interior designers, landscaping architects and property developers and not just for residential designs, for commercial applications too.

Whether your preference is modern chic or a more traditional, classic design, we've got something for you.

The fact that we now deliver these beautiful, hand crafted statues free of charge to any mainland destination across the UK within a couple of days of ordering is creating a surge in demand as we hurtle towards the UK's hard landscaping busy season.


EASTER Island Head Statue


I think the Easter Island Heads are pretty amazing as a concept, how these massive sculptures were ever made is certainly food for thought, but whether or not one would look right in the small front garden of my Edwardian semi-detached house remains to be seen. As I said, taste is a very subjective thing especially when it comes to imposing statues.

Maybe you would prefer something more traditional?

Classic Statues from Supreme Landscaping Products 

The Three Graces to me, would look superb in any setting, residential or commercial and it would certainly be a great point of reference for any restaurant, bistro or even an office. Imagine how easy it would be giving customers directions, 'Oh yes, we're just along the street, the place with the large classic statue outside, The Three Graces, you can't miss us.'


Epona, equestrian might like this...


Are you a horse or pony lover?

This particular statue, to me, represents a wonderful feature for any equestrian centre or riding school and coincidentally, we're currently in discussion with a riding college about a huge delivery of EASYGrid for their new paddocks and turnout areas. We're hoping to dispatch the initial truck load quite soon and I thought this amazing statue might be absolutely perfect for them. Maybe we could deliver it with the 1st EASYGrid batch?

7 tier Pagodas, landscaping tranquility


Need a rest, a break from the rat race? 

This might help, a 7 tier Japanese style pagoda, cast in stone and exquisitely finished. Echoing the tranquility and tradition of historic South Asia, this beautiful pagoda is perfect to grace any garden, large or small.

Pagodas are most commonly of Buddist origin, the English generic term Pagoda suggests a place of worship, hence the calming effect of such an iconic garden ornamentation.

The individual tiers allow for tea lights or similar to be used, creating instant tranquility - great for summer evenings and a little meditation.

Height 190 cm and Weight 190 Kg (This amazing pagoda is over 6 foot tall)

I said we have a pretty diverse selection, didn't I?

Not everyone is into tranquility and meditation, maybe, you prefer the occaisional glass of wine or a cold beer during the summer?  


Bacchus, a classic statue from Supreme Landscaping Products


Here's Bacchus, or Dionysus, the God of Wine (and agriculture), maybe this finely detailed fellow would be more suited to your landscaping plans, or maybe you'd like him to join you on the patio? 

If you live in a more rustic location, if you have a cottage or a slightly more modest property, you may prefer something a little less imposing. How about a delightful wishing well? This is one of our best selling garden ornamnets and the last order we had for this classic (just last week) was a birthday present for someone's sister, what a wonderful idea!

Statues from Supreme Landscaping Products


If you are currently working on a gardening landscaping project and you are looking for something to make a special statement or if you've got a commercial establishment and you're looking for an eye catcher, look no further, one of these beautiful statues is sure to do the trick.

You don't have to be a landscaper, a landscape architect or a property developer to get your statue delivered on site to suit you, DIY enthusiasts can also benefit from a delivery time and date to suit; just let us know and provide us with a suitable telephone number when you order online or call us. 

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