No, not the rock from Supreme Landscaping Products


When I told my colleague I was going to write a blog article about the rock availability at Supreme Landscaping Products, it certainly raised an eyebrow.

So I guess I should explain, we haven't actually got The Rock, but we have got the rock, we've got the pebbles, the boulders, the gravel and the decorative stone too!

It's all part of our growing range of hard landscaping products and that's not all... 

Yes that's right, sorry ladies and wrestling fans, but it's not Dwayne Johnson, it's not The Rock of wrestling and movie fame, sadly our advertising budget wouldn't run to getting Dwayne on board, but we have got plenty of the rock.


Beige, Terracota banded smooth sandstone boulders 

Above you'll see 'beige and terraccota banded smooth sandstone boulders' just one selection of our comprehensive range of rockery stone, boulders, gravel and decorative stone.

  • Angel Whirlpool Boulders
  • Blue Slate Rockery Stone
  • Red Sandstone Rockery Stone
  • Green Granite
  • Green Slate
  • White Marble Boulders

These are just a few, they look great don't they? If you want to see the whole range, check it out now,

We can deliver a pallet of rock or a bulk bag of decorative stone or gravel in just a couple of days, subject to where you live.


Flamingo decorative stone


The decorative stone and gravel products we offer online are washed and produced to the highest quality, providing a range of ethically sourced UK favourites alongside a bespoke range of unique and exclusive imported products. All our decorative stone products are naturally sourced, and as a consequence, we cannot guarantee that the appearance or colours of products shown here on the Supreme Landcaping Products website, will exactly match the appearance or colours of the actual products themselves. 


Onxy decorative gravel from Supreme Landscaping Products


Our extensive range offers beautiful natural colours and provides ideal products for a variety of landscaping designs and solutions.

Chippings and gravels are gaining an increasing presence especially within environmentally sensitive surroundings where water conservation is an issue.

Chipping and gravel products create a natural, decorative SUDS compliant solution which can help reduce the effects of storm water run off and of course, promotes natural drainage. Alluvial gravels are an ideal solution for driveways, paths, borders, roofing, surfacing and many other landscaping designs can benefit from this natural range of decorative products.

Rough guide to coverage: a tonne of gravel laid at 40mm depth will cover approximately 12-15 square metres. 


Green Granite Rockery Solutions



Supreme Landscaping Products are very pleased to be offering these new hard landscaping products online and we wanted to add a little more information rather than just saying that rocks, stones, boulders and gravel add interesting shape, colour and texture to any hard landscaping project.

So we checked out what our old friends a Wikipedia had to say about stone and rock gardens:

'A rock garden, also known as a rockery or an alpine garden, is a small field or plot of ground designed to feature and emphasize a variety of rocks, stones, and boulders. 

The standard layout for a rock garden consists of a pile of aesthetically arranged rocks in different sizes, with small gaps between in which plants are rooted. Typically, plants found in rock gardens are small and do not grow larger than 1 meter in height, though small trees and shrubs up to 6 meters may be used to create a shaded area for a woodland rock garden. If used, they are often grown in troughs or low to the ground to avoid obscuring the eponymous rocks. The plants found in rock gardens are usually species that flourish in well-drained, poorly irrigated soil.


Natural stone from Supreme Landscaping Products 


Some rock gardens are designed and built to look like natural outcrops of bedrock. Stones are aligned to suggest a bedding plane, and plants are often used to conceal the joints between said stones. This type of rockery was popular in Victorian times and usually created by professional landscape architects. The same approach is sometimes used in commercial or modern-campus landscaping but can also be applied in smaller private gardens. 

The Japanese rock garden, often referred to as a Zen garden, is a special kind of rock garden with water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes, and very few plants.


Zen Garden Pagoda from Supreme Landscaping Products

Here's the Zen style garden pagoda, one of a range from Supreme Landscaping Products online. 


Rock gardens have become increasingly popular as landscape features in tropical countries such as Thailand. The combination of wet weather and heavy shade trees, along with the use of heavy plastic liners to stop unwanted plant growth, has made this type of arrangement ideal for both residential and commercial gardens due to its easier maintenance and drainage.'

Going back to the subject of offering more and more hard landscaping products to our online customers across the UK, we recently joined Houzz and that's certainly provided an interesting new audience, here's our new rocks and boulders advert and a link to Houzz in case you haven't seen that article yet.


Supreme Landscaping Products on Houzz


If you are looking at starting a new hard landscaping project and you want to make it a little more interesting or if you are looking to provide some quality natural focal points, look no further.

Go to our Rockery, Boulder and Decorative Stone listings and order today, we make it that simple!

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