Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Keeping warm and being able to eat outside here in the UK is a big subject, hence the big photograph of the Muztag outdoor gas fire heater.

We all know that families are getting bigger, because the kids don't move out as quick as they used to, and that getting everyone around the table for a big family meal can be a struggle, so eating outside on the decking or on the patio is a great idea.

But it's cold, right?

OK, the evenings are getting brighter, the days are getting longer but it's still a bit nippy, isn't it?

Our customers are busy buying paving, paving compound, patio cleaners, new garden furniture, outdoor lights and lots of other stuff in anticipation for the forthcoming spring, but it's still a bit cold.

Whether you're a homeowner, a pub, a bistro or a restaurant owner, you'll still need an outdoor heating solution for another month or two and there's a pretty good chance you'll need them again in September.

Now we're working with Muztag, we've got lots to offer and we can solve that problem for you. 

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