Easy Grid so easy to install as a shed base or for a paddock

Yes it's winter again and very soon it'll be much colder and much wetter, this is not a great prospect in many ways, but it is time for some of our more seasonal products to start selling more quickly.

One of the main products is EASYGrid, as featured above, and this applies in particular to horse and pony owners, and equestrian centres. With a main focus, of course, on people looking to upgrade their paddocks and turnout areas to improve their horse and pony's wellbeing. 

I know that I've just blogged about the fact we're offering EASYGrid with free delivery now, but our suppliers Azpects have just carried out a very successful EASYGrid promotion on Facebook that featured a couple of YouTube videos and much more.

The promotion not only explains what EASYGrid is all about and how effective it can be, but they're also sending the lucky winner of their prize draw, a free EASYGrid retail pack!

We noticed this all happening about a month ago because we appreciate the real benefits of social media, and we saw that Azpects got lots and lots of LIKES and shares on their Facebook page.

We were jealous to say the least! This is great social media marketing and it would be very silly if we didn't jump on the social media bandwagon, right?

Based on the fact that there's only 1 winner for the Azpects EASYGrid competition we wondered what we could offer the other entrants.

The social media consequences of this promotion caught our attention immediately, why? Because Azpects had received a lot of interest on their EASYGrid competition Facebook post, currently that's 317 shares, 91 comments (lots from Equestrian Centres) and 178 LIKES. That's not bad by any standards, right? 

Who wouldn't want to jump on that social media bandwagon? (Connect with us here on Facebook using this link)

So we approached Azpects very politely and asked if we could make a special offer to all the interested EASYGrid fans that didn't win, luckily they said, 'Why not?'

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