Spring starts when?

"We want to get into the garden again, when does spring start this year?"

Oh yes, the word is out, spring is on the way and wasn't it great to wave goodbye to January? 

Many businesses are driven by the seasons and of course, we are no exception.

Spring is when people venture outside again and consider their garden and all things related to their garden. It's when they start to get enthusiastic about their outdoor lifestyle and the forthcoming summer months.

As we all know, the weather's not always kind to us here in the UK, but nevertheless we love our gardens and the statistics are there to prove it.

Last year in the UK we spent well over £34,000,000,000 on Home and Garden products, that's up around £5,000,000,000 since 2012.

As we stated in our recent blog post, the trend is definitely growing and it all starts in the spring and that's very, very soon.

If you want to know exactly when it's all likely to start and why, and what we've been up to and how you can get prepared with just a little help from us, we've got some very interesting information for you.

Spring starts when?

But first things first, when exactly is spring? 

Charlotte Armitage, Citizen Science officer at the Woodland Trust tells us: 

How is the first day of spring defined?

There are two main definitions for the first day of spring:

Spring equinox: normally around 20 March, this is the astronomical first day of spring. This is when daylight and night-time hours are the same length wherever you are in the world, depending on whether or not you are entering spring or autumn of course! The word equinox is based on Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).

Meteorological: weather scientists split the year into quarters and spring takes place from 1 March until 31 May. The quarters are based on annual temperature cycles and are used for statistical purposes as the dates remain the same year on year.

So we've got a few weeks before it's officially spring, however, if we look outside now that the evenings are getting brighter (a bit) we may see that there's quite a lot to do.

If you've got patios and paving on pathways, you might have a number of issues to contend with before everything starts to look great again, these issues can include Blackspot, Algae or just run of the mill winter dirt.

We can help with those problems, we've got the products right here for you.

Once the cleaning is over, the fun begins, right?

What are your plans this summer? 

More BBQ's with friends and family? That's often top of the list, isn't it? Weather permitting.

Outdoor family fun doesn't have to be subject to the weather with our newest products. 

Watch this...

Superb, right?  

Yes it's all true, we've just added 118 new quality garden products for our customers to buy online and get delivered for free. (subject to post code)

The range is certainly extensive, all the timber is FSC certified and pressure treated and much of it is guaranteed against rot for 10 years.

The range includes pergolas, picnic table, garden swings, planters, decorative arches, garden chairs and lots more, it's very well priced, easy to assemble and delivered direct to you.

Quality pressure treated wooden garden furniture from Supreme Landscaping Products

Working on the assumption that people want to get outside either in the garden or on the patio asap, we are introducing some excellent outdoor fires and heaters.

You'll love these and they'll be listed very soon.

Outdoor fires and heaters from Supreme Landscaping Products

Are you looking forward to spring just a little bit more now?

We hope so.

If you think spring starting on March 1st is good but you're just a little concerned about the weather, don't worry we'll have our new fires and heaters listed real soon.

Here's another one to whet your appetite. 

Outdoor fires and heaters from Supreme Landscaping Products

What a great feature for any deck or patio area. Watch this space for more information.

Don't forget we've got a whole range of garden and outdoor lights now too. Everyone knows good lighting makes all the difference when it comes to creating the right kind of ambience. 

We're expecting a very busy year, one of our suppliers has reached 30% of his February target already and yes, it's only Friday 2nd.

If you're not quite ready, don't worry we can get a lot of our products out the very next day, some of the bigger products like statues, water fountains and bulk orders of decorative stone or rock can take a little longer, but not much.

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