Social Media and Supreme Landscaping Products

It's quite a task nowadays turning your back on social media, isn't it?

Who goes away on holiday for a break and never thinks about their social media accounts or their business?

Not too many people, I bet?

This post is my 1st since my wonderful holiday and yes, I did have a lot to catch up with when I got back, hence the all encompassing blog title 'Specially for you: Social media, holidays, Twitter automation and landscaping testimonials'.

I've got a lot of ground to cover, a lot can happen in business in just a week or two, right?

First and foremost, the holiday was wonderful and here's some proof.

Sitges, Spain

Not bad, hey? Some quality time with my wife, excellent food, superb drinks, wonderful beaches, lots of interesting cultural stuff like art galleries, museums and a great day in Barcelona which included a visit to the amazing La Sagrada Familia.

What more could you want?

OK, that's got that the easy bit out of the way.

How do you cope with social media while you're away and trying to get a break from it all?

With regard to social media and digital marketing, I'm far more focused on Twitter, Facebook and blogging than anything else recently, but only because I'm so busy with new and existing customers, new products and building the Supreme Landscaping Products brand.

Facebook Supreme Landscaping Products

If you'd like to take a look at our Supreme Landscaping Products Facebook page, here's a linkFeel free to LIKE our page. 

I've always maintained that social media really is a wonderful thing, but when traditional business methods are working so well and orders are flowing in like there's no tomorrow, Tweets tend to take a back seat. As I've said in previous posts, I have sold landscaping products via a Tweet but that's generally a bonus rather than a strategy.

Having said that, I'm still developing my Pinterest account, I still use Google+ from time to time but otherwise my social media involvement with platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and a few others is fairly random and simply based on how my mood takes me or if I get a burst of inspiration when I get a few minutes spare.

Fortunately, I've finally caught up with my Twitter followers, I said thanks for the support during my break to a few people and posted a couple of photos from my holiday just to prove I wasn't just being lazy.

The lack of activity during my break doesn't seem to affected my Twitter brand too badly. 

If you don't follow @landscapingm8 now's your chance.

@landscapingm8 on Twitter

On the subject of social media and Twitter what about automated Tweets?

Are they good or bad? Way back in 2015 it was said that nearly 60% of all top performing companies used automation software to aid their marketing efforts, so why wouldn't you?

Clearly, it depends on what you Tweet and why, one of the most successful bloggers and someone I've admired and followed for about 7 years is Jeff Bullas. He thinks automated Tweets are OK as long as they provide quality and I tend to agree.

Why do we share on social media?

To bring valuable and entertaining content to others

To define ourselves and our brand to others.

Does it really matter how we do this? Should we be chastised for using digital technology to enhance our presence on various social media platforms?

I don't think so.

As long as what you send out is of value and not just sales pitches and it's not spammed out all day and all night long, I think it's fine. But that's just me.

Social media should provide value but we're in business to sell products, right? Finding ways to provide value, to be unpredictable and hightlight products and services, is a challenge, but it can be done.

To me, user generated content is a great way forward, as a marketing manager I'm very proud of my customers testimonials and if I promote this kind of content, yes I'm indirectly promoting my products but I'm also providing value to customers who need reasurring that the products are as good as they hope. Peer recommendations carry a lot weight, the amount of great feedback we get on eBay and Amazon says a lot about not only our products but also about our service.

GIFs are eye catching

Everyone on Twitter should know by now that Tweets with images get around 150% more Retweets than Tweets without, this information is direct from Buffer and they know this stuff, it's what they do.

So how much more interest will a GIF get than a meme or a plain image?

I send the above GIF out on a fairly regular basis and with this GIF is a link to my blog post about E-commerce and how to be successful.

Over the last 2 months we've had about 2640 click on the Supreme Rebrandly link. That's not bad.

This helps our website gain traffic, it improves our Google ranking and of course, sales. Therefore, to me, automated Tweets are a good idea if done well.

They need to capture people's attention and they mustn't be posted every hour or they become spam.

Talking of over exposure, how long until product testimonials become boring? There's a question to conjure and of course it's all very subjective, isn't it?

How many soft drink comparisons or detergent comparisons have you seen on TV over the years? Lots right? Because people believe in what their peers have to say, even more so when it comes to testimonials.

Supreme Landscaping Products Back to Black testimonial 

When I get customers that are so happy with the results of using our products I really can't keep it to myself. Here's value for my social media friends and my blog readers, brilliant products that could potentially save you £1,000's, you can't get much better than that.

The photo above shows my customers patio in his back garden before he bought Azpect's Back to Black online from us. He wasn't happy, it wasn't the look he originally had and he didn't know what to do.

The photograph below proves he made the right decision.

Back to Black Limestone Enhancer

As an experienced marketing manager how could I keep this good news, this great product testimonial to myself? 

I know it was only a few posts ago that I published Limestone - Black to Black Enhancer explaining how amazing Back to Black is, but sometimes the results of new, innovative products just need shouting from the roof tops!

I hope you've enjoyed this eclectic blog post, I truly hope it has presented some value to you whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a landscaper, a builder or a landscape architect. Please feel free to share this post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. through our Sumo social media icons.

It couldn't be easier, could it?