Supreme Landscaping Products and road repair solutions

How's your road or your driveway looking?

Pretty rough? In need of repair? 

Well here's the bad news, despite the warm weather, winter is definitely just around the corner and we all know that means - ice, snow, frost, slippery surfaces and treacheous driving conditions.

Now that's something to look forward to, isn't it?

OK, consider this an early Christmas present, it's limited to just a few customers, but it's a Christmas present nevertheless.

Pot holes

Pot holes can be pretty scary, right? 

They can do untold damage to your car too, as I'm sure you appreciate.

However, potholes aren't difficult to repair and they needn't be expensive, especially now.

We're offering a few customers the chance to buy our road or pot hole repair solution for just  £12.00.

Yes, that's right, just £12.00 for 15 Kg's the Azpects modified bitumen pot hole repair system. (CLICK on this link for full details and the video on how to use it!)

That's less than 4 cups of Mocha in Starbucks!

Why are we doing this?

Simple, it's Christmas soon and it's going to get much, much colder, people will need this great product!

Easy DriveFix+

Here's what Azpects our suppliers have to say about this simple to use product:

EASYDriveFix+ is a permanent pothole repair system

An extremely easy to use and effective permanent asphalt repair system that requires no training or special skills for use.

It is an ideal solution for the DIY user or professional and its uses are wide and varied from pothole repairs to utility reinstatements and patchwork repairs on car parks, private or commercial driveways and many more locations.

Available in a 15kg tub


  • Works in puddles and standing water
  • Suitable for all surfaces and categories
  • Ready to use permanent instant repair solution
  • Ideal for potholes and utility reinstatements
  • Road can be opened immediately after repair
  • Binds well with concrete and steel
  • Excellent load bearing capacity


  • EASY to use
  • Can be used in the wet and is still workable in sub-zero temperatures
  • No need to trim the edges of pothole
  • No need to apply sealer or primer to repair
  • Open to traffic immediately
  • Will adhere to edges even in water filled holes
  • Will adhere to concrete, metal and asphalt

Now that's a pretty good deal for £12.00, right?

We can also offer EASY4Cracks to repair those cracks that you've got in your driveway and once the holes are filled and the cracks are repaired all you'll need to do is make all look nicely uniformed with a few litres of EASY Drive Revive sealer, that works for both asphalt and concrete.

However if your driveway or path is beyond repair and you're looking for a quick, easy and cost effective solution without calling the builders in, we can offer some fantastic options.

EASYGrid for shed and outbuildings, car parks and driveways

Above is a great new product that we've be talking about a lot just lately, why? Because it's that time of year, the bad weather is on the way and you don't have to be a horse or pony owner to need this innovative product. 

However, if you are a horse owner or you want to see what horse owners are doing with easy grid check out this link

If you're not and you're looking for a drive or path alternative EASY Grid is the answer and perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

The grid is available now in the original black, green and white and click on any of the links here to check out the prices.

Easy Grid so easy to install as a shed base or for a paddock

How's that for a little winter weather preparation?

Now you've got no excuse when you hit that pothole and your exhaust falls off or your suspension gets ruined just before you go and do your Christmas shopping.

Remember, EASYGrid isn't just for paddocks and equestrian centres, it's also designed for driveways, paths, car parks and off street parking. 

Stop the front of your house turning into a quagmire this winter, buy EASYGrid today! 

EASYGrid for shed and outbuildings, car parks and driveways

I hope the update on our great price offers helps you as we hurtle towards the festive season and I also hope that we can provide you with some quality products to make your winter a little more practical and of course, a lot safer and easier to handle.

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