Potholes are a growing problem


It's been almost a year since I originally wrote an article enititled 'Pothole Art at London's Tate Modern? Really?'

Clearly, for some people, potholes have become more of an issue since I wrote that article, as the GIF above highlights, but a year down the road (pun intended) are potholes art?

Maybe, to you, they're still just a major issue?


Pothole art from Supreme Landscaping Products


Above is my orginal header, the question presented 12 long months ago was, 'Pothole Art at London's Tate gallery? Really?'

It's (still) fair to say that not everyone likes or even understands pothole art.

In fact, believe it or not, I'm not even sure that we'll actually see Pothole Art at the Tate Modern. Some people are saying, forget recent concepts like Assemble (2015), and definitely forget My Bed (circa 1998) and The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (Formaldehyde Shark circa 1991) as major art installations, because they're just so last century.

Potholes are so now apparently, they're so 2016 and beyond, some are even saying that they are: "The Art of the Urban Hipster"

However we feel about them, we can't fail to agree that potholes are guaranteed to be both ubiquitous and unique. Some say they're art's new wave without comparison, that they represent both contemporary political and social statements. I'm not too sure about that personally.


Pothole art from Supreme Landscaping Products


Pothole art from Supreme Landscaping Products


Potholes are a growing problem    


These 'works of art' were entitled 'A Drain on Resources', 'Austerity in Europe' and 'The Re-In Statement', all very 2016 subjects, I'm sure you'll agree.   

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EASYGrid perfect for paddock building



So that was 12 months ago and I hope you found my article at least amusing? It's not easy making potholes and road repairs interesting, but I tried, right? 

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And here's another one...



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