Planters and Troughs online from Supreme Landscaping Products

The task of listing new hard landscaping products for our customers continues and we are very proud to announce the addition of a superb range of top quality, British made, wooden planters and plant troughs.

These hand made products are likely to be of particular interest to gardening enthusiasts as well as landscapers, landscape architects, interior designers, garden designers and landscaping enthusiasts and basically, this article is very good news for our customers.   

You will not find these wooden planter products sold at a discount on the High Street or in garden centres across the UK, they are high end products, handmade by craftsmen in a UK midlands based joinery shop.

However, simply announcing the fact that we're once again expanding our hard landscaping product range wouldn't really be inkeeping with the ethos of social media marketing, would it?

That would just be traditional advertising, right? and people get bored with traditional advertising, we know this. Consequently this article is focused on the value these great new products can offer you or your company as a buyer.

So, based on the social media ethos and the continued popularity of 'user generated content' and the basic principles of content marketing, I've decided to take a rather different approach to announcing these new products.

This article will provide all our customers, not just landscapers, garden designers and builders, with the tools to create some quality 'user generated content' for Supreme Landscaping Products and for themselves.

Here's how it will work for you.

Bespoke planters from Supreme Landscaping Products

Whatever you do, whatever business you are in, you probably advertise in some shape or form somewhere. It's probably how you show your customers what a great great job you do or what an amazing company you are. You may or may not know, but here at Supreme Landscaping Products our USP is that we provide our landscaper and builder customers with free advertising, it provides them with a great point of reference for their customers and their prospective customers. 

Many of our regular landscapers and builders got involved in the Supreme Landscaping Products awards in 2016 and it was a great success. For those of you that weren't involved, the idea is very simple: our customers send us 'before and after' photos of landcaping or building projects they worked on using our products, we then write and publish articles on this blog for them free of charge and we share the articles across our significant social media network. At the end of the year we decide who the winner and the runners up are, it's a very popular idea.

Now, with these great new planters and troughs we are able to generate free advertising for the buyers of our new planters and plant trough range. It's even easier, right?

You don't even have to be a garden designer, a property developer or a landscaper to benefit from this opportunity.

If your company or corporation decides that they would like to purchase any of our wooden planter or wooden trough products to improve the look of the entrance to your corporate headquarters, improve the ambience of your roof garden or maybe just make a decorative statement around the swimming pool of your resort or hotel, we will be more than happy to write and publish an article announcing your purchase and highlighting the subsequent installation and broadcast it for you across our social media network.

How's that for a 'User Generated Content' and content marketing idea? 

Here's some more planters...

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

 Quality wooden planters from Supreme Landscaping Products

All you need to do is take some photos of your planters and we'll write an article for you and we'll even provide links to your company website. Plus, because these planters are of such high quality, when our suppliers 'in-house' delivery team bring them and put them in place to suit your requirements, you can even supply 'before and after' photos proving that you made the right buying decision. If you prefer the photos to be taken once your trees or plants are in place, you can just email them directly to us once they're ready and we'll publish them for you as a completed project.

Sounds good, right?

OK, how good are these planters? Ask the Queen, she's had them installed at Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace Planter Placement

The Supreme Landscaping Products wooden planter and trough range can suit any number of design situations whether it's a corporate, commercial or simply a residential installation. 

Hammersmith Palais Courtyard Project  

The Hammersmith Palais Courtyard in London featured 50 of these quality planters.

Wooden Planters at Tesco Fareham

A new Tesco development in Fareham.

Wooden Planters for restaurants, bistros and pubs

Danson Stables restaurant, Danson Park at Bexley Heath, Greater London.

Planters and Troughs online from Supreme Landscaping Products

As you can see, these superb planters and troughs can be used in a host of design situations, the only limit is your imagination.

The planters listed are just a fraction of what we can supply, we can create anything to suit your particular requirements, size, shape, colour and finish, the choice is yours.

Bespoke design planters

Whatever you need (within reason) can be made for you!

You may be a buyer, a specifier or a designer for a restaurant, a pub, a hotel or resort, a leisure centre, a corporate HQ or maybe a sports centre and you might be actively searching for a stylish way to complete the look of your outside fascilities, your recent landscaping project or your roof garden. Look no further, take a look at our fantastic range of quality planters and as mentioned, if you need something more bespoke, maybe with combined seating or whatever, our suppliers would be happy to discuss your requirements in fine detail. 

Please feel free to share this article on social media and remember whatever your company does, whatever sector you are in, when you purchase any of these top quality planters or plant troughs you will become eligible for a free article, all we need are some iPhone quality photographs and a testimonial about how good the products and our service is.