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It's no secret that around this time of year people get a craving for paving.

Whether it's cleaning their existing paving, patio or decking or simply ripping up the old slabs or the old decking and starting all over again, you just can't stop them. It's absolutely true, come spring time that craving for paving is a force to be reckoned with and as a consequence our sales pick up very, very significantly and very, very quickly. 

Why the rush? Simple, people want to get their paving, patio and decking jobs finished as quickly as possible so they can start enjoying the spring and summer weather ASAP and who can blame them?

That's why the hard landscaping sector is renowned for being a tad seasonal; the fact that some of our products, EASYJoint being the prime example, can be used pretty much whatever the weather really helps, but people still tend to think patio, paving and all things hard landscaping once spring arrives.

Are you ready for this?

Officially Spring will be here in 2 days, it's starting Wednesday 1st March and thankfully, we're ready for the action to begin.

You're probably wondering why we're so confident..? 

Here's a clue...

Paving from Supreme Landscaping Products

      Paving from Supreme Landscaping Products     Paving from Supreme Landscaping Productsp


Are you with me yet or are these just coloured squares to you??


Paving from Supreme Landscaping ProductsPaving from Supreme Landscaping Products


The photos above are completed paving projects that a couple of our regular landscaping EASYJoint customers provided us with last year, this year they'll be able to buy the paving from us too!

Yes, we are now delivering paving too! Direct on site to our landscapers, builders, landcaping architects and landscaping DIY fans.

When we started Supreme Landscaping Products our intention was to offer a comprehensive selection of hard landscaping products online, with fast, dependable delivery and keen prices, however, we got so busy last year based on the phenomenal demand for EASYJoint and the natural stone cleaners and sealers from our suppliers Azpects, that we confess to being a tad slow offering the vast range we had planned on making available.

We're not complaining about having a record breaking 12 months in 2016 and selling more EASYJoint than we ever expected, we were simply finding it a challenge to play catch up with new products because we were so busy.

EASYJoint a quality finish  

Making new products available isn't just a question of thinking what else landscapers, landscape designers and interior designers might like, or knowing what builders and developers would prefer to buy online and get delivered straight to site. We have to maintain our standards, that's essential, right?

We know that a major part of our success last year was not just based on competitive pricing, a lot of our customers came back to us time and time again, because our delivery was quick and cost effective and because our products were of a very high standard.

We're delighted about being one of the fastest growing online hard landscaping distributors in the UK and for that very reason, we're looking to maintain our high standards and therefore our research prior to listing paving, slabs, decorative stone, boulders and gravel is of paramount importance before we list them.

Paving from Supreme Landscaping ProductsPaving from Supreme Landscaping ProductsPaving from Supreme Landscaping Products


Our paving products provide an excellent solution to anyone laying a patio, a pathway, a pool side project or any hard landscaping area and of course, because we can supply the EASYJoint paving compound and the sealer at the same time as the paving arrives, it's all a very straightforward process. Why not check out this link to take a look at our new paving slab section?  

But we're not only delivering various types of slabs and paving, we're also offering a wonderful selection of decorative stone, decorative gravel, rocks and boulders to our customers across the UK.

Please share this article on social media if you can think of anyone who could benefit from having all their paving slabs, their EASYJoint, their decorative chippings and boulders delivered on site at once!


Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow