Superb smart horses like EASYGrid

With some new products it's easier to show what they're all about rather than explain at first. Just looking at these two GIF's gives you a pretty good idea of what EASY Grid is all about, if you want the full story, and you probably do, read on.

EASYGrid perfect for paddock building

Once you've determined that there is definitely a market for your new, innovative product, how do you prove to your potential customers that your product is superior, cost effective and the only product to consider buying?

It's not easy, right?

With most products nowadays there's plenty of competition, so let's take this back to basics:

Question: What makes Heinz baked beans so popular?

Answer: Quality

OK, how did Heinz prove the quality of their superior product?

If it's baked beans you can simply ask consumers. What tastes the best?

But in the Hard Landscaping business, particularly with Eco-friendly ground stablisation, shed base and driveway products such as EASYGrid, it's just not that simple.

EASYGrid tests and how to prove quality products


Over the course of 2016 our sales of EASYGrid have picked up very significantly and of course, the Supreme Landscaping Products team could easily survey everyone who has purchased EASYGrid and ask their opinion of the product. But what would be the point?

How many people would that actually be? Including the Supreme Landscaping Products website sales, Amazon and eBay combined, maybe just around 100 or so individual buyers? Even if everyone had an opinion and wanted to express it, what would that actually prove?

  • That EASYGrid is of a high quality
  • That EASYGrid is easy to install
  • That delivery was cost effective and efficient

OK, great, but even if 100 buyers responded in a positive manner would that motivate you enough to rush out and buy EASYGrid as opposed to a cheaper import from China? In many cases, probably not.

What people need from a product such as EASYGrid is proof - proof of strength and ease of installation, because they are the reasons they'll buy a more expensive, superior product.

EASYGrid tests and how to prove quality products


The reasons to use a modern grid system as opposed to traditional solutions are pretty obvious whether you are installing a log cabin, a garden shed, a new driveway, a helicopter pad or just a wheelie bin store: 

  • Quick and easy to install - subject to basic DIY skills
  • Safer than using a traditional concrete base. No mess and less chance of spilling a wet concrete mix onto a lovely stone paved pathway or an adjacent patio area
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be filled with any suitable material
  • Lightweight, slip resistant, crack proof, frost and UV resistant
  • Potentially more cost effective 

Sounds good, but how easy is installation?

EASYGrid Installation




EASYGrid tests and how to prove quality products


Looks pretty straightforward doesn't it? I should mention that the EASY Membrane as supplied by Supreme Landscaping Products is also being used on this installation. 

OK, that's covered the installation question. Clearly, minimal hard landscaping skills are required.

But how strong is the EASYGrid? On the Azpects website it states that the grid filled with aggregate can take up to 397 tonnes, that's enough to hold a good sized tank!


If you want to read the manufacturer's full technical report CLICK HERE

If you don't own a tank and it's likely that you're only going to park a couple of vehicles on your EASYGrid installation, the video below should be enough to prove the point. 


So there you are, clearly Azpects EASYGrid is not as simple to promote as Heinz baked beans but the proof is still in the pudding as it were.

EASYGrid is simple to install, we've proved that no real hard landscaping skills or tools are required. Plus, the EASYGrid is tough and, in all probability, significantly stronger than much of the imported competition. We've got the membrane you might need for the project too!

Based on a recent interview I carried out with a horse owning customer buying a significant amount of EASYGrid for her paddock, I can see the Equestrian World embracing EASYGrid in a big way.


Supreme Landscaping Products EASYGrid customer


This particular lady (above) is very involved in all things equestrian, she owns a number of traditional Gypsy Cobs and apparently they are susceptible to Bog Burn to their feather. To be fair, this really didn't mean very much to me as I've ridden a few horses over the years but I don't know much about them and had no idea that horses even had feather. However, I am told on good authority that EASYGrid will help a lot with this problem and it will also help prevent 'Mud Fever' and 'Thrush' both in the paddock and on gate ways!

It seems to me that EASYGrid is going to be very useful to horse and pony owners and I'm hoping to get some photographs and a more in-depth interview in the not too distant future.

Please don't forget that EasyGrid is made in the UK and NOT a cheap import.

So if you're planning a new driveway, installing a log cabin, a new shed, a man cave, a paddock or just a simple wheelie bin store, EASYGrid could well be the best way to approach the project. You do not have to be a landscaper to install it.

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