New products from Supreme Landscaping Products

Growth hacking seems to work and if you're not too sure about it, just read this short article, it's pretty simple stuff.

'Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business. Growth hackers often focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing.'

OK, like I said, easy stuff, right?

So how are Supreme Landscaping Products promoting the exciting new products they are offering?

Here's how:

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

New products online from Supreme Landscaping Products

 Growth Hacking product promotion

Simple, right? We're using our extensive social media network and we're telling all the landscape architects, building contractors, architects, interior designers, landscapers and electricians we know about our great new product range.

Cost? Minimal. A bit of time writing this short article and setting up Buffer with a few, hopefully, amusing and eye catching Tweets and a couple of minutes setting up some quality Twitter moments. Of course, with Christmas coming and these new products being the perfect gift for anyone with a garden, we'll need to move quick! (We'll probably use a few GIF's too)

Naturally, we're letting people on LinkedIn, both groups and individuals, know all about these products by publishing this article, we're notifying all our Facebook followers and we're spending a small amount on a new Facebook campaign. Plus, we're putting some new pins on Pinterest and emailing our extensive data base but that's about it, really.

Quite a lot of coverage but still at a minimal cost, right? Do we need big advertising campaigns in magazines or PR company professional advice, no we don't and frankly, it just wouldn't be cost effective.

New products online from Supreme Landscaping Products

New products from Supreme Landscaping Products

Basically, we're increasing the Supreme Landscaping Products website traffic and we're getting the message about the new products out there just in time for the Christmas rush! If you know anyone with a garden, I'm sure they'll just love these amazing designer products.

Christmas Landscaping Gifts

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Check out the new Stone Global Lights

You might be wondering exactly what all the excitement is all about and I guess the cartoons above do offer a few clues.

Yes that's right, we're offering the full range of the unique 'stone' globe lights from lauded designer Joanna Wallis. These superb lights have been featured in some of the country's top landscaping magazines, recommended by award winning designers, installed in some very auspicious locations and they're ideal for both soft or hard landscaping installations.

As Christmas is well and truly on the way, please share this post on social media and make sure any garden lovers you know get to read this article, it'll make their Christmas for sure!