Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow


How do you market something that just isn't that exciting? 

Where do you begin? 

Where do good marketing ideas for mundane products come from?

In this instance I found my inspiration on YouTube, here's the full story.

Knowing landscapers, builders, interior designers and regular EASYJoint users as I do, not that many are likely to be familiar with legendary Hip Hop band Cypress Hill, even though their classic track "Insane in the Brain" released way back in 1993 has had well over 45,000,000 views on YouTube.

However, I've got a brand new landscaping membrane product from Azpects to tell everyone about and "Insane in the brain" is absolutely the perfect tune to listen to whilst dwelling on how to spread this particular good news. The words to this song just won't go away, I know it's completely unintentional on Cypress Hill's part, but to me this song is like a membrane anthem.

When landscapers, builders and other hard landscaping buyers see the quality and price of this membrane, they'll understand exactly what this heading is all about.


Because Supreme Landscaping Products have bought a lot of this great new product, ( in my humble opinion we've bought a bit too much!) the price is super keen and the approach to selling in large volume is a bit off the wall.

Basically, the price we're able to offer this membrane at is... insane!

Even if you're not a massive Hip Hop fan, listen to this great track and you'll see how I feel.



Are you with me now? If you could see just how full the warehouse is, you'd also understand why I'm feeling just a little insane with the amount of membrane we've got to sell.

So what kinds of membrane are Supreme Landscaping Products offering?


Weed control membrane for landscapers

Simply put, we've got 50 gsm membrane for weed control and 100 gsm membrane for ground stabilisation applications.

EASYMembrane 50 gsm is an effective weed control system allowing air., liquids and nutrients to pass through to the soil below whilst keeping different layers of substrate separated. Long term use of weedkillers can damage the soil, wildlife and the environment, EASYMembrane provides a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative for keeping the weeds under control.


Membrane prices are crazy


Here's the insane prices: 

Weed Control

AW 50: 1 metre x 15 metres = 15 square metres    £3.29/roll

AW 50: 2 metre x 25 metres = 50 square metres    £8.75/roll

  AW 50: 2 metre x 50 metres = 100 square metres  £16.28/roll


Ground Stabilisation

    GS 100: 1 metre x 15 metres = 15 square metres   £5.79/roll 

     GS 100: 2 metre x 25 metres = 50 square metres    £16.75/roll

     GS 100: 2 metre x 50 metres = 100 square metres  £32.40/roll


Membrane at bargain prices

So if you're a landscaper, a builder, a developer, a construction company, a landscape architect or whatever, you are bound to need membrane soon and probaly sooner than later as we move into spring.

Buy it now direct from us, call us on 01440 786932... for these special (insane) prices.

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