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Natural limestone is a very popular stone for patios and paving but unfortunately, it can soon lose its great natural look. Yes, sorry everyone, but it can fade. 

Over recent years, we've seen increased demand for a product that will solve this often inevitable problem with such a popular natural stone. Let's face it, who wants to spend £1,000's of pounds on landscaping around a swimming pool, installing a huge patio or implementing a bespoke paving installation around their property to find that after a short while it looks dull and lacklustre? 

At last the scientists at Azpects have come up with an easy to use solution and as the name suggests Back to Black brings Limestone right Back to Black

Amazingly, this product is not a paint! 

Dealing with all kinds of hard landscaping issues day in, day out we know that some situations are much worse than natural fading. Over the years we've even seen a host of disasters on all kinds of natural stone including limestone, we've even seen instances of acid stains. Not good!

Below you will see the results of acid on limestone and until now that's quite some problem to address.


Limestone Colour Enhancer


This product is not a paint or a coloured sealer, the product is translucent but has an amazing effect on black limestone.

As you can see below Back to Black Limestone really does what it says on the (Azpects) tin or should I say bottle.


Supreme Landscaping Products Back to Black



Based on the fact that the vast majority of landscapers, builders, developers and landscape architects have never seen or probably even heard of Back to Black until they started reading this blog post, here's directions on how to use this great new product.


•Always test a small area before use to ensure compatibility and that the finished result is acceptable.

•This product is not suitable if surfaces are honed, polished, previously sealed or glazed.

•Surface should be clean, dry and free from mould, algae and efflorescence before applying. If the pavers have been cleaned prior to application, all traces of the cleaner must be removed with a pressure washer from the surface as remaining residue could render the stone impermeable.

•Do not use in wet weather or if rain is forecast within 4 hours of application. Ensure the surface is completely dry.

•Not suitable if surfaces have been treated previously with a silicone, polymer or stearate based water repellent.

•Ideal ambient and surface operating temperature is between 10ºC to 20ºC. As a guide ensure the surface of the stone is cool to touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight. In hot weather conditions apply early in the morning before surface temperature starts to rise.

• Ensure footwear is clean or wear protectors to avoid contamination.

• Keep pets away until surface is fully dry. • Clean tools and other equipment with white spirit immediately after use.

• One coat provides a matt finish; additional coats are likely to give a gloss finish.

1. Apply an even coat with a paint pad to one paver at a time, finishing the application on the joint.

2. Mop up pooling with a rag or lint free cloth as you go, as may become slippery when wet.

3. For more porous surfaces, repeat the procedure within 20 minutes of the first coat. • Optimum performance is reached after 7 days.

Once an application has been applied do not walk or drive on the coated area for at least 4 hours after application. Allow product to cure for 24hrs before subjecting to heavy use - increase this time in cold, damp conditions.

NOTE: Coverage depends on the porosity of the surface and its texture. If the surface is particularly uneven or particularly porous, more liquid will be used.

STORAGE & DISPLAY •Do not store or display below 5ºC. Store in a well ventilated area. Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from frost.


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How does Back to Black Limestone work?? Let's watch that GIF again, shall we? 


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