Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


Originally, this article was posted as 'Online Landscaping Products Specialist' because that's exactly what we are and what we do, but it seemed a tad obvious and dull, hence the current title. 

More about Gods and gardens later in this article, I wasn't just looking for a catchy title, I promise you!

Buying landscaping products online is definitely a growing trend and Supreme Landscaping Products are very proud to be well ahead of the curve.

Whether it's the fact that we offer great prices and super fast delivery or whether it's because we offer our landscapers, builders and landscaping architects great after sales service, comprehensive technical advice and free Social Media Marketing and advertising support is a tough call. 

Supreme Landscaping Products are growing very fast as a company and during 2017 lots of exciting new product developments will be announced, here's a taste of what's happening. 



Lots of new and quite different products will be offered online to our landscapers, builders, landscaping architects and interior designers for their projects in 2017.



So basically, yes, we can put Gods in your garden in 2017! 



Mars and Athena are just the beginning.

We're also providing our landscapers and builders specifically with lots more cleaning chemicals, but that's something we're working on right now. We're chatting to the chemists, watch this space! 

You probably noticed the great 'Stone' Globe Lights post on LinkedIn recently or maybe read the one on the new Supreme Landscaping Products blog? These quality bespoke landscaping ornaments actually become lights in the evening and are brought to us from Suffolk designer Joanna Wallis. They're pretty amazing, I'm sure you'll agree and once again another quality British made product.



But it's not only landscaping and building products we're looking at offering, we're looking to serve other sectors in 2017 too.



Based on a recent interview I carried out with a horse and pony owning customer (above) who bought a significant amount of EASYGrid for her paddock, I can see the Equestrian World embracing our new British made EASYGrid ground stabilisation product in a big way. 

This particular lady is very involved in all things equestrian, she owns a number of traditional Gypsy Cobs and apparently they are susceptible to Bog Burn to their feather. To be fair, this really didn't mean very much to me as I've ridden a few horses over the years but I don't know much about them and had no idea that horses even had feather. However, I am told on good authority that EASYGrid will help a lot with this problem and it will also help prevent 'Mud Fever' and 'Thrush' both in the paddock and on gate ways due to preventing and minimising mud churn! 

It seems to me that EASYGrid is going to be very useful to horse and pony owners and I'm hoping to get some photographs and a more in-depth interview in the not too distant future.  

Based on the vast £4.3 billion Equestrian sector across the UK it seems to me that the top quality British made EASYGrid product could well become our 'cash cow' product for 2017. Let's hope so!



Don't forget to keep coming back regularly to keep fully up to date on the new hard landscaping products we have on offer. 

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