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As one of the UK's most prominent online hard landscaping product merchants, Supreme Landscaping Products meet a lot of landscapers, builders and landscaping architects during the course of a year, some are OK, some are good and others are quite amazing!

You don't have to be one of our big customers and buy £1,000's worth of products every week or even every month to benefit from the Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition scheme, in fact a single order will do it if your landscaping photographs are impressive enough! Habitat Landscapes from Bedfordshire, have only had one pallet delivery and this is their second article in two weeks. Why?

The answer is simple, they do amazing work and they also win awards and we love helping hard landscaping companies that maintain high standards. The more we promote them and their landscaping projects, the more they buy from us, so it's a win, win situation. 

How can I prove Habitat Landscapes deserve the awards they win and carry out some of the best and most creative hard landscaping projects we've seen? 


Craig Nester from Habitat Landscapes and Supreme Landscaping Products


As I've said before, the photos say it all. Here's some more, this is landscaping creativity at its very best!


Supreme Landscaping Products customer success

The business relationship that began very recently between Habitat Landcapes and Supreme Landscaping Products started with a simple Tweet. Really!

Craig Nester, the team leader at Habitat, Tweeted some great photos, I retweeted them and responded saying just how good they were and the conversation regading EASYJoint developed from there. If you haven't read the article 'How to make money growth hacking with Twitter!' just CLICK HERE. 

I've noticed that many builders and landscapers don't get enough from their social media marketing or their social media connectivity, that's why I'm happy to help and offer advice, that's also why the Supreme Landscaping Products USP is to offer social media solutions to landscapers and builders. Having said that, Craig Nester and Habitat Landscapes are way ahead of most, they use Twitter well, their Facebook account is current and the content is good, they've got videos on their website and they've got LOADS of great testimonials.

I should add, that they were kind enough to say some great things about our prices and service.

Supreme Landscaping Products praise on Twitter

To me, this is a great way for a landscaping company to use social media to order products and get some great quality free advertising from us at the same time. 

Customer Recognition from Supreme Landscaping Products

These are great photos aren't they? I'm not 100% sure if EASYJoint was used on all of these patio and paving projects but that's not really the point here, we're look at the creativity and the high standard of work which essentially proves why Habitat Landscapes win awards and how they do it.

Supreme Landscaping Products customer success

Once again, the photo from Habitat Landscapes says it all and this quality landscaping and decking project looks an ideal candidate for our Deck Magic product which helps take the slip hazard out of wet decking installations.

Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products

Good to see the Habitat Landscapes van in the distance, good marketing and why wouldn't you! 

Here's some of Habitat Landscapes customer testimonials from their website:

Habitat customer testimonials 

If you want to read more about Habitat Landscapes and their awards CLICK HERE and visit their website, see the customer testimonials, the landscaping project gallery of photographs, the paving, driveway, and patio transformation awards, the most creative use of landscaping products award, as well as their videos.

The Habitat Landscapes team

If you are a landscaper, a builder, a landscaping architect or an interior design and you feel you could benefit from some Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition please contact us, as mentioned, you don't have to spend £1,000's on our Hard Landscaping Products to benefit from our social media marketing.

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