Blenheim Palace - Landscaping as art

I defy anyone to look at Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's Italian Garden design at Blenheim Palace and not appreciate the design and at least consider it as a work of art.

However, the 18th Century was quite a while ago, landscaping even on a palatial level has changed significantly over the centuries and the big question is...

Is landscaping art in the 21st century?

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To someone very involved in the world of landscaping and landscaping products professionally, it's not a simple question and like most of the arts, it's all very subjective.

Over the years I've seen some fantastic landscaping projects that only look average in photographs because the camera used or the lighting was rubbish. Sadly, a great design, excellently installed can sometimes only look OK at best because the photographer just wasn't up to the task.

Having said that, I've also seen a few fairly average landscaping projects, reasonably well executed that look fantastic because the cameraman was excellent or the lighting was superb.

I promise I'm not comparing the photographs below to Capability Brown's work by anymeans and of course, the average contemporary domestic landscaping project is hardly comparable to that of anything within the grounds of Blenheim Palace but some landscaping projects are significantly more artistic than others for a host of reasons. Not just the design and execution of the project, but also the way it's been photographed.

How about this from Rob at Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry?

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects, online from Supreme Landscaping Products

Now that's pretty good, right? On a contemporary, domestic level.

OK, as I said, it might not be up there with Capability Brown's work but not that many of us live in anywhere even close to Blenheim Palace and it's not 1764, is it?

You may have seen a number of the Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition articles on LinkedIn recently as our landscaping customers are starting to really appreciate the benefits of free advertising, but to me these photographs from Rob Garner of Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry are truly exceptional, the combination of top quality landscaping work and Rob's use of a camera have, to me, created art.

Check this out too...

Pretty good right? A few slabs of natural stone and some EASYJoint looking about as good as they could get and there's more...

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 The above photograph highlights some excellent design work too and the photos below are also from Rob Garner.

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects, online from Supreme Landscaping Products

 Once again, fantastic work and another couple of great photographs.

Sandstone Paving and EASYJoint, a perfect combination


Finally, because it seems (to me) like the right thing to do you'll see below a slightly less artistic photograph, still great work and it's still Rob Garner...

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects

Yes, I just couldn't resist adding the EASYJoint tub photo here. No, it's not quite such an artistic shot, but what can you do?

Rob Garner also said some great words about EASYJoint on his Facebook page, check out the great testimonial. He's used EasyJoint almost exclusively since he began landscaping and says it gives a professional finish and provides the peace of mind that the product will deliver the look and durability he expects.

Plus, a very big thank you to Rob as it's always good to be reminded that EASYJoint can even be used in the rain, so no down time in the Autumn. Now there's a bonus!

If you visit the Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry Facebook page you will see that Rob not only specialises in hard landscaping projects such as patios and paving where he uses EASYJoint and the EASY range of stone sealers, but he also offers traditional lime brickwork and repointing services and does ceramic tiling for kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms. Call Rob on 07445 206710 for a quote and tell him you just read this article...

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects, online from Supreme Landscaping Products

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