'Stone' Globe Lights for landscaper architects and landscapers

It wasn't many weeks ago that I published an article entitled 'Is landscaping art in the 21st century?' It seems to me that landscaping most certainly is an art in the 21st century and it's also a phenomenon that's growing in popularity. Why? One reason is that people aren't moving house as much as they used to, another reason is that they're entertaining more at home, much more than they used and therefore they need more quality space to entertain. (Note the phrase 'quality space' and look around and see how many pubs are closed.)

Supreme Landscaping Products have always focused on supplying top quality products to landscapers, landscape architects, construction professionals, interior designers and DIY enthusiasts, and in-keeping with our philosophy of keeping our customers fully up to date with any exciting changes in the sector, we have just introduced a superb new range of products that are not only designed but also made in the UK.

What are these exciting new products? Pictures speak louder than words, right? 

Stone Globe Lights

How you choose to use these great ornamental lights is up to you, the only restriction is your imagination.

Stone Globe Lights online

 The beauty of these 'Stone' globe lights is not just the authentic finish, the variety of colours and sizes and the fact that during the day they're great ornaments but at night they become illuminated.

Supreme Landscaping Products lighting solutions for your garden


Traditional design or perhaps a little more modern?

Supreme Landscaping Products lighting solutions for your garden

 Around the property or within the grounds?

Supreme Landscaping Products lighting solutions for your garden

Supreme Landscaping Products are delighted to be able to offer this excellent range of lights that would suit any hard or soft landscaping situation. The beauty is that they work with both a traditional and a modern property environment, they look great on patios, around swimming pools, along paths and driveways, basically, the design possibilities are endless.

Designer Joanna Wallis created this unique concept after an interior designer asked her to produce some 'moon lights' for a project, the result was the birth of 'Stone' Globe Lights and in 2014 this superb range of hard and soft landscaping lights was shortlisted as a finalist for the Product of the Year by the Society of Garden Designers.

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