Landscapers like quality content

Does some of the content you read online make you weep?

Most people will say yes and you really don't have to be a landscaper, a builder, a developer or a landscaping architect to be able to relate to this article. We all need to stay up to date with what's happening in our particular sector, but very few of us can spend even half an hour reading stuff that's a waste of time, right? 

But, imagine that you are a landscaper, imagine you've been working super hard all day, since very early this morning; setting out the job, moving slabs, moving soil, grafting hard and the project has just begun. There's a lot to do and it's going to take a while before things start looking good, because more often that not, it's all about the preparation, right? 

What do want to do when you have a break? Chill out, maybe catch up and surf the internet on your mobile, see what's happening in the landscaping sector? See what the competiton is up to?

If you are super keen and you really want to help build your business, you might even read some of the latest landscaping articles, a blog post or 2 about how best to market your company and win more contracts. But that's only likely if you're super keen, some landscapers are more traditional and established, they're not looking to grow much. They're happy enough reading the paper and relying on referrals.

But if you are young and keen, what you don't want to do is spend time reading articles that tell you nothing, articles that are a waste of time.

Here's some good advice.

Supreme Landscaping Products


Here at Supreme Landscaping Products we know our customers, we speak to them on a regular basis, not just taking orders and updating them on new products, but finding out what other hard landscaping products they might like us to offer them online. We also like to find out what they think of our marketing services and if they like the articles we publish on our blog and share across our extensive social media network.

We think it's really important to keep our finger on the collective pulse of our customers, it maintains customer loyalty and it also brings traffic to our website. Plus, if you've read about our USP, you'll see that we help our customers win more business, we promote their work and we publish articles showcasing how good they are.

So what should you be looking out for, what's likely to help you apart from the Supreme Landscaping Products blog?

Good question.

Follow people on Twitter and get to understand who shares the really good stuff, it's not a hard job. Just see who gets a lot of Retweets, who has got a lot of followers, follow them; basically, get to know a few good people in your particular sector, be selective and focus on the ones that makes sense to you. 

Here's some examples:

Sam Hurley: Top digital marketer, he not only writes great articles that help me in my position here, but he recommends other good people to connect with too. We're in regular contact on Twitter, Sam's an excellent person to know.

Aaron Orendorrf: Forbes top 25 marketing influencer, who also writes about branding among other things. Aaron and I communicate on a regular basis, again he's an inspiration and I like his style.

Michael Brenner: Keynote speaker on leadership and marketing, excellent writer and an inspiration for this post, writes about content marketing among other things.

Brian Honigman: A marketing consultant, speaker, and freelance writer. He’s an active contributor to Forbes, The Next Web, WSJ, Entrepreneur, and others. I really like his articles, they help me a lot!

Social Media, share the good stuff

Now if you're a landscaper or a builder, you might not find the articles published by the guys above quite as interesting as I do, digital marketing is my sector and landscaping products are my business speciality, but they might not be of that much interest to you unless you're into marketing. So get online and follow a few top quality landscapers, see what the landscaping sector is doing, see what the latest trends are and get tips and ideas on winning more contracts. 

Aaron's post entitled 'Humanize your brand' inspired me to write about 87 year old Raymond from Cumbria who asked me if I thought EASYJoint was a product he'd be able to use. It turned out to be a great article and I'm currently working on another human interest story, I'm going from strength to strength just because I read a great article and you can do exactly the same.

Having said that, you'll need to be selective, I've also read some pretty dire stuff recently, luckily I can tell pretty quick if it's a waste of time or not!

Landscaping means better living.........

I recently read an article entitled, 'How long should a blog post be?'

I thought this would be very useful to me, but basically it said, 'You can write short articles if you want, or you can write long ones, it's up to you and it depends on what you're writing about. It's a good idea to add photos to break up the copy and make the article more interesting.'

Really? I just couldn't believe this and the writer had the cheek to promote it as being a useful and informative article.

Another classic waste of time recently was: 'Write for your audience and use the right language.' This was pretty much the main key points on a post! Sad, isn't it? Sure, if you're starting out as a brand new landscaping blogger these things kind of make sense, but aren't they 100% obvious?

So as a landscaper why should you consider getting into content marketing?

Content marketing will definitely bring traffic to your website if you've got one, particularly if you are well connected on social media. It is important to remember that blogging can be far, far more cost effective than traditional advertising and if you're a landscaper looking to grow and win more business you can't go wrong by simply adding lots of photographs of your completed projects. Potential customers will love to visit your website to see your 'before and after' photographs and if you do a good job most of your customers will be more than happy to add a few lines of genuine testimonial comments.

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition 

Alternatively, our customer recognition articles maybe a better choice for you if you don't have a website or blog, or if you really don't enjoy writing about your landscaping projects. Yes, we'll do all that for you and we won't charge for it either. We know full well that some landscapers just like landscaping and that's it, blogging and social media just isn't their thing.

All you need to do is buy any of our hard landscaping products: this includes our statues and garden ornaments, designer landscaping lights, rocks, decorative stone as well as paving slabs and compounds and supply us with some photographs of your completed project. We'll do the rest, plus this'll gain you a place in the 2017 landscaper awards.

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

So, how important is content marketing? If you're developing your audience as a landscaping company, it's easy, all you need to create a content brand are photos and testimonials, but you will need to share your content on social media and you will need to publish on a regular basis.

If you're a landscaping products distributor, like us, the job's a bit more involved as you can probably see but still acheivable. You've just got to be good and you've got to post on a regular basis. Keep your audience entertained and they'll come back for more, they'll recommend you and hopefully, they'll share you're content on social media and win you even more business. 

Feel free to share this on social media...