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Spring is here at last, the weeks are flying by and before we know it another summer will be here.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to long sunny days, lunches on the patio, chilled wines, cold beers and all the benefits of eating al fresco with friends and family. It hasn't been a particularly cold winter, but we certainly miss the sunshine and the blue skies, don't we? 

As a company we can already see that demand is going to be very high this year for our hard landscaping products, it's only just April and our sales are significantly higher than they were this time last year, OK, it's true that we're quickly becoming the UK's fastest growing online hard landscaping products distributor and that our regular landscaping, building and property development customers are coming back to us based on last years good prices and fast delivery, but that's not really the point.

Today we're wondering why sales are so much higher than this time last year, what's actually motivating people to spend more than ever on their gardens and landscaping and the answer is pretty simple.

The demand here in the UK for 'outdoor' living facilities or seamless 'indoor outdoor' social amenities is growing exponentially and we see this as being much more than simply a fashion trend.

Here's why...   

 Outdoor indoor dining on the patio

First and foremost, as the British summers get warmer, and there's no denying that they are despite what some pundits say, we look to spend more quality time outside. As a country I think we've always been a little jealous of our mediterranean counterparts, we've seen their relaxed and leisurely lifestyles during our holidays to Spain, Greece, Italy and France, we like what we've seen and we're keen to emulate it. 

We don't want to spend our summers indoors, we want to be outside.

One of main reasons that people are looking to improve their 'outdoor' space is that in many average contemporary homes, or 'new builds', space allocated to eat with the family is minimal, if there is a separate dining room it could be quite small and not always ideal for a good sized family gathering.

It seems to me that people are starting to really appreciate that family time spent enjoying a great meal and celebrating a great summer's day are very much the special times and being outside makes them extra special after a long grey winter. It can be tough to get everyone around the table, but there are ways around this problem.

What do we need to create these additional amenities? Massive grounds, huge budgets, designers, architects and landscaping consultants?

No, they might help if we're undertaking a major landscaping project but generally a little imagination and a modest budget can easily transform a traditional sized garden into a comfortable place to the whole family to get together and enjoy a meal in the sunshine.


A quality cottage patio                

The delightful patio above was designed and installed by our customer Rob Garner from Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry, it belongs to a quaint country cottage and provides excellent outdoor amenities and offers plenty of scope for al fresco family dining.


Cottage garden patio, great for summer occaisons


However, it's not just the quaint country cottages that need the additional space, modern properties can also benefit in a big way from a little seamless 'indoor outdoor' design.


Modern indoor outdoor living                  

The concept of indoor outdoor seamless living has been growing in popularity for quite a few years now and I feel there are a couple of very good reasons apart from climate change and a demand for a more al fresco, 'mediterranean' lifestyle. As mentioned, the size of dining rooms in new build houses is one reason, but there are others.

Before we go into the reason for people's motivation for developing more of their gardens and using hard landscaping to create additional amenities and living space, let's look at some quality landscaping projects from Ed Burnham at Burnham Landscapes in Chertsey, Surrey, another Supreme Landscaping Products customer.


Indoor outdoor landscaping design

   Photos courtesy of Burnham Landscaping, design by Daniel Shea

Creating the indoor outdoor experience


Clearly, more can be spent if required and of course, it's often the finishing touches that increase the cost of the project however large of small.

If you are working on a brand new landscaping project or design, Supreme Landscaping Products can offer the complete range of paving, paving joint or pointing compound, stone or block sealers, designer lights, garden ornaments and furniture. Alternatively, if you are renewing your existing garden design or patio, we can provide natural stone cleaners, rust remover, sealer remover, EASYJoint for repointing or regrouting, rockery rock, decorative stone and so much more.

Very soon we are also looking to offer an excellent range of top quality natural wooden planters that will add an ideal finishing touch to any landscaping design.


Indoor outdoor landscaping projects

  Photo courtesy of Ed Burnham, Burnham Landscaping, Chertsey, working with designer Daniel Shea

The question of why people are motivated to increase their indoor outdoor leisure facilities is two-fold: firstly, the younger generation is staying at home much longer than they used to compared to just a few years ago and as any parent will tell you, teenagers need plenty of space, especially when their friends are over. It's so much easier to tidy up outside after a social event than it is to tidy up inside, any parent will agree to that. My teenage kids love having friends over and being able to leave them in the garden to have a good time makes a lot of sense to me.

Secondly, pubs just aren't as popular as they used to be, it can cost a lot of money to buy a round of drinks for a group of friends nowadays, right?  However, a quick visit to the local supermarket and both food and drinks for guests can be picked up at very reasonable prices. That's why BBQ's have never been so popular and you don't need that much space to install one whatever your budget or whatever the space available.

You can be sure that providing more space for friends and family to gather and enjoy the summer will be welcomed. 

Have a great summer, feel free to check out any of our online hard landscaping products or call 01440 786932 if you need any advice.

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