Easy Grid keeping your horse happy

If you own a horse or a pony you are probably ready for the change of season again, the nights are drawing in already and the weather seems to getting wetter by the minute.

It was about 9 months ago that I published a blog post entitled 'What is proof of quality exactly?', it was all about a very innovative new product called Easy Grid, as you've probably guessed, it's made by Azpects, the company that revolutionised the paving compound sector a few years ago with Easy Joint. (one of our best selling products)

EasyGrid is brilliant for shed bases and driveway construction, but it's also the perfect product for Paddocks and Turnout areas.

My most recent conversation with a serious equestrian fan has proved to me that it's well worth spreading the good word about this superb new product to all horse and pony owners.  (I'll mention the new stables we're offering with free installation too!)

Easy Grid keeping your horse happy

The pink blagdon horse above is Storm and his owner loves EasyGrid and here's a few of the reasons.

EasyGrid is very simple to install, it's fast and effective, you don't need any special skills or equipment and simply put, it will help stop your fields from getting churned up.

I guarantee that I am not a horse expert, but Storm's owner is and she informs me that improved conditions, basically meaning a lot less mud, means that horses and ponies have got much less chance of getting thrush in their hooves and it can also diminish the potential of catching Mud Fever, a bacterial infection that can cause a horse or pony to suffer from hair loss problems.

Easy Grid so easy to install as a shed base or for a paddock

The real beauty of Easy Grid is that unlike some of the cheaper imported grid options that you can buy online, Easy Grid is manufactured here in the UK. It is incredibly strong and can take up to 397 tonnes of weight. Not bad by any standards.

The Easy Grid panels are now available in white and green as well as the original black. The coloured variations are slightly more expensive than the original but who knows, you might be happy to pay a little extra for a slightly more interesting colour, the choice is yours.

The pallet rates offer a significant discount to the original 'retail pack' that Azpects made available and of course, if you are going to protect a paddock or a turnout area you're going to need quite a few square metres.

One pallet is 50 square metres or 450 squares and a very cost effective way to buy and deliver.

The new white Easy Grid option

What Azpects say about the benefits of their Easy Grid products: 

  • Versatile interlocking base for sheds, greenhouses, cabins and driveway installation
  • Suitable for any areas needing ground or grass protection
  • Infill with gravel, sand, soil or grass
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight, slip resistant, crack proof, frost and UV resistant

Ground Reinforcement Grids Ideal for:

  • Grass, gravel and stone driveways
  • Car parks and overflow parking areas
  • Pathways and lanes
  • Caravan parks, camp and holiday sites
  • Equestrian and livestock purposes
  • Lawn and bank reinforcement
  • Emergency routes and access roads
  • Base for sheds, greenhouses and cabins
  • Helicopter pads

That all sounds pretty good to me, but not all our buyers are horse or helicopter owners, lots of people buy Easy Grid to use as a shed base or even just as a base to put their wheelie bins on in the garden.

However, if you own a horse or a pony or if you're thinking about it, we can now offer you a few pallets of EASY Grid and a stable for your horse.

If you read our recent blog post 'Do you need a man cave or would you prefer a she shed?' you will see that we now stock a comprehensive range of British made Garden Sheds, Outbuildings, Children's Playhouses and Summerhouses.

The good news if that these quality wooden buildings are all designed and manufactured here in the UK. They are built using top quality products, the installation is carried out free of charge by a professional team and the prices are very competitive. If you wish we can also arrange to take away your old shed for you. However, if we're delivering a new stable like the one below and you want the old one removing we would have to provide you with a price on application.

Whatever you want design-wise for your stable, your workshop or your wooden outbuilding we can deliver once you've discussed your requirements in detail with our consultant.

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

If you are thinking of ordering a stable from us, here's a few top tips from a vintage Horse and Hounds article we found online. 

1, Always check if planning permission is required. Generally, it depends whether the proposed stable is “within the confines of a domestic dwelling” — including your garden — or is to be sited on agricultural land.

2, If you have a choice about the siting of a stable block, your main consideration must be the prevailing wind. The doors should face away from this to prevent rain, sleet and snow from being blown in.

3, Many books say that the ideal position is facing south, but the strong sun in summer can make the stables very hot, especially if they are of wooden construction.

4, East-facing is a popular compromise because the stables get the morning sun in winter and most of Britain’s strongest rain-bearing winds come from the west. North facing stables are exceptionally cold in winter and get very little sun, which makes drying floors nearly impossible.

5, Tradition states that drains are placed to the rear of the stable, but a drain at the front is more practical. You also need to plan a route for the effluent, so make sure that the floor runs on a gentle downward slope towards the drain.

A big thanks to Horse and Hounds, to read the full article click here

So there we are, Easy Grid is the way to go if you are looking for paddock or turnout base that will help protect your horse or pony, alternatively, it's a superb shed base and if you're thinking of buying a shed, you've come to the right place.

Please feel free to share this article to other horse, pony and shed lovers as it's sure to help them and caring is sharing.

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