EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects

Not all landscapers and builders use EASYJoint and consequently not all landscapers and builders are able to do much landscaping work during the Autumn and Winter months. Not much that involves laying natural stone anyway, whether it's paving, patios or whatever.

If think you might need a little extra cash leading up towards the Christmas holidays you'll need to read this. However, if you've got so much cash stashed away that it's not an issue, you should still read this because it's interesting - just don't bother acting upon the sound advice offered.

This will be a short article because these great photographs say it all!Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products

You may have read my previous article about Rob Garner from Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry? That article was published less than 2 weeks ago and has proved to be one of my most popular recent articles. Was it the great cover photo, the content of the article or the fact that Rob's got loads of Facebook followers? Who knows? 

Rob Garner loves EASYJoint, not just because it saves him an amazing amount of time and provides a great looking finish but also because he can use it in the rain.

This is what Rob said: "Hi Peter, loved the article thanks! Here they are (the photos) as promised! Caught out it the rain.... again! But no problem with Easyjoint, again."

Autumn is here, everyone's complaining about the increasingly dark early mornings and we're all braced for the inevitable cold and rain. But bad weather shouldn't stop us from earning a living, or should I say, it doesn't have to. It all depends on whether you use EASYJoint or not. 

Suffolk Landscaping and Mortar

The above photo says it all: The weather turns as expected, but the work continues with EASYJoint! 

Supreme Landscaping Products deliver EASYJoint

Of course, this project all began with another fast and efficient delivery from Supreme Landscaping Products.Superb work from Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry

Suffolk Landscaping and Mortar and Supreme Landscaping Products getting it right!

Great work and more excellent photographs from Rob Garner at Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry.

Rob also said: "We used 50 tubs in the end, worth every penny. Saved on about three days labour. Pointed everything in the rain in three hours."

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