Guerrilla Growth Hacking


It's many years since I read 'The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook' by Jay Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin, in fact I didn't even realise that Seth Godin was involved in this classic publication.

If you too are a social media fan you'll be very aware of Seth Godin, his views and just how forward thinking he is; if you don't know him, now's the chance to check him out, he's a smart guy.

Earlier this year I wrote two articles 'So what is Growth Hacking?' Parts One and Two and I was amazed at just how much interest both articles received and how often they've been retweeted. 

Based on that success and the fact that I found a brilliant video this morning, I thought it made sense to continue with the 'growth hacking' theme but this idea, to me, is beyond growth hacking, it's more like guerrilla growth hacking.

Before I continue, check this video out... 



If only Supreme Landscaping Products had the marketing budget to create such wonderful videos showing just how good EASYJoint is, sadly, we haven't.

However, we can use this quality production quite easily, can't we?

It may not be obvious to the general public that this actually is an EASYJoint advert, unless you are very familiar with the tub and the contents as there's no product placement at all, but we know that it's EASYJoint. We also know that the guy in the advert is Azpects Northern Sales Manager sharing his skills and his years of expertise with Topps Tiles. Why would we keep this a secret?


Tools used for EASYJoint, the qulaity paving compound


The video is very well produced and it covers all the angles regarding the use of EASYJoint:

  • The tools required 
  • The type of base required
  • The professional preparation required
  • The extensive use of water
  • The actual use of the EASYJoint jointing product
  • The final quality result

What more could we ask for? A brilliant and well presented piece of marketing material and easily accessible on YouTube. Ideal for a little Guerrilla Growth Hacking, right?

How to use EASYJoint


Of course it's great that we also sell EASYJoint and that most people know, or they will certainly be informed, about how much cheaper the product is from Supreme Landscaping Products.

EASYJoint a quality finish


Is that Guerrilla Growth Hacking? I like to think it is.

Buffer emailed me earlier and told me it was time to celebrate the fact that my 1st Tweet of the video above got a potential audience of 104,542. Not bad, right?

That's just the EASYJoint Guerrilla Growth Hack, I haven't mentioned EASY Deck Magic yet, have I?

EASY Deck Magic is a new product we're offering and basically it helps wooden decking become less slippery in the early morning dew or in the rain, which is great if you've got kids or there are elderly people around. It also preserves the life of the decking, it's easy to apply, it resists fungal growth and staining and it's solvent free. These guys at Azpects certainly produce some great products!

Prolandscaper and Deck Magic!


The Prolandscaper magazine recently published an article highlighting the benefits of EASYSeal Deck magic, to me that's another bit of guerrilla growth hacking. Let's see if I can get some good results on our social media network with this link, not quite as exciting as the video but still valid, right?

Here's a link if you'd like to read more from the Prolandscaper.

So, what do you think? Is Guerrilla Growth Hacking something you can do for your company too? 

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