Growth Hacking using a national TV series

Yes, we're back on the subject of growth hacking, some days great marketing opportunities just appear around every corner!

About 7 months ago, I was delighted to announce that Topps Tiles were promoting our best selling product EASYJoint in a particularly stylish manner. Despite Topps Tiles being my direct competition, I was more than happy to write about, publish and highlight their excellent video which undoubtedly cost a lot of money to make. It's a great video, very well produced and it really shows the benefits of using EASYJoint, if only Supreme Landscaping Products had that kind of marketing budget.

So, focusing on the principles of growth hacking guerrilla style, I managed to utilise the Topps Tiles video production by writing a post entitled Guerrilla Growth Hacking, knowing full well that at least some EASYJoint customers were bound to come to us for more competitive prices and a faster delivery. 

As you can probably imagine, good Guerrilla Growth Hacking opportunities are few and far between, but last night we witnessed another great opportunity via the popular Alan Titchmarsh TV program Love Your Garden on ITV.

Love Your Garden on TV


The subject of this program was a Gurkha war hero from Canterbury who lost both his legs serving in Afghanistan and how he had his garden transformed quite dramatically by Alan's team on Love Your Garden. Amputee Hari Budha Magar, of Barton Road, was medically discharged from the British Army in 2014 after losing both legs above the knee through injuries sustained in 2010.

Since returning, the 36-year-old, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, has struggled to access his garden in his wheelchair and the team decide to build Hari a place to relax. I was surprised that this gardening program had such an emotional effect on me, not just because of Hari's loyalty to the British army and his kindness as an individual but also Alan Titchmarsh's genuine show of compassion. If you haven't seen this you really should watch it.

Katie Rushworth Love Your Garden

Here's Katie Rushworth from Love Your Garden getting some help from some of Hari's Gurkha friends whilst working on the project. 

Love Your Garden on TV


Generally, you would expect a Nepalese inspired garden to include a stream and Hari's beautiful garden was no exception, two ponds – one at the top and one at the bottom gave the appearance of a flowing stream. Of course, digging the holes and laying the liner is only part of building a water feature like this, boulders, rock and cobbles were used to edge the stream, which made it look completely natural. Alan's team used Scottish cobbles, Scottish pebbles and rustic slate rockery stone and worked hard to complete the project very quickly.

 EASYJoint on Love Your Garden


Imagine Supreme Landscaping Product's delight when we noticed EASYJoint being used on this high profile gardening program and what a wonderful excuse for us to share the news about Alan and the team's work! (If you didn't know, EASYJoint is one of our best selling products!)

Love Your Garden on TV

Here's Hari and Alan enjoying the freshly landcsaped garden.

I should add that quite a lot of quality products were used on this exciting project, not just EASYJoint, for your reference here's some information about the stone and timber that were used:

Love Your Garden on TV

Whatever kind of gardening, paving or patio project you are looking to develop you really should consider getting a superior finish and saving a lot of money on labour costs by using EASYJoint from Supreme Landscaping Products.


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A big thank you to Douglas Kreir for being super helpful and letting me use his great photographs for this article.