Easyjoint and a major project

We should all know that a good heading on an article or blog post can make all the difference to the amount of attention the article receives. The phrase Growth Hacking has proved to be a major crowd puller in 2016, just as blogging was back in 2009, times change, blogging has proved to be a great idea and we move on, right? Growth Hacking also makes pretty good sense and that's why people want to find out more about it. 

Therefore, I am a naturally optimist about the results achievable combining the phrase Growth Hacking with the exciting and often controversial subject of Drones

From a marketing managers perspective drones seem an obvious concept to adopt, or perhaps an obvious tool to use, if your are a serious player in the construction or landscaping sector. Basically, if we as a construction or landscaping company do great work, we should be proud to announce it to the world, right? 

EASYJoint project viewed with a drone

Supreme Landscaping Product's customer Aberclean have embraced this cutting edge drone technology in a very significant way and I am delighted to be publicising the fact. Visit Aberclean's website and you come face to face with some great drone filming and photography, it's both very impressive and very progressive and to me it says everything about Aberclean.

To me it says: We are a major company, we work on major projects and we incorporated the best modern technology and innovation available.

What a statement!

This is growth hacking at its finest. I want to define growth hacking so we're all on the same page but firstly let's take a look at a few more quality photos so we know exactly how good Aberclean are and what they can achieve.

A before work begins shot, BIG project, right?

A photograph of the Pittrichie Mansion House long before Aberclean got involved. It's a stone mansion and outbuildings built in 1818 and it sits in around 10 acres of countryside. It was quite a renovation project to undertake by any standards.

Major EASYJoint project in Scotland

Here's a drone shot from the project as a work in progress.I think that any landscaper or building contractor seeing this has got to consider using a drone or hiring someone with a drone for the day to promote their services and expertise. I'll accept that maybe this would be a tad over the top on a more modest residential landscaping job but on a major project such as this, it's fully justified.

Here's a few close up photographs of the great finish landscapers can achieve using EASYJoint paving compound.  

EASYJoint Jet Black

Aberclean used Jet Black EASYJoint for this project and clearly, the paving compound goes very well with the natural colours and tones of the granite. 

Supreme Landscaping Products work with a host of landscapers, construction companies and interior designers across the UK, we're happy to help any of our customers, large or small, promote their talents across our social media network. However, this project is very special for a number of reasons and it's not just because Aberclean used a lot of pallets of EASYJoint.

Aberclean source their own granite from Poland and not too many companies we work with go this extent, generally landscaping companies just buy their granite from a distributor here in the UK. To me this shows that Aberclean are a serious player in the construction sector and fully committed to providing the best possible end result for their customers. When you visit their website you'll see that they work on some major projects and offer lots of construction and construction related services via their various departments.

You might ask: 'So where does growth hacking fit into the equation?'

Wikipedia says:

'Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business. Growth hackers often focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, e.g. using social media, viral marketing or targeted advertising instead of buying advertising through more traditional media such as radio, newspaper and television.'

OK, here's my theory - using a drone to film a construction project as major and all encompassing as Pittrichie Mansion House is very a inspired idea and adding the film to the Aberclean website is taking the idea step further. Great work guys! This is certainly an excellent way to build and engage the user base of your business. I'm pretty sure that my offer to publish an article and share it across our social media network was also welcomed and frankly, I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity. I like looking after my customers and I am convinced that the free publicity Supreme Landscaping Products provide sets us apart from the multitude of traditional builders merchants.

Yesterday Derek at Aberclean sent me over some additional photographs featuring some EASYJoint tubs as requested and I'm very grateful for his time as I know he's extremely busy.

  Jet Black EASYJoint online from Supreme Landscaping Products

A big thanks to Derek for the EASYJoint photographs, they're excellent and with such a quality background I can see a lot of people being very interested in both Aberclean's services and the benefits of using Azpects EASYJoint.

If you are a landscaper or a building contractor and you buy EASYJoint paving compound or any of the other stone cleaners or sealers we supply, feel free to send us some photographs. Don't worry, they don't have to involve super hi tech drones or 'all singing, all dancing' websites with videos, some of our customers are large and some are small and we treat everyone the same. The photos don't even need to include the EASYJoint tubs necessarily, but it's great if they do.

Please share this article on your social media network, let's spread the good word and show landscapers and builders alike that social media, like a lot of Growth Hacking disciplines, does work, that it's well worth the effort and it is very cost effective.