Glee Exhibition

Tickets for the Glee Garden Industry Trade show, have you got yours yet??

If you haven't, you can CLICK here and I'll see you there next week!

I should add that I've been hearing about Glee for years but I've never had the opportunity to check out just how good it is and frankly, simply based on checking out the website, I'm pretty excited about the great garden and landscaping products I'm going to see.

If you're not too sure what is GLEE all about, here's what they say on the Glee website:

'At Glee we bring the most exiting exhibitors together with the most powerful and influential visitors and buyers in the industry. Spread across 8 select show sectors Glee offers three jam packed days of networking, selling and purchasing which are not to be missed. Whilst discovering the latest in innvovative products, you can also meet hundreds of new and existing suppliers all under one roof. Taking place at the perfect time of year to re-stock your shelves just before Christmas, Glee is the most crucial trade event in any retailer's calendar.'

If you visit this blog on a regular basis you will know that as one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors we are constantly looking for great new garden and landscaping related products.

You may also know that we've recently added a comprehensive selection of sheds, outbuildings and garden offices, a high end range of garden planters and troughs, some additional garden statues and a selection of new landscaping products from the EASY Joint people, Azpects.

For me, to potentially be able to offer my online customers a multitude of new top quality garden and landscaping products all discovered on one day, under one roof, sounds like a brilliant opportunity. It's likely to be a fantastic day! Jonart at Glee exhibition

As mentioned, part of my job here at Supreme Landscaping Products is business development manager and as a consequence, I'm constantly looking for new, interesting and innovative garden and landscaping products for my customers and the image above immediately caught both my eye and my imagination.

I've just taken a look at the Jonaret website and I'm definitely going to check out the Jonart stand at Glee. Jonart are based in Norfolk, not a million miles from me, and they offer an excellent range of garden art and garden furniture.

Garden furniture from Jonart in Norfolk

I've found over the years that people really do like something unique for their garden or for their landscaping projects and I've also discovered that finding interesting items, that are well made, sensibly priced and suitable to sell online can be quite a task sometimes.

The research alone can take a long time and nowadays that's usually all done online; being able to touch and feel a new product and also get a good idea of the people you'll be doing business with is an excellent opportunity for a host of reasons.

Luxrox solar lighting

The superb lights illustrated above are from Luxrox and they caught my eye too, they're very similar to our 'Stone Globe Light' range from designer Joanna Wallis and I'm looking forward to checking them out for sure! 

Having taken a good look at the very stylish Lumena Alights website, I seen that they've got a vast array of garden and landscaping lights, plus they've got lamp posts too! I also noticed that the Lumena Alights testimonial page is very comprehensive and I'm looking forward to finding out more about this Daventry based company.

Newbridge Pots

As we seem to supply the retail and DIY online buyer as much as we do traditional landscapers and builders with our products, I have been considering looking for a quality pot company for some time now. These really are happy days, I've not even started my journey towards the Glee Exhibition and it seems that I've found another great supplier already. 

Newbridge Premium Pots offer a great range of glazed and terracotta pots, in all shapes and designs, they're inspired by traditional British gardens and these classy looking pots could well be a very popular product for our online customers. 

Solar Lights

The Solar Centre from St. Albans offer a very comprehensive range of both traditional and solar powered lights, the image above came from the Glee website and the garden light's clean delicate, decorative look appealed to me immediately. I'll be sure to check out the Solar Centre next week. 

It looks to me that I've got lots to look forward to and it would also seem that visting this years Glee Exhibition will save me months of searching for new quality items for Supreme Landscaping Products to offer online.

Glee Exhibition

Finally, if you didn't get it, here's a question for you.

Why visit Glee?

Who exhibits? 

More than 550 exhibitors showcase thousands of the freshest garden retail products across 8 tailored show sectors at Glee; Garden Care, Landscaping and Garden Decorations, Food and Catering, Retail Experiences and Services, Outdoor Entertaining, Pet Products, Home, Gift and Clothing and Plants.

If you fit into one of the sectors mentioned, we have the right spot for you to showcase your merchandise at Glee, the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living tradeshow.

Who visits? 

Attracting over 7,000 influential visitors and buyers to Glee every year, our visitors come from a broad range of organisations including; garden centres, multiple retailers, builders merchants and growers to name a few. 64% of our visitors believe that attending Glee specifically is crucial to success of their business.

Being a part of Glee helps your business grow, by allowing you to connect with highly-transactional, high quality buyers.

So there we have, see you there next week... please share this post on social media using our Sumo share buttons please.

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