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Marketing Hard Landscaping Products can be a challenge, how much can you say about a roll of ground stabilisation membrane before it gets boring?

Natural stone paving and paving compounds or jointing compounds offer a bit more scope because if a company has quality customers, as we do, it's a pleasure publicising the excellent landscaping projects they create with our products. If you've seen our Landscaping Awards article or our Supreme Landscaping Products USP article I'm sure you'll appreciate just how rewarding that can be. (I must send a huge thank you to all our customers kind enough to include the products we sell in the project photographs they send us.) 

However, when it comes to marketing, you've got to capture people's attention and you've got to capture it quickly. If, like us, you want to get potential buyers to your website to see all the great hard landscaping products you've got available for them, you've got to create some interest and fast.

Here's 5 types of GIF that will definitely help you do that.



Many of the hard landscaping products we sell online are already marketed by the suppliers we use and this makes our marketing job that much easier.  

One particular supplier, Azpects, who provide us with EASYJoint, EasyGrid and a whole range of natural stone cleaners and sealers are very good at marketing. Here's a couple of product GIF's I've made from their YouTube videos.

EASYJoint from Azpects GIF


EASY4Cracks from Supreme Landscaping Products


These GIF's are brilliant because not only do they advertise the actual product, i.e. Azpects EASYJoint and EASY4Cracks but in a very short space of time they highlight just how easy the products are to use. To me, this is a mini advertising campaign and complete in almost everyway, all the customer needs to do next is to check out the price on our website and order straight away. How perfect is that?

One of the great things about GIF's is that they can be used for pretty much all types of marketing, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, here on blogs and on lots of other platforms and applications.


2. Social Media GIFs


Twitter for business 


Supreme Landscaping Products on Facebook


The more people and businesses in your sector that you connect and communicate with on social media, the better your blog or website is likely to perform based on basic SEO principles alone. However, notice that I said connect and communicate with, social media is wonderful but you have to use it properly, you have to be social. Sharing is caring, right? Plus, of course, it gets reciprocated.

The Twitter GIF above was not just to get more people to read the blog post or follow @landscapingm8 on Twitter but also to highlight to people that business can be had from Twitter if it's used properly. We are not a marketing company but we're happy to help our landscaping and building customers make the most of social media. We actually get landscapers buying EASYJoint and other products from us via Twitter, it's a fast and effective process and let's face it these guys are busy landscaping, they love saving time!

3. Blog Post GIF's 

What a couple of icons we've got here!


The Rock on our website


You might be wondering why we put the Rock on our blog and that was the title of that post, 'Why we put the Rock on our blog'... the reason was simple, we are now selling garden and landscaping decorative rock, decorative stone, cobbles and gravel. We needed to attract people's attention and judging by the amount of clicks we've had on that link, it has worked very, very well. (1142 clicks so far, that's more than 50 clicks every day across 22 days so far for the Rock! Big shout out to Sam Hurley for the inspiration on this one)


Social Media, share the good stuff


The Marilyn Monroe GIF was used to promote a very different post and once again, it was a major success. The post, 'Sex sells (here's the truth)' was a look at marketing and advertising hard landscaping products and the truth about whether or not using provocative images is a good way to sell our various products. (You'll be amazed at the truth!) I can't say that it's all about how great Marilyn Monroe looks in the GIF but according to Rebrandly we've had over 3000 clicks on this post in 3 months, that's not bad, right?

4. Twitter GIFs

These GIFs are pretty straight forward, we all know it makes good sense to say thanks to people on Twitter for Retweets and shout outs and sometimes a thank you emoji just doesn't seem enough. Why not send a quick GIF? It's so easy.

Here's a couple I use almost daily.


Supreme Landscaping Products thank you GIF


The one above is obviously a big thank you to my Twitter followers.


Supreme Landscaping Products


I guess this one speaks for itself, it convey's a slightly less happy feeling, right?

The next GIFs are far more personal, over the years in marketing I've learned that people like to know who they're working with, they like to know who's actually supplying a product or a service, it instills confidence and creates familiarity, basically, they like to put a face to a name if they can. 

5. Personal GIFs

Yes, sorry everyone, but it's me, giving all our landscapers, builders and developers a quick update on when last orders are over the 2016 Christmas holidays.

This was an easy to produce GIF based on a quick YouTube video made on my iPhone, cost, about 5 minutes of my time, a little ad-libbing and a bit of bobble hat wearing. 


Peter at Supreme Landscaping Products



Do GIFs like these capture people's attention? I think they do, so much more than a straight Tweet with just 140 digits or a Meme that would take 30 minutes or more to make and probably show a lot less results.


Peter at Supreme Landscaping Products


So there we are, a small selection of GIF's that we, as a hard landscaping company, chose to promote ourselves with via social media.

Whatever sector you are in you can utilise GIFs, all it takes is a little time and some imagination. 

If you can't get your head around making GIFs just go the GIPHY and download them. 

Why bother?

I'm informed that by 2018 over 80% of communications will be visual, so why not start now? As one of the UK's fastest growing oneline hard landscaping companies we aim to stay ahead of the curve, why wouldn't we?

Plus, there's a lot of GIFs on Tumblr, I'm told that around 23,000,000 are downloaded every day, so that's quite a few to choose from, right?

You don't have to be a landscaper, a builder, a developer, a construction company or a landscape architect to share this article, GIF's are great fun, whatever sector you're in, so please use our new Sumo share bar and get the good word out to the rest of the world.

The main reason we like GIFs is they're are fun and they capture people's attention.


Supreme Landscaping Products using GIFs