Video marketing 2018.

Marketing has changed dramatically over recent years and I know people have been saying this for almost a decade, but video is (still) fast becoming one of the main ways to capture your audience's attention.

Apparently, YouTube is such a popular channel now, that more than 400 hours of video are being uploaded every single minute of the day, that's incredible, right? And amazingly, a billion hours of video are watched on a daily basis. It doesn't really matter what business you are in, just consider the potential audience, why wouldn't you want to be there?

Here at Supreme Landscaping Products we fully appreciate that Google now owns YouTube and naturally, Google likes marketing people and bloggers that embed videos from YouTube.

And why wouldn't they?

Of course, Google's going to promote it's own products and services from whatever source it can find, that simply makes good business sense.

Luckily for us, our new business partner Zest4Leisure, who supply us with an excellent range of quality wooden garden products, have lots of professionally made garden product videos for us to use in our marketing campaigns.

We didn't have to implement the videos from Zest in our marketing, we didn't have to add them to all the listed garden furniture products we could, but we know that despite the time and effort it took, that it was well worth it. (We've made some Zest GIFs too that work well on Twitter!)

But why are product videos so good? Why do 76% of users say they would share a branded video with friends and family? 

Check this out.

Hollywood Garden Swing from Supreme Landscaping Products

OK, above there's a professional garden product photograph for you. It's a very good photographic representation of the Hollywood Swing and Canopy supplied to us by Zest, clearly it's a quality piece of wooden garden furniture.


Now watch the video above.

The video is of the Hollywood Garden Swing that we've recently listed, it's pretty good isn't it?

The photograph of the Hollywood Garden Swing before the video is good too, equally professional, equally well presented.

But which had the most impact on you? 

Most people would say that the video conjures up the whole garden swing experience perfectly. The gardens are idyllic and well tended, we see that as the camera pans around the grounds and at the same time we get a taste of the atmosphere and of the tranquility of the garden as we see the bee buzzing around the flowers. We are told that the timber used to make the swing is pressure treated, we are also informed that the timber is FSC certified and that the Hollywood Garden Swing carries a 10 year guarantee against timber rot.

That's a lot of quality information in 46 seconds, isn't it?

We see how well the swing is made, we see the quality of the timber, we see the strong chains, the actual finish of the timber and we see the swing being used. This is clearly not some hastily knocked together piece of garden furniture using substandard or cheap materials. 

The video says it all, style, quality and functionality. It lets the potential buyer get a very good idea of what they're actually buying and how this quality product could improve their lifestyle.

That's why we buy garden furniture, right? To improve our lifestyle and to improve our garden experience.  

Not convinced?

OK, let's try it again.

Ashton Gazebo or BBQ shelter from Supreme Landscaping Products

Above you'll see a photo of the Ashton Gazebo or BBQ Shelter, it's a very popular garden product and super useful when the weather suddenly changes during the summer months. (and we all know that can happen, right?)

Here's the video.

Did you like it? 

Once again, the photograph above is pretty good but look how much more effective the video is? 

In this instance, we get a very good idea of just how big the Gazebo is, plus we see the bottle of wine and the BBQ, this suggests to the buyer the potential for a quality lifestyle brought about by purchasing this product. Good times in the garden, that's what people are looking for, right?

We are informed that the timber is pressured treated, that the timber is FSC certified and that it carries a 10 year guarantee. What more could you ask for? As the camera zooms in on the BBQ shelter, the quality of the finish is very apparent, as is the functionality of the product with the food being cooked and the tranquil garden backdrop.

All this information to help the buying decision in just 55 seconds.

That's why we like the Zest product videos so much, they do a great job. A picture paints a thousand words and of course, a video paints a whole lot more.

Wooden Garden Furniture Online from Supreme Landscaping Products

It has taken us quite some time to add all these videos to the Supreme Landscaping Products YouTube channel and as mentioned, we've embedded as many videos as we could to the new listings on our website.

This makes the whole buying process so much easier, customers can visit the Supreme Landscaping Products website and watch the videos before they order their new garden products. Basically, they'll have a very good idea about what will be delivered.

Videos are good for a whole number of other reasons too and we're not just talking about Google owning YouTube again.

We are told that 74% of users that watched an explainer video about a product subsequently purchased it. 

We also know that promotional videos can create trust, some consumers are still a little apprehensive about buying new products on the internet and let's face it, we're not buying a DVD or a pair of socks that'll be dropped through the letter box in a day or two.

Our buyers deserve all the help we can offer them to make the right buying decision and we know that 57% of consumers say that product videos give them more confidence to buy online.

Here's another video.

Superb, right?

I know these products are good, I met the Zest4Leisure team at the Glee Landscaping and Garden Lifestyle Exhibition in Birmingham last year and initiated the idea of us working together. The more Zest videos I watch, the happier I am with this new business partnership, our customers whether they're gardening enthusiasts, landscapers or garden designers are going to love these products.

As the winter comes slowly to an end and the days start getting brighter and warmer I'm convinced we'll be selling lots these great garden furniture products.

What have we got on offer?

  • Arbours
  • Gazebo and Pergolas
  • Decorative Arches
  • Tables, Seats, Benches and Garden Sets
  • Picnic Tables
  • Garden Swings
  • Raised Flower Beds
  • Garden Storage
  • Hutches and Garden Accessories

That's quite a range isn't it? Check it out, have a good look at what we can offer you.

We love to blog about the way Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow and the new ranges of garden lifestyle products we offer people online across the UK and we hope you'll share the good news about our business collaboration with Zest4Leisure.

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