EASYJoint, 5 colour variations from Azpects

Happy Christmas!

As we all head very quickly to the end of 2017, it seems like a good time to address the year gone by and consider some of the highlights.

I'm sure you'll all agree that it's hard to argue with numbers and without a doubt, once again, our best selling product in 2017 has been Azpects EASYJoint! 

What an amazing product EASYJoint continues to be and as before, out of the 5 different colours of this sweep in paving compound, it's stone grey that comes out on top again!

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations fro Azpects

We've added lots of new products this year and we've also been researching the DIY and landscaping market for even more new products for 2018. It's been a lot of work and naturally we're very excited about next year and the fact that we're now able to offer such a diversified selection of products.

A lot of time was saved by visting the Glee Exhibition in Birmingham and The Landscape Show in Battersea. We met some great people from some excellent companies and at the same time we found some superb products! 

However, EASYJoint retains its prime position!

Why is this ready to use, sweep in paving compound proving to be such a great seller, not just to landscapers and builders, but also to the DIY landscaping and gardening public?

Has it really transformed the way people finish their paving and patio projects?

We think it has...

We should look at exactly why EASYJoint continues to change the way people finish their paving projects - no more kneeling down and grouting seems to be a key issue, but first let's take a quick look at how the year has developed for us here at Supreme Landscaping Products.

Social Media legend Seth Godin said, "Find products for your customers, not customers for your products", we agree 100% and that's what we've been doing throughout the year. 

Here's some of our new products from 2017:

January: Easy4Cracks, we introduced this great new road repair product from Azpects. It's a great way to get road and roof repairs carried out quickly and cost effectively.

February: Decorative Stone and Rock, we added a great new selection of decorative stone, such as Black Basalt, Onyx, Flamingo and Red Granite gravel and we also added large rocks and boulders for those looking to create a more intersting landscaping project. Some of the most popular natural stone choices are Cotswold, Green Granite, Red Sandstone and Green Slate. These well priced landscaping rocks and aggregates all come with free kerbside delivery.

March: Azpects announced the long awaited 'Back to Black' Limestone enhancer. This great new product had been 'in development' for the longest time and based on our dealings with DIY-ers, landscapers and developers, we knew that a solution for dull and lacklustre Limestone would be very well received. It has proved to be a great success and was well worth the wait.

Here's proof.

Azpects 'Back to Black' Limestone Enhancer

April: As spring continued and the good weather approached, we added a new category to our list, paving. Initially the selection was somewhat minimal but as the month continued the selection grew and this year based on the interest we've had, we are looking to add significantly more choices and more types of natural stone and paving.

May: High quality, hand made, timber wooden planters and troughs were the next products we added as we headed towards the summer. These amazing planters are available in a host of sizes and designs and our suppliers can build pretty much anything to order. Let us know what you need, regardless of how large (see below) and we'll give you a price.  

Quality wooden planters available online from Supreme Landscaping Products

June: We initially added Border Stone Ware products to our products list at the end of 2016 and the statues, garden ornaments and stone garden furniture proved to be a very popular new category. Based on very positive customer feedback on both the quality of the products purchased and the fast and efficient pallet delivery, we decided to add the Water Feature range to our Border Stone Ware selection. 

July: Given our aim to provide everything for the ever growing 'outdoor lifestyle' ethos, we felt strongly that providing a comprehensive selection of garden sheds, playhouses and outbuildings would be an obvious new category to add during the summer months. This new category is something we plan to develop further still in 2018 and we'll keep you posted!

August: We've been selling Azpects Easygrid ever since it was introduced to the market some years ago. Back in August we were delighted to be able to offer our buyers, particularly the equestrian fraternity, the opportunity to avail of great prices, pallet delivery and white and green as well as the original black Easygrid, this product addition has proved to be a massive success. 

September: During our visit to the Glee Exhibition in Birmingham in early September, we met with Lumena and started discussing the possibility of a collaboration. We were very impressed with their great selection of outdoor, garden lighting solutions and with their approach to business and by the end of September we had agreed to working together and listed a range of their quality products.  

The Landscape Show Magazine with Supreme Landscaping Products

October: Once again our visits to Glee and The Landscape Show paid off and in October we agreed a new collaboration with one of the UK's premier suppliers of all thing garden furniture, including wooden garden furniture, arbours, planters and wooden garden ornaments. This great new range will be available early 2018.

November: During November we negotiated and confirmed another significant range of garden and landscaping products and these too will be available in early 2018. This excellent range includes several varieties of decorative stone and rocks to compliment our existing range, a selection of paving and path solutions and a collection of natural stone garden water features and ornaments.

December: Once again we return to products and companies brought to us via recently attended exhibitions and we have now confirmed a new collaboration with a supplier of quality outdoor fires and heaters. This is a new range that we've been working on for a while now and we're very excited about offering these cut edge new products in early 2018.

Outdoor fires and heaters

OK, so that's quite a year, but as promised, let's talk about about why EASYJoint is still our top selling product. 

If you've ever pointed or grouted any amount of paving, either as a DIY landscaper or as a professional, you'll know it's quite a task. Getting a consistent mix of sand and cement is one of the challenges and the amount of time it takes is another. It's ok if you've just got a couple of square metres but anything more than that and you're up against it.

One of the key benefits with the quality pre-mixed, sweep in EASYJoint is the amount of time you will save during application. Azpects have a video on YouTube with a number of professionals explaining why they like the product so much and one of them says he can do a day's work in a couple of hours. Now that's good news, right?

Plus, of course, there are five great colours to choose from, the mix is both strong and consistent in colour and because the water used helps fill the gaps and does most of the work, it's way easier than pointing or grouting on your knees. You can point the EASYJoint finish if you want to, but you don't have to.

Unlike many similar products, EASYJoint can be used in wet conditions (in fact, "the wetter, the better" is Azpects mantra) and unlike many similar products if you cover it with a couple of inches of water it will keep. Plus, Easyjoint has no shelf life, which means if you don't open it, it wlll keep.

That's just a few reasons why EASYJoint is still our best selling product and the market leader when it comes to all weather jointing compounds.

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