Having been involved in social media and social media marketing since the early days, I've always been a big fan of Seth Godin and if you don't know Seth check him out, his advice is inspirational.


Seth Godin Find Products for your Customers


'Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers.' Wise words, I'm sure you'll agree and it must be an easier approach to business whatever your products are and whatever sector you serve. 

On that note, we've found a pretty amazing product for our customers! What a great start to 2017!  

For those of you who have identified this as a must have product already, here's the video from our suppliers showing how easy it is to use, whether it's on a repair job, on an installation of some kind on a road, a driveway, a path or even a roof. The possibilities and uses of this product are endless and because no open flames are involved it solves a host of issues relating to health and safety. 



Any builder, landscaper or DIY enthusiast could easily come up against the challenge of having to repair asphalt, concrete or timber and that can be a very expensive challenge. Plus, of course, in this day and age it presents lots of Health and Safety issues which always involve increase costs whether it relates to manpower or risk assessments, or both.

It seems to me that Seth would be very proud because this article proves that not only do we know our customers very well, but we've found them a truly fantastic product. 





I'll keep it simple, here's the solution. 

Here's a product description lifted from our suppliers website. 

This revolutionary new product, designed for the homeowner but also suitable for the professional contractor, is a commercial grade high quality, low cost, easy to use, safe alternative to costly contractor applications. Our hot applied liquefied filler is far superior to the cold fill process, its bonding ability is better, and it expands and contracts with temperature changes without cracking, keeping water and other weather elements out thereby preventing further damage to property– therefore saving you money!

And for those not sure why they need to buy the complete kit. 

Why do I need to use the EASY4Cracks Dseal Heater? 

To ensure the safe heating of the EASY4Cracks product we have included in our Full Repair Kit a dedicated heater. This heater is supplied by DSeal which has been designed to keep our customers safe during the heating process. After a great amount of experimentation Dseal found their heater is the fastest and safest heating device for their viscous material and it only takes about 15 minutes to finish the whole heating process. What’s more, the whole heating process is really easy to operate and it only needs one person to perform the heating task. The whole heating process is automatic, the heater will shut off when the asphalt reaches the correct melting point.



The benefits of this hot asphalt and concrete crack and joint repair system are endless.

Health and Safety alone is a major issue nowadays, as you probably know, and using hot asphalt and 'open flames' on any construction or remediation project is a contentious subject. The fact that just one individual can easily use and apply this product is good reason enough to implememnt it immediately and with my experience on site I can see that it can potentially save companies a fortune over the course of a year. 



I'm not sure if I really need to say much more about this unique product, it pretty much speaks for itself , the cost is minimal and our delivery is fast. CLICK HERE to see more or buy now.

Here's the demonstration video so you can see just how easy the EASY4Cracks product is to use and exactly how versatile it is.



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