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Supreme Landscaping Products go beyond good customer service and great products, we also offer free social media marketing and content marketing advice to our customers.

This doesn't mean that a landscaper or building contractor will benefit from a hands on 24/7 social media marketing expert or that we guarantee or endorse their work, but any customer of ours, however large or small, will be offered free professional advice on the best ways to use Twitter, whether or not Facebook, PinterestYouTube and LinkedIn are worth considering, the benefits of blogging and lots more besides.


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This post is dedicated to Adrian at APW Green Touch builders and landscapers. Adrian is a very happy EASYJoint customer and he has been for quite a while. He was contacted recently about the social media marketing service we offer and he emailed me this morning. I immediately connected with APW Green Touch on Twitter and Facebook, put a whole load of his great project photos on my Landscaping and Building boards on Pinterest and considered what to write on this post.  

Not a bad response for free, is it?

Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products


I was delighted to see that Adrian has the foresight to include a tub of EASYJoint in the photograph above. The paving looks superb doesn't it? (Try and get the EASYJoint in a more prominent position next time please Adrian) 

Having worked in construction for many years I love to see the end product of any project. What better way to publicise the ability and expertise of a company than to see some before and after photos.

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


Sadly, some landscapers and building contractors still don't quite get social media marketing, they don't understand how cost effective it can be and they still spend vast amounts of money on advertising in traditional magazines and in Yellow Pages.

Social media has changed everything over recent years and thankfully some people can see the way forward. Adrian's got a lot of great photo's on his Facebook page and he's also got a good website too.

Here are some more before and after photos from the APW Green Touch Facebook account.


Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


Customer Recognition from Supreme Landscaping Products

Any Supreme Landscaping Products customer looking for advice on social media and willing to provide us with iPhone quality photographs or similar (including EASYJoint or other products from us wherever possible) and testimonials will be eligible for an article and some social media marketing promotion.

Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products


APW Green Touch do a very good job, don't they?

Here's a link to the APW website, they are based in Birmingham if you need some work doing.

Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products


Adrian doesn't only do landscaping projects, he's very talented and provides a lot of different services, but we're focusing on his success with EASYJoint and his working relationship with Supreme Landscaping Products.

Please share this article on social media and if you are a landscaper or a building contractor and you buy from Supreme Landscaping Products you will also be eligible for this unique service.