Keep busy this winter landscapers

I spoke to a customer yesterday (hi Josh) and reminded him to forward me the photographs he'd promised me (ages ago) of a few EASYJoint projects he'd completed. He chuckled and said it was about time he sent them as he was coming up to that 'quiet time of year.'

Coming from a construction background I fully appreciate that coming up towards Christmas does or can get a little quiet, but for landscapers and builders using EasyJoint for patios and paving projects there shouldn't be any real reason for a slow down or a quiet time of year.


  1. EASYJoint can be used in the rain, in fact one of Azpects slogans for their EASYJoint paving compound is 'The Wetter the Better', so no excuses for not working in the rain or drizzle.
  2. EASYJoint can be used as long as it's no colder than 3 degrees C, check out the Azpects website for a full technical run down. So, once again, not many excuses for not working and if you can't get outside maybe it's time to catch up on some paperwork or finally start working on next year's marketing plan.
  3. Supreme Landscaping Products offer free advertising to customers, so there's a great free opportunity to try and win more contracts during the autumn season. All we need are some iPhone standard photos of EASYJoint, EASY Sealer projects or Stone' Globe Light installations and we'll do the rest, there's absolutely no cost! We will publish on LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook, Google+ and Pinterest and we are very well connected on social media, so your photos will potentially get out to 10,000's of potential customers.

Free Growth Hacking from Supreme Landscaping Products

We know that a lot of builders and landscapers don't have the time, the resources or the inclination to put as many hours into social media as they really should, they don't like spending too much on advertising either and random acts of advertising just like random acts of social media just do not work. That's why we do it for free.

We have the experience, the social media network and the time and this is a service, as far as we know, that no other hard landscaping products company can offer and it makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

Send us your photos from the projects you've worked on in 2016 if you haven't aleady, what have you got to loose? 

Customer Recognition from Supreme Landscaping Products

If you're wondering why you're not busy right now, the answer is simple! So send us some photos right away, we'll publish them and you might just win another contract before Christmas. 

Supreme Landscaping Products customer success

Ultimately, you've no real excuse if you're a landscaper or a builder that uses EASYJoint, you really shouldn't have a quiet time of year and if you have, you've only got yourself to blame.

So get your mobile out of your pocket, I know you've got one, take some photos of the project your currently working on, put a few EASYJoint tubs in the foreground and email me proof of your excellent work.

It won't take long, I can't guarantee you'll get any work from it, but it'll still be a great point of reference for your potential customers. Try to remember the phrase 'nothing ventured nothing gained', it'll motivate you.

After using EASYJoint from Supreme Landscaping Products

 Customer Recognition article from Supreme Landscaping Products

If you've got paving or patio projects coming up, or you want to know more about 'Stone' Globe Lights just call me on 01440 786932 and let's talk prices or you can simply order here online.