Man Cave or She Shed? What do you need?

Our growth as an online landscaping products distributor continues and we've been looking at offering our customers more and more quality products for their gardens. Why wouldn't we? As a Supreme Landscaping Products customer you can now buy your paving, your Easy Jointyour sandstone or limestone sealer, your garden lightsyour garden furniture and a statue, all in one go!

We've spent a lot of time over recent months researching the viability of offering wooden sheds, children's playhouses, wooden workshops, timber built fitness studios, garden offices and a whole host of top quality British built wooden outbuildings.

We know from our customers that the demand for sheds and outbuildings is there and based on our online selling experience, we also know that our customers require top quality materials, excellent design, great service and of course, great prices.

Fortunately, we can now offer all of the above, but this is about so much more than just selling a few garden sheds online. (We've got the shed base covered too) 

No pun intended but we've got a lot of ground to cover because we offer so many types of garden buildings, but let's start with the larger buildings like summerhouses, because we feel there's an untapped niche market for these.

Given the fact that it's very expensive to move house nowadays and it's not always practical or viable to extend your existing property without spending an absolute fortune, large garden sheds, timber summerhouses, garden offices and villas are presenting themselves as very cost effective alternatives. (subject to planning permission if required)

Based on these underlying factors and still looking to maintain our position of the fastest growing landscaping products online distributor in the UK, we are very happy to now be offering a very comprehensive selection of British built quality garden buildings.

Quality summerhouses and timber outbuildings from Supreme Landscaping Products

Our range of outbuildings covers all age groups, not just a Granny Annex or a 'Man Cave' for Grandad, we've also got some great garden buildings for the children.

We're offering a great selection of kid's playhouses: you can buy a quality wooden Post Office (for Postman Pat fans), a Den, a wooden Castle or even a children's size Farmhouse, hence the phrase 'mini man cave' and the 'smaller sized she shed'.

If you're not familar with gender specific sanctuaries (love that phrase), you should check out my recent article 'Do you need a man cave or would you prefer a she shed?' 

Here's a couple of examples that the kids will love...

Children's playhouse castle, post office, den and many other options

Above you'll see the Post Office, how's that for a quality children's playhouse, amazing, right? Hands up Postman Pat fans.

Whether you're a parent or a grandparent, just think what a great birthday present this playhouse would make. Imagine upwrapping this at the birthday party!

Plus, of course, a great playhouse like this would be sure to keep the kids running around outside and away from their screens.

Supreme Landscaping Products Teenagers Outbuilding

Teenagers like a little space occaisionally, right? The timber outbuilding above is specially designed as a games room or a retreat for the bigger kids.

How good would that extra space be?

Peace and quiet? Yes please! How fast can you deliver?

On a slightly different note, many people work from home nowadays, whether it's a permanent office to work from or just a base for a couple of days a week, we can help you.

Super size directors office, ideal for working from home

Maybe the Director's Office above is a little too large for your requirements, we have other options too, check out what's on offer.

If you are a 'start up' company and you're looking to keep your overheads down (and why wouldn't you?) it might make sense to lose one of your major overheads, your new business premises.

Not only will you find it quick, easy and very cheap to get to work, but you'll probably get home fairly early too.

We've got Fitness Centres, Workshops with storage rooms and so much more for you and your new business.

Fitness Centre, ideal for working from home

So there you are, a glimpse of our comprehensive selection of timber outbuildings, garden offices, playhouses, villas and summerhouses.

We must not forget the traditional garden shed, right?

A traditional garden shed from Supreme Landscaping Products

All our sheds and outbuildings come in a variety of sizes and bespoke options can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

Our traditional sheds, playhouses, villas, workshops, garden offices etc. are all installed free of charge.

Feel free to enquire with any additional questions you may have.

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