Patio paving nightmare and solution

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, looking forward to a lovely family al fresco weekend lunch in the sunshine and seeing your patio looking like this.

Complete nightmare, right?

Obviously, things like this don't just happen over night but sometimes as the seasons change and we look a little closer at what we left behind at the end of last summer and realise that during the winter months our patio slabs didn't actually get any better than they were, in fact they got decidedly worse. What do we do know, you might ask?

Do we dig up all the slabs and start again? Do we buy a load more Limestone or Sandstone paving slabs, some sealer and some EASY Joint and get a landscaper in to lay a brand new patio and paths before the summer comes to an end?

Maybe I should rephrase that, 'Do we choose to spend £1,000's of pounds on a brand new patio and paths or do we look to find a less expensive alternative?'

It's a grim sight indeed and often people just don't know where to begin.

Here's some advice, give Supreme Landscaping Products a quick call before you do anything drastic; we've heard just about every story imaginable over the years and we can probably help. In the unlikely event that we don't know the answer, we'll ask our technical advisers and get back to you ASAP.

Testimonials for Supreme Landscaping Products

The above photograph is what our customer Debra was up against, as you can see she really needed some professional advice.

Here's what NOT to do with any paving.

  • Rip it all up in rage and try to book in a local landscaper ASAP
  • Apply brick acid on the offending paving slabs
  • Randomly attack the patio with a wire brush
  • Create a concoction of chemicals from your garage and under your kitchen sink and hope you can resolve the issue

Any decent size patio will cost a fair amount of money to replace and if it's been installed a few years, you can guarantee it'll cost a lot more to start over than it cost to install orginally. 

What could the problem be?

Debra's initial problem was caused by the old sealer, we can't be 100% sure if it was applied incorrectly or applied to a unclean stone surface but as you can see from the pictures above, over time, it really wasn't a great result.

In early April Debra called us for some advice and we recommended starting off with removing the old surface sealer with Azpects Sealer Remover.

This is always the best way start in a situation such as this.

Supreme Landscaping Products

As you can see based on a quick consultation and quick delivery of the right product and we got the first stage 100% right.

The next step was to bring the paving and pathways back to life with some Azpects Easy Slate and Limestone Sealer Enhancer. 

Slate and Limestone Sealer

What an amazing difference the right products, some sound advice and a little effort can make, imagine if Debra had just ripped everything up and started from scratch? 

Slate and Limestone Sealer

I'm sure you'll agree that the above photograph looks so much different to the first photo in this article, what a great result and Debra clearly saved £1,000's of pounds and loads of hassle by speaking to the right people and using the right products as recommended. 

Slate and Limestone Sealer

I just had to include this photograph because even the dog looks happy with the rejuvenated patio, what a superb result and a big thanks to Debra for the photographs of the complete project.

Not all our happy customers are able to send us photographs of the success they've had with our products but I'd also like to say a big thanks to another customer.

Here's a clue to what they used.

Back to Black Limestone Enhancer

Yes, you've guessed, it's Back to Black the Limestone Enhancer...

Here's the written testimonial that our happy customer left on our website:

Limestone Slabs Like New Review by Happy Customer

I cannot praise this product enough.

Had my garden landscaped and slabs got ruined.

To have them taken up and new ones relaid would cost £5,000.

Found this product, ordered it (online from Supreme Landscaping Products) and after arrived 2 days later I set to work.

Unfortunately I can't upload before & after pictures but lets just say I don't have to fork out a penny.

So easy to apply and I have a fantastic garden thanks to this product.

Try not to put too much on as it really goes a long way. My garden was 45 Square Metres and 1 bottle was plenty. I applied it in the morning and by the afternoon all done. I don't normally put reviews but seriously this product would save people thousands of pounds. 

(Posted on 04/05/2017)

What fantastic testimonials from our customers, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

I'd like to express my gratitude for these kinds words and for the photos that Debra sent us, it really shows genuine appreciation for the service and products provided. I fully appreciate that everyone is so very busy nowadays and that finding the time for such things is never easy.

Thank you.

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