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Many people complain of being over exposed to technology nowadays, I hear them say they're over stimulated and that they need some space for some serious relaxation, some space to be quiet and take time for a little contemplation.

Does this sound familiar? Are you one of those people wanting to get away from it all, not actually taking a break as in a holiday, but just taking a break from the house? Looking for some special space outside the home, away from the noise and activity?

Do you yearn for a place of tranquility, a quiet place away from telephones and away from screens?

If you do or you know someone who does, we've got the perfect solution for you.

The concept of the 'man cave' is far from new, in the USA men have had 'dens' for decades, places where testosterone rules and all kinds of sporting type macho stuff goes on, but thankfully times have changed and women have finally escaped the tedium of the boudoir.

It's a simple equation, women need their own space too and now the 'man cave' is finding itself competing with the 'she shed'. 

About 12 months ago I read an article relating to gender specific sanctuaries, (don't you love that phrase?) that's either a 'man cave' or the more recently popularised, 'she shed'.

Back in 2015 Sara Little wrote the article "She sheds" Are the New Man Caves (Except they're way, way better).

Sara explained in detail how women also need some space and she went on to show the interiors of some very chic and wonderful 'she sheds', not a single piece of sports equipment or a beer barrel in sight. The photographs of the 'she sheds' we encountered included a 'quirky Zen den for a yoga Goddess' and a 'minimilist bunker' that says "leave me be".

It's fair guess that a lot of women would love the opportunity to design and furnish their own space and you can do whatever you want with the interior, we know that and of course, the possibilities are endless.

However, today we're looking at the exterior, we're starting at the very beginning and where better to start than the good old basic garden shed?

Garden sheds from Supreme Landscaping Products

OK, this basic garden shed may not offer enormous scope for either a 'man cave' or a 'she shed' but it's a very good start, right?

It may be adequate for those with a smaller garden, or people simply looking for a place to store the garden tools and a few bits of furniture during the winter months. 

For the more avid gardener, this superb potting shed might be more appropriate.

British made potting shed from Supreme Landscaping Products

So Supreme Landscaping Products now have garden sheds available for our customers online, with a good selection of both sizes and prices, but what about those of you looking for something more, something offering a little more accommodation? 

Man Cave or She Shed? What do you need?

Here we have a traditional summer house, this is clearly a lot more than just a simple garden shed and offers massive 'man cave' or 'she shed' potential. The large veranda lends itself to lazy summer days and socialising in and around the garden, whilst the double Georgian doors and the adjacent windows both front and side provide ample light for a little time indoors if conditions become overcast.

This lovely summer house can provide a spacious place for children or grand children to play and enjoy garden adventures, once again, the possibilities here are endless. 

Swiss Chalet style garden shed from Supreme Landscaping Products

The Swiss Lodge style shed offers a slightly more modest option but can be provided up to 12" x 8" which is still a very good size and offers either superb garden accommodation or a stylish place to work or study. So many people have the option to work from home nowadays, either full or part time, and this Swiss Lodge design offers ample space to work from home without actually being indoors. Therefore, home based workers can still retreat home after a hard day at the bottom of the garden.

Artist's studio, home office, she shed or man cave

The Artist's Studio shed offers so many possibilities. It's a quality built, bright and airy space for the artist or hobbyist and it also offers good sized office accomodation with an integral combined storage area to the side. The fact that the Artist's Studio provides the additional adjacent storage area is ideal for anyone working from home and looking to keep the work space clear and free from clutter.

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

The mini chalet offers a great choice of garden accomodation and presents itself as an ideal 'she shed' or 'man cave', it's all subject to what your needs may be and as mentioned the possibilities are endless.

If you're still not certain if you need a 'man cave' or a 'she shed' or maybe even both, check out this NBC news article from Chiara A Sottie and Jo Ling Kent, it's entitled, 'Why the 'She Shed' is the new 'Man Cave'. It'll enlighten you for sure and I'm sure all the ladies will be pleased to hear that it offers tips on popping Champagne (or Prosecco?) in private. 

Whatever your choice, it's important to remember that all our sheds, summerhouses and chalets are British built and to a high standard.

Delivery can be free subject to what part of the UK you are based and installation is included in the cost. Yes, that's free installation by our professional team.

Check out our shed section for full details of individual timber finish, door and window accessories, roof finish and various options including old shed removal and shed base.

Obviously, we recommend the EASYGrid super strong plastic base as the ideal shed base, check out the full details of EASYGrid and remember, it's designed to take the weight of a tank, that's over 300 tonnes.

Whatever you need we can provide, we can create any style and size of shed, playhouse, summerhouse, chalet, garage, spa, smokers shelter and pet shelter, including stables. 

We can offer solutions for the most adventurous 'man cave' or 'she shed', just tell us what you need and we'll get right back to you with a price.

For builders, developers and landscapers looking to buy a large quantity of sheds for new build developoments, call us today and let's talk about what you need and trade prices.

For the DIY enthusiast, let us know when you need delivery and we'll get right back to you.

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