High quality planters and troughs for quality new build developments

How's this for a roof garden?

Architects, landscaping architects, construction specifiers, quantity surveyors, developers and building contractors are often challenged when it comes to providing an impressive communal area when designing and developing multi occupation new build projects. 

We've got the answer and these amazing hard wood planters and troughs are also ideal for commercial applications, such as restaurants, pubs, clubs and corporate facilities, and of course, they are ideally suited to the more discerning homeowner with a significant roof garden or landscaping design and budget. 

Bellway Homes communal area with high quality planters

I'm sure you will agree that the new planters on this superb Nash Mills Wharf development at Kings Langley, Hertfordshire create a very sophisticated finished to this uniquely stylish roof garden.

This distinctive soft and hard landscaping was designed, engineered and installed by Southern Counties Landscapes Ltd. from Wokingham, Berkshire. They've been buying planters from our supplier for well over 10 years and have used these quality products on a multitude of projects.

Eddy Snook, Managing Director at SCL said: "The company that supply these bespoke planters work exactly to our site and design requirements, they produce and deliver a great quality product that is budget friendly and enables us to do an excellent job for our customers, whether it's on a large scale construction contract or on a smaller commercial or residential project. There are a lot of companies out there offering similar products, but when it comes to planters suitable for roof garden designs such as The Podium on the Nash Mills development in Kings Langley these are our planters of choice. Why? Simply because they're not over engineered, they are extremely good quality and cost effective enough for us to win the contract." 

Southern Counties Landscapes project at Nash Mills, Kings Langley

So that's roof gardens taken care of, now let's get back down to earth and look at some great reasons to use these great natural wooden products on a lower and potentially more commercial level.

Quality planters, ideal for commercial applications and residential designs

Wooden planters and troughs are often a preferred alternative to more traditional landscaping designs for a number of reasons.

  • They provide a fresh and more sophisticated appearance can be developed as soon as the properties are 'on the market', whereas traditional landscaping can look a tad bleak until it becomes established
  • Natural wooden planters and troughs blend well with the landscape and are easily integrated into communal areas where tenants are likely to congregate and spend leisure time
  • Larger planters offer natural separation between different communal areas, i.e. parking, walkways, gardens and lawn
  • The planter or trough installations create minimal disturbance as the project comes to an end, where as traditional landscaping can involve lots of plant and machinery
  • Well positioned planters and troughs are more easily maintained over the long term and the functioning lawns, paths and parking areas are more easily tended and kept cleanHigh quality planters and troughs for quality new build developments

The best thing about the planters and troughs we provide our customers is that our suppliers can build anything you want and they only use the very best materials.

Hardwood and softwood options from our supplier

Our suppliers handcraft all of their wooden planters with the highest quality hardwood and softwood. But, you may ask, what is the difference between a hardwood and a softwood?

I'll be posting an article about the choice of timbers quite soon. Watch this space.

So bascially, our suppliers can make whatever shape or size planters or troughs you may need: to your specification, to your budget and deliver it on site ready for when you need it. 

You will not find these products on the High Street, they are not cheap and cheerful or made just for the current season. If you want a quality, stylish wooden planters or troughs check out the planter section on our Home page.

The Kensington Planter from Supreme Landscaping Products

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