Lighting makes all the difference to any new or established garden or landscape

Whether you've got a sprawling landscape, a smaller high rise decking or patio area or even a traditional sized back garden, you can make all the difference with some well chosen, well placed lighting.

Regardless of your taste, whether your garden is full of features, statues, ornaments, just a plain decking area or traditional stone patio with some lawn and a few flowerbeds, you can still make it something very special and we can help you. 

We are now working with Lumena Lights Ltd and we've added a whole selection of spot lights, spike lights, up lighters, down lighters, tree lights, step lights, wall lights, lanterns, pathway lights, parking bollards and driveway lights.

Plus, for the more security concious we've got a great selection of 'dusk to dawn' photocell entrance and landscape lights that switch on automatically as the darkness approaches and switch off as the daylight returns. This particular option is very popular with householders who are away from home a lot or who work long hours, as the lights come on automatically and the house looks occupied as the days get shorter and the evenings get longer.

If you need to add those finishing touches to your new landscaping or gardening project or if you want to add a little more style to your existing patio and decking area, we've got the products you need.

When it comes to the type of garden illumination you need, we've got a lot to choose from, here's a selection as a start.

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

Some of our spot lights can be wall mounted as above, they can also be screwed to trees, or using a fixing spike they can be positioned in lawns, flowerborders on in rockery displays.

The 12 volt Director tree light is the perfect quality product for traditional rustic gardens and landscaping designs. This stylish adjustable spot light is equally well suited to buyers with a preference for modern chic and intergrates very well in any number of indoor/outdoor or lifestyle designs. 

The Director Tree Light is manufacturered from traditional copper has a solid brass, a serated clamp joint and fixing mount and works perfectly in a host of applications including trees and features such as on pergolas, fence panels, planters, decking and balustrades.

A lot like it's sister, the Brass Director Tree Light, it can be fixed anywhere in the garden including high on trees, on decking or raised areas of garden wall and the bracket can be removed if required.

This quality copper and brass outdoor spot light can easily be adjusted to shine in various positions at over 180° (vertically).

The tubular body of this Director Tree Light, convex lens and integrated glare shield results in the light shining in a narrow, spot light beam rather than a wider flood beam, ideal to emphasise individual focal points in the garden.

Lumena outdoor lighting from Supreme Landscaping Products

Not all our new lighting products are strictly for residential use, in fact some of our bollards and path or driveway lights are ideally suited to either residential, commercial or even industrial installations. If you have a parking area that needs lighting we can help, plus, some of these bollards are so stylish they'd look great in a bistro, a pub or a restaurant to highlight the al fresco dining area.

Lumena outdoor lighting from Supreme Landscaping Products

Solid brass may look a little nautical for your taste and if that's the case we do have some other options available. If you're looking for a more country style and you prefer wood, how about the Radiata pine sleeper bollar? Pine Wooden Sleeper Bollard for the country driveway

So there we are, a very small selection of our great new range of garden and outdoor lighting options, spot lights, yes, but so much more too, right?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and remember we'll have even more lights added over the next week or two.

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