Free delivery on some of our best selling products

As you may or may not know, we've been exceptionally busy just lately adding new products to our landscaping range.

Last week we added even more outdoor lighting products, including some great security lights that provide a 'dusk to dawn' feature which is ideal as the nights and mornings get darker and darker.

The response to these new products has been very positive and we wondered if that's because some of them are delivered free of charge?

We think that free delivery definitely helps people make the right decision when it comes to buying online and based on that good feeling and as a gesture of goodwill to our DIY customers, our landscapers and our builders for their continued loyalty this year, we've decided to offer some of our best selling products with free delivery as we head towards the end of 2017.

First and foremost, EasyJoint is still our best selling product and based on that, Easy Joint pallet deliveries are now free, so if you need 20 or more tubs, here's a great opportunity for you. 

Free pallet delivery for EASY Joint online from Supreme Landscaping Products

OK, not everyone needs 20 tubs of Easy Joint for their patio at home, that would cover about 160 square metres and not everyone has such a large patio, but remember Easy Joint does keep, if you add a couple of inches of water even an open tub will keep. A closed tub will keep indefinitely as long as the plastic bag is kept in tact.

So if you are a builder or a landscaper why not avail of these great discounts and free delivery? Keep a few tubs of EASY Joint in your garage or your shed and make life easier and improve your margins.

Our listings are for 20 and 40 tubs of any of the EASY joint colours and they can be delivered on a pallet and normally arrive within 2-3 working days. For just a little extra, if you call us before 10.30 am in the morning, we can arrange next day delivery for a modest extra charge. 

You are not committed to ordering just 20 or 40 tubs, we can show flexibility, so if you need 22 tubs that's fine, as is an order of 50 tubs. So if you don't want to store tubs of Easy Joint in your garage but you want to order more specific amounts to suit your landscaping needs, please call and we'll give you a quote.

Remember on average, a tub of Easy Joint will cover around 6-8 square metres.

What else is being delivered for fee now?

Here's a hint:

Easy Grid so easy to install as a shed base or for a paddock

Yes, great guess, it is that time of year again and horse and pony owners and of course,  equestrian centres are probably more likely to buy EASY Grid the great paddock or turn out area solution, now we can offer green and white as well the original black.

Free delivery on some of our best selling products

The video clip above explains just how strong the product is and how simple EASY Grid is to install and now the prices are better than ever, what's stopping you from ordering? Plus, Easygrid is the ideal product for car parking areas, driveways, pathways, shed and outbuilding bases. 

Let me remind you of the products that started this idea, our new outdoor lights and bollards.

Lighting makes all the difference to any new or established garden or landscape 

These elegant pine sleeper bollards certainly make a unique statement whether installed in a residential or commercial property and are equally well suited to an ultra modern or a more rustic or traditional setting.

Perfect for the driveway to a hotel, a pub, club or even a golf club.

Manufactured using solid Radiata Pine South African timbers renowned for their low split properties and no feathering.

These stylish Natural Pine bollards are fully sanded to give a smooth top quality finish and pressure treated with Tanalith E preservative in accordance with BS8417 to meet Use Class 4.

The Radiata is designed so that 300mm - 400mm of the wooden bollard can be securely mounted in-ground.

The light is emitted from a solid brass 'bricklight' in a charming rustic bronze finish.

All that and free delivery, what more could you ask for?

Gods Head statue

OK, so you're looking for something special and distinctive for your garden or your landscaping project, we've got the new God's Head or Zeus quality stone feature above. It's great isn't it? 

We've got lots of new garden statues and garden ornaments, CLICK this link to take a look at what's new. 

So there you are, our great end of year offers for old and new customers alike.

Please share this great news about our products and the free delivery we are now offering, it's very easy, just use the Sumo social media buttons.