Outdoor lighting from Supreme Landscaping Products

Photograph from our customer Burnham Landscapes

Supreme Landscaping Products continues as one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors to look at providing growth within our comprehensive range of quality gardening, landscaping and outdoor lifestyle products.

In our continued search for the best possible landscaping products for our online customers across the UK which include DIY enthusiasts, landscape designers, landscapers, builders and developers, we got our team together and questioned what additional products we needed as a priority to provide a more complete range.

We have done well over recent months adding a huge selection of top quality planters, a great selection of sheds, garden offices and outbuildings and some new top selling products from other suppliers, but we don't tend to rest on our laurels.

The conversation developed and among the top choices of products came outdoor lighting.

Fortunately, we recently met with Lumena Lights Ltd. at Glee exhibition and we were very impressed with the high quality of their products, their traditional and digital business model and their professional approach to customer service.

Based on that successful meeting, we can now announce that we will soon be offering a full range of Lumena's lighting products online; these will include, traditional and modern lanterns and pedestal lightsbrass and copper feature lighting, commercial and residential bollard and path way lights including photocell lighting, security lights, flood lights and a whole lot more.

Here's a sample of what's on offer:

Director's lights from Supreme Landscaping Products

Now that's the kind of light that can add a little ambience, isn't it?

These quality directors spotlights are to be listed on our website very soon and there's lots more to choose from, including a range of slat lights, eye lights and spike lights.

You might ask why we decided on lighting rather than any of the other multitude of landscaping, building and DIY products that would fit well with the demands of our online customer base? 

The answer is fairly simple: Not only does good lighting provide the perfect finishing touch to any good landscaping design project, as highlighted above, but Lumena Lights Ltd. provide an excellent and very comprehensive range of products.

So we can now offer the entire landscaping product range, yes that's right, from the initial design basics such as paving slabspaving compounds and sealers, to decorative stone and rockspaving grid, garden furniture and ornamentswater featurespatio and decking planters, garden sheds and outbuildings and now, garden lights and outdoor lighting solutions including bollards and path lights. 

Our experience over the years has shown us that good quality, well planned and well placed lighting, can turn a good landscaping or gardening project into something very special. Quality lighting for your outdoor experience from Supreme Landscaping Products

Looking at the superb photograph above it's clear to see that good lighting can make such a difference.

Let's consider what we can achieve with good lighting:

Paths and pathways: A well-lit path or pathway whether it's at the front or the rear of a property always create a welcoming feature, not only does it provide illumination that extends hospitality to guests and but it also makes walking more secure. Downlights are often a good choice and will prevent glare and of course, individually lit pavers can also be used to create a suitable result.

Driveways and parking areas: Whether you have a long or more modest driveway a low-voltage lighting option is often a good choice. If you are fortunate enough to have a long driveway various feature lights or even secluded light amongst the landscape could be a good choice.

Property entries and exits: Whether you are a traditionalist or in favor of a little modern chic well place lights either to each side of a door or overhead at front or back entry doors can create an ideal scenario and at the same time provide added security

Decking, patios and pool side lighting: The best possible illumination on decking or patios is essential as these areas tend to attract the most footfall and areas such as BBQ's s and seating areas call out for very specific lighting. 

Spike lights for your garden from Supreme Landscaping Products

Gazebos and pergolas: Well placed, stylised lighting is a great way to highlight an interesting aspect in the outdoor landscape. This idea works well with gazebos, pergolas and of course, spot lights work so very well with trees and bushes.

Architectural features: Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight any number of features from a statue, to a water feature, to a simple wall or even just a flower garden. Choosing the correct style of lighting can make so much difference to any landscaping design and that's why we will soon be offering such a broad selection.

As a company we're very pleased with our continued growth and whatever you needs may be, whether it's for a major landscaping project or merely a security up date at home, feel free to order online right now or call us for more information. 

Please remember that we strongly recommend all electrical installations are carried out by a registered electrical professional.

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