Landscapers blogging and marketing

It doesn't matter what business you are in, if people don't know about your products or services they won't buy from you. That's right, first off, we're going to look at advertising.

Who builds a shop in the middle of nowhere or puts a website online without telling Google?

American marketing pioneer John Wanamaker was a very successful merchant, he opened one of the first and most successful department stores in the United States, which eventually became part of Macy’s.

Apparently John coined the phrase “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”.

Do you spend too much on advertising? Do you even know what part of your advertising spend is the most effective? 

It seems to me that landscapers, builders, property developers, landscape designers and many other businesses are missing a major trick and that's blogging about the great work they do. 

Blogging instead of advertising, or at least blogging and spending a lot less on advertising has got to be the preferred approach. 

But don't panic! It's not as difficult as you might think and the long term benefits are enormous.

Blogging for landscapers and builders

When discussing blogging and advertising I always look back at a marketing meeting I had with one of the directors of a very large local construction company back in 2010. I was looking to enlighten him and his very established company on the benefits of social media, blogs and blogging.

Prior to our lengthy conversation, I complimented him on the latest copy of his company magazine; it was very, very good. Top quality print and design, great photos and interesting, well written copy, what more could you want?

The director proudly informed me that the magazine had been published for many years, the distribution was high, it went out twice a year, covered the whole of the UK construction sector and beyond and cost in excess of £100,000.

I was amazed at the cost, it was very good, but £100K??

"How many people read it?" I asked the director casually.

The director smiled at me awkwardly, but he couldn't answer me because he didn't know. He knew how many he printed and posted, but he had no idea how many people read the magazines. 

You can do a lot of blogging for £100K.

So, here's some information about blogging and why landscapers, builders, garden designers and other similar businesses should embrace it and save lots of money. 

Landscaping blog photo from Mylandscpes

I'm sure you'll agree that the roof terrace photograph featured above is very good. It wasn't taken by a professional photographers charging £200-£300 per day but by Amir, garden designer and MD of Mylandscapes in North London. 

To me, to be a successful landscaper you simply must have an artistic temperament and what could be more fun than taking photographs of your own completed garden or roof top landscaping designs?

I 'met' Amir online whilst researching why there aren't many quality landcaping blogs to be found here in the UK. 

I had approached a few landscaping companies that particular day and Amir was the only one willing to communicate with me about landscapers, landscape design and blogging. 

We actually agreed on quite a few subjects, including the obvious benefits of blogging. Amir's blog is exceptionally good, as is his standard of landscaping design work across London. If you check out the Mylandcapes website and blog, you'll see that Amir's work is exceptional and that his project designs deserve to be celebrated on a blog.  

Landscapers blogging and marketing

My intention was to write a blog post entitled 'Landscaping across the roof tops of London' but I considered it more important to help other landscapers. It's easy to see by the sheer amount of quality projects that Amir has completed that he's doing OK. Sure, he's got his niche market around Muswell Hill, Chelsea and the other more affluent parts of the city but what about all the other landscapers across the rest of the UK? Why can't they emulate his blogging talents?

Blogging for landscapers and builders

Coming from a construction background (unlike a lot of marketing people) I do know what a hard day's work on site is like, and Amir and I agreed that after a hard day's landscaping that marketing is not always top of list of things for landscapers to do. However, if you are simply adding quality photographs of completed roof top garden designs to your blog and adding a few bits of copy, it's not exactly hard graft. 

Plus, and most importantly, by blogging you are building your brand and providing prospective customers with an excellent point of reference that's there forever and growing. I don't know, but I'm a fair judge and I would say that lots of people in and around the city of London looking for quality landscaping or garden design on their roof top or on their terrace are very impressed with the photographic evidence of Amir's talents. You can be sure lots go on to become customers.Mylandscapes website and blog

So, landscapers, builders, garden designers, property developers look at what can be done. Imagine if that director I met back in 2010 had been brave enough to embrace blogging, imagine what he would have now, 7 years of photographic evidence of completed projects published on his company blog. Plus, of course, potentially tons of traffic to his static website and a great Google ranking. 

He would have a great point of reference for prospective customers too and a place for his staff to celebrate their individual successes, instead he's probably spent over £700,000 (things never get cheaper, right?) and all he's got are some faded quality magazines.

If this post inspired you and you'd like to prove that you're as talented as Amir, get working. I won't tell you how to blog or how to get started, there are many variations ranging from Wordpress to Tumblr and lots more beyond. Just Google blogging and see how you get on, it might be tough after a hard day's work but it'll be well worth the effort.

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