Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

Without a doubt, we are one of the fastest growing online landscaping products distributors online and we're very proud of the fact that we've made the builders merchants accessible to the general public.

We treat the DIY enthusiast, the same way we treat our long term landscaper, garden designer and builder or construction customers; same great prices, the same great service and super fast delivery.

We started life just a few years ago selling safety boots, Hi Viz jackets, goggles, gloves and a few paving sealers and cleaners, as well as a product we felt was bound to take off. 

That product was Easy Joint from Azpects.

Things have changed dramatically over the years, we now sell statues, water fountains and sculptures, high quality wooden planters as used by the royal family, sheds, outbuildings, playhouses and summerhouses, paving slabs in all shapes and sizes, decorative stone and gravel, rockery boulders and rocks, designer 'stone' globe lights, Easy grid the shed base and paddock solution, natural stone sealers and cleaners and so much more.

Despite this amazing growth, our best selling product is still Easy Joint, so it looks like our judgement was pretty good.

The word is out about Easy Joint now and we're not the only stockists online, but there are some very good reasons to be buying from us rather than our competitors.

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

We probably know more about this product than any other distributor in the UK because we've been selling it for years and helping our customers get their paving and patio projects perfect.

Knowing how much Easy Joint to use isn't always easy, but we can help you, either give us a quick call or simply send us an email. We've got the answers that other companies don't have, it's all about having experience, knowing your products and having the answers ready for your customers.

Laying the right base for your paving is very important when using Easy Joint, as it is with any type of jointing compound or mortar and we've probably advised 1,000's of cusomers on this issue.

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

Do you need to seal your paving or slabs before you use Easy Joint or after? That's another great question and you must get it right. Don't spend a fortune on a lovely new patio or paving area and then have a guest at the BBQ ruin it by dropping a bottle of red wine or a bottle of tomato ketchup all over it. Use a quality sealer and if you're really not sure which one to use? Ask us. That's what customer service is all about, right? 

We offer the entire range of Azpects natural stone cleaners and sealers, so if you need advice, it's us you need to talk to. Not all Easy Joint stockists carry the complete Azpects range, so buying from Supreme Landcaping Products is about far more than just about them not having much knowledge or experience with the pre-mixed jointing compound itself.)

What is Easy Joint made out of and how come it provides such a consistent hard finish when used properly? Of course, we've got the answers and we've even written blog posts sharing our expertise.


Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

We've celebrated our customers talents over the years with blog posts highlighting their skilfull use of Easy Joint. 

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

We've even celebrated with a 'landscaper of the year competition', that was a resounding success and involved a host landscapers and builders from right across the UK, Easy Joint users loving the free advertising.

So if you've only just heard about Easy Joint and you've got a few questions, we can help.

If you want fast delivery, whether it's a single tub of Stone Grey or a pallet of Mushroom, we can help.

Why has Easy Joint become so popular?

Check this out....


So that's how to use EASY joint and it does look easy doesn't it?

One of our customers called in for some advice and I recommended that he watched the video above; he watched it, loved it and ordered the very next day.

He was such a great customer I wrote a blog post about him entitled:  87 year old Ray chooses to use Easy Joint for his landscaping project.

So Easy Joint is as easy to use as it looks, but what do professional landscapers and builders have to say about this popular new paving or jointing compound?

Watch this video from Azpects...

What a great video!

It looks like the professionals as well as the DIY enthusiasts are embracing this product for a number of reasons.

If you want to know more about Easy Joint read some of our blog posts or go to the Paving Products section on our website and click on Paving Jopint Compounds, we've covered it all over the years and if there's anything else you want to know call us.

We are an online company but we love to talk to our customers, old and new, whether you want to buy just 1 or 2 tubs or you want to buy a whole pallet and get it delivered quick, we're always here to help.

Don't forget, the Azpects Easy Joint mantra is 'The Wetter the Better!' so you can still use this products right through the year.

In fact, up to 3 degrees and rising and you'll still be OK!

Yes, that's me last Christmas, time flies, right? 

Call us or order online today, and while you're taking a look check out all the other products we've got on offer.

We've got lots more new landscaping and garden products on the way, so keep an eye this blog.

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