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Trade Accounts ... Now Available!

Friday, 8 March 2019 11:28:23 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products ...

... are pleased to announce that we have now introduced our Trade Accounts!

 In order to continue providing a great service, we are offering an exclusive discount on all qualifying products. This will enable us to continue to deliver our extensive range of products and innovations, all at the best possible prices.


We dispatch many items in bulk, as well as continuing to send those much needed 'last minute' necessities. With very swift delivery nationwide, attention to detail, and a keen interest in the Landscaping industry, we can help to support and grow your business. You never know when you might be missing that crucial missing piece of the jigsaw for a job!

If you are interested in saving both time and money, or have any queries regarding our product range, then why not contact a member of the team (, 01440 786932) to find out more?



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ROAD REPAIR (& so much more!)

Friday, 22 February 2019 15:22:35 Europe/London


Azpects EASY4Cracks, incorporating Dseal technology, is a successful professional grade hot Asphalt/rubber base fill material now available for homeowner applications. This is ideal for repairing cracks in driveways, seams between the driveway & garage floor, the driveway and pavement as well as cracks in paths, concrete and wood. It is also great for repairs  to bitumen flat roofs and sealing drains. These can now be fixed at a fraction of the cost of a professional repair.                       

                             Heating handsfreeCake refillHeat application 

 This revolutionary new product, is a commercial grade high quality, low cost, easy to use, safe alternative to some costly contractor applications. The heat applied liquefied filler is far superior to a cold fill process, the bonding ability is better, and it expands and contracts with temperature changes without cracking, keeping water and other weather elements out. This further helps to preventing further damage to property – therefore saving money!

                    Ready to use  Put to good useTin on Roof          

When applied properly EASY4Cracks will double the life of the damaged area, be it a joint in a driveway/pavement, or a crack in a flat roof. Cold patch repairs generally only last up to a year whereas EASY4Cracks, with its hot liquefied application, will last up to 6 years! It is temperature resistant; does not become sticky when exposed to high temperatures and will not crack in cold temperatures. Whilst it may soften in warmer weather this does not compromise the seal.

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Friday, 15 February 2019 16:22:25 Europe/London

Supreme Landscaping Products


landscaped garden

Supreme Landscaping Products are pleased to announce that we will soon be introducing our Trade Accounts. With better weather fast approaching, this could be the time to consider setting one up.

If you are interested in opening an account, please give us a call on 01440 786932 so we take your details. We can then keep you fully updated with all of the benefits and conditions.

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Windy Weather

Friday, 8 February 2019 11:27:30 Europe/London

Not ready to venture into the garden but enjoy looking out at it?  We know it's lovely to be able to admire your garden but at this time of year it can be wet and windy.  Why not make the most of those breezy days by adding instant interest with very little work with these bright and eye catching wind sculptures or treat a friend or family member to a present?

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Whatever the weather!

Friday, 1 February 2019 15:08:32 Europe/London

 Galleon     Fairy     Man & Dog

With some truly unique designs, these eye-catching weathervanes could help you establish the conditions in true style..!

Alsatian     Owl     Pheasant

There are a number of unique and unusual designs, from a fairy to a witch, do you know somebody with a passion?

Horse     Witch     Fish

Check out our Outdoor Living department for more inspiration, and to see if your 'favourite' appears on top of the world!


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Friday, 25 January 2019 14:52:21 Europe/London


With the dropping temperatures and variable weather conditions throughout January, you would be forgiven for overlooking the fact that Spring is around the corner. At the spring equinox, days and nights are approximately twelve hours long - increases to daylight and decreases to night length as the season progresses.

     Bluebird Robin Baby hedgehog Owl in tree

The birds of Britain are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem, and also amongst those that can suffer the harshest conditions during periods of adverse weather. There are, however, many incredibly helpful things that we all can do, with fairly minimal effort. Obviously, just like ourselves, housing and sustenance are the two main areas of concern. There are a huge variety of options for nesting boxes and feeders around. It is always worth checking the purpose of each, as slight variations (even the size of the holes) can attract different species.

green & white nesting Blue double nesting owl ceramic nesting feeder beach hut nesting

 police box feeder robin in house Mini dove cottage Bird mansion!

More information, and some further opportunities for those looking to go the ‘extra mile’ can be found through many sources, both online and in your community. One good source could be the RSPB website, which can be found here There is a huge range of potential activities and surveys to get involved in.

You never know, it could even put a spring in your step..!

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New 2019

Thursday, 10 January 2019 09:51:11 Europe/London

With a new year, it's always an exciting time to look forward to the spring and summer, spending time outside with family and friends.  Why not look through our exciting selection of new products for 2019. There's lots to see from modern and traditional garden furniture to the unique cool bar with lights!

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Merry Christmas!!

Friday, 21 December 2018 12:37:03 Europe/London

 Merry xmas '18

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Perfect for Christmas festivities and outdoor entertaining!

Friday, 30 November 2018 15:39:53 Europe/London


A handpicked selection from our varied range of contemporary and elegant firebowls, firepits and outdoor heaters is currently on offer. Could you be relaxed, warm and cosy by extending your Christmas celebrations to the garden?

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Nearly Black Friday Sale!

Thursday, 22 November 2018 14:04:45 Europe/London

Look out for our exciting Black Friday sale starting from 10am tomorrow until Monday - significant reductions from products such as EASYJoint to many fantastic garden items! We have incredible reductions across the board - see our dedicated sale page to ensure you don't miss out. Visit our websit.

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Christmas is coming!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 11:28:03 Europe/London

We are pleased to introduce a selection of Christmas trees and accessories to our evergrowing range of products.  These are for a limited time only so don't miss out - start your Christmas shopping now!

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Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Keeping warm and being able to eat outside here in the UK is a big subject, hence the big photograph of the Muztag outdoor gas fire heater.

We all know that families are getting bigger, because the kids don't move out as quick as they used to, and that getting everyone around the table for a big family meal can be a struggle, so eating outside on the decking or on the patio is a great idea.

But it's cold, right?

OK, the evenings are getting brighter, the days are getting longer but it's still a bit nippy, isn't it?

Our customers are busy buying paving, paving compound, patio cleaners, new garden furniture, outdoor lights and lots of other stuff in anticipation for the forthcoming spring, but it's still a bit cold.

Whether you're a homeowner, a pub, a bistro or a restaurant owner, you'll still need an outdoor heating solution for another month or two and there's a pretty good chance you'll need them again in September.

Now we're working with Muztag, we've got lots to offer and we can solve that problem for you. 

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We want to get into the garden again, when does spring start?

Friday, 2 February 2018 12:00:56 Europe/London

When does Spring start?

"We want to get into the garden again, when does spring start this year?"

Oh yes, the word is out, spring is on the way and wasn't it great to wave goodbye to January? 

Many businesses are driven by the seasons and of course, we are no exception.

Spring is when people venture outside again and consider their garden and all things related to their garden. It's when they start to get enthusiastic about their outdoor lifestyle and the forthcoming summer months.

As we all know, the weather's not always kind to us here in the UK, but nevertheless we love our gardens and the statistics are there to prove it.

Last year in the UK we spent well over £34,000,000,000 on Home and Garden products, that's up around £5,000,000,000 since 2012.

As we stated in our recent blog post, the trend is definitely growing and it all starts in the spring and that's very, very soon.

The big question is, are you ready?

If you want to know exactly when it's all likely to start and why, and what we've been up to and how you can get prepared with just a little help from us, we've got some very interesting information for you.

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Video marketing 2018.

Marketing has changed dramatically over recent years and I know people have been saying this for almost a decade, but video is (still) fast becoming one of the main ways to capture your audience's attention.

Apparently, YouTube is such a popular channel now, that more than 400 hours of video are being uploaded every single minute of the day, that's incredible, right? And amazingly, a billion hours of video are watched on a daily basis. It doesn't really matter what business you are in, just consider the potential audience, why wouldn't you want to be there?

Here at Supreme Landscaping Products we fully appreciate that Google now owns YouTube and naturally, Google likes marketing people and bloggers that embed videos from YouTube.

And why wouldn't they?

Of course, Google's going to promote it's own products and services from whatever source it can find, that simply makes good business sense.

Luckily for us, our new business partner Zest4Leisure, who supply us with an excellent range of quality wooden garden products, have lots of professionally made garden product videos for us to use in our marketing campaigns.

We didn't have to implement the videos from Zest in our marketing, we didn't have to add them to all the listed garden furniture products we could, but we know that despite the time and effort it took, that it was well worth it. (We've made some Zest GIFs too that work well on Twitter!)

But why are product videos so good? Why do 76% of users say they would share a branded video with friends and family? 

Check this out.

Hollywood Garden Swing from Supreme Landscaping Products

OK, above there's a professional garden product photograph for you. It's a very good photographic representation of the Hollywood Swing and Canopy supplied to us by Zest, clearly it's a quality piece of wooden garden furniture.


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Quality pressure treated wooden garden furniture from Supreme Landscaping Products

If you are currently sitting at home without electricity and you are looking out the window at the snow and the ice, you are probably looking forward to the summer just as much as we are.

This winter hasn't been too bad if we look back over recent months, but we're all yearning for bright sunny mornings and long summer evenings, it's something we tend to do pretty much every year, isn't it?

So what are we going to do to make the summer better and more enjoyable? How are we going to maximise the pleasure we can get during the warmer weather?

Eat al fresco maybe? We know that eating outside's a growing trend and it's not just the children that love it.

Perhaps we want to entertain family and friends more than we did last summer? We could easily set up a BBQ, open a few beers and some wine and get things cooking? Why not, it's cheaper and more fun that dining in a restaurant, right?

Or possibly we'll just relax quietly in the sun and catch up on those novels we want to read whilst enjoying a glass of wine?

Sounds good doesn't it?

Once the garden's tidied up a bit and the flowers are out, and of course, the sun's out too, the summer will slowly begin. It won't be long, I promise.

But what will you need to make it something really special this year? 

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UK’s Home Improvement and DIY sector ready to boom

Thursday, 4 January 2018 12:14:15 Europe/London

Home Improvement & DIY growth in the UK Housing Market

Why the UK’s Home Improvement and DIY sector are ready to boom in 2018

Historically, whether we own or whether we’re looking to own a house or a flat, many of us keep a close eye on property prices here in the UK.

The UK property market showed some mixed results in 2017, we saw prices go down in parts of London and parts of the South East, while other areas such as Cheltenham in Gloucestershire saw significant increases. Along the south coast in both Brighton and Bournemouth we saw prices rise almost 1% per month throughout the year, that’s up around 11% over the period. This increase is phenomenal, particularly if you look at the interest rates the banks are offering on savings accounts; small wonder people are still investing in property given those kinds of gains and the growing demand for rental accommodation.

To find out more about why the DIY and Home Improvement sectors are ready to boom, read on...

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Easyjoint wins again

Happy Christmas!

As we all head very quickly to the end of 2017, it seems like a good time to address the year gone by and consider some of the highlights.

I'm sure you'll all agree that it's hard to argue with numbers and without a doubt, once again, our best selling product in 2017 has been Azpects EASYJoint! 

What an amazing product EASYJoint continues to be and as before, out of the 5 different colours of this sweep in paving compound, it's stone grey that comes out on top again!

EASYJoint, 5 colour variations fro AzpectsWe've added lots of new products this year and we've also been researching the DIY and landscaping market for even more new products for 2018. It's been a lot of work and we're very excited about next year and the fact that we're now able to offer such a diversified selection of products.

A lot of time was saved by visting the Glee Exhibition in Birmingham and The Landscape Show in Battersea. We met some great people from some excellent companies and at the same time we found some superb products! 

However, EASYJoint retains it's prime position!

Why is this ready to use, sweep in paving compound proving to be such a great seller, not just to landscapers and builders but to DIY landscaping and gardening public?

Has it really transformed the way people finish their paving and patio projects? We think it has...

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Christmas gifts for gardeners from Supreme Landscaping Products

What would the gardener in your life want for Christmas?  

That's a pretty tough question, isn't it?

We know that Christmas can be a trying time of year for people looking for something really exceptional. Especially for those that have been with a friend or partner for a long time and  know for sure that there's not much that they really need.

Here's some original Christmas present ideas that we think you're bound to like.

We have been quite adventurous, we know that gardeners always expect the obvious things like new garden tools and accessories, the latest gardening book (Hi Monty Don), new wellies or a designer trug or garden basket and based on that, we've taken the whole Christmas present process a step further.

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Back to Black Limestone solution

Yes, it's Black Friday again!

This year we're celebrating with some of our more relevant products, including the super popular new Back to Black from Azpects.

Basically, it revives even the saddest of Limestone.

The results from the product are pretty amazing! 

Revived Limestone using Back to Black

Our customers love this product and if you've got a dull or sad looking Limestone patio or path, this is what you need to solve your problems.

It's a product that's not available across all the Azpects stockists but we've got plenty of it and at Black Friday prices!

To find out more just CLICK here! 

But on the subject of Black Friday, we've got more, lots more...

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Supreme Landscaping Products at the Landscape Show Battersea 2017

If you read our recent article 'How we find new Landscaping Products' you'll be very aware that we attended the Landscape Show in Battersea, London, at the end of September.

It was a superb show and we found lots of excellent new products for our online customers, some of which we are selling already! Check out the outdoor lifestyle and landscaping lighting solutions, there's so much variety for you, whether you're a landscape designer, a landscaper, a developer or just a lover of all things garden.

That was pretty quick work wasn't it? 

But why are we focusing on a landscaping products and outdoor lifestyle exhibition that finished around a month ago?

Why? Simple.

Not only is the exhibition very high profile and probably one of the best in the UK, but it was kind enough to highlight a visit from pop idol Sir Bob Geldof (who I spoke to at the exhibition) and also a quote from Supreme Landscaping Products.

We're so flattered and this seemed a good way to say thanks very much to the Landscape Show people and see you next year for sure!

Sir Bob Geldof at the Landscape Show 

To us the most exciting part of the day was meeting so many quality companies who had such great products for us to sell.

Want to see what we're selling already and what else will be available online soon? (And check out our quote that the Landscape Show people published?)

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