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Selling a wide range of landscaping products across the UK to customers via our website is a fairly straightforward process. I wouldn't say it was easy, because we're probably the fastest growing online landscaping products distributor in the UK, but the actual process is straightforward.

People visit our website, they check out our products, maybe read an article or two on our blog and get a good understanding of just how pleased our customers are with our products and our service. They then proceed to order and we deliver the products the next day. (pallets take a little longer but not much)

It all sounds very easy and it really is.

OK, the Supreme Landscaping Products range has grown a lot since we started back in 2015 but our website is still very easy to navigate, our telephone number is very prominent, plus, in addition to that, we say 'for advice on any of our products call 01440 786932'. So to me, we've pretty much covered all the bases.

The products we offer, whether it's a Border Stoneware statue of Mars or Marte (almost 5 foot tall), an Iroko Blok Hardwood Planter or a 12.5 Kg tub of Stone Grey Easy Joint, all have full descriptions and therefore the purchasing process should be relatively simple.

My customer Ray Odey, who is 87 years old and featured in a recent blog article here, managed to order his Easy Joint online and arrange for delivery the following day without any hassle whatsoever.

However, not everyone does their homework and when it comes to landscaping projects, whether you are buying something as simple as 5 litres of Sandstone Sealer Enhancer, or something more significant like a 245 Kg Japanese style Border Stoneware patio set or a couple of tonnes of Red Sandstone for your new rockery, you need to consider a few things before you actually make the purchase.

Here's some tips to make the delivery process as simple and cost effective as possible, whatever landscaping product you are buying.

A couple of key points, especially this time of year are:

  • Don't go on holiday the day before delivery
  • Include your correct name, not the name of a friend or family member
  • Provide us with the correct address, including the correct post code
  • Include a telephone number that works and that's written down correctly, no digits missing and no extra digits
  • Provide us with details if the smaller products can be left with a neighbour or in your porch
  • Order the right product, making particular note of simple things like size, colour and quantity

Here's some tips to make the ordering process as simple and cost effective as possible, whatever landscaping product or products you are buying. 

Let's start with our best selling product Azpects Easy Joint.EASY Joint really is easy...

Here's a tip, 12.5 Kg of Easy Joint will cover roughly 6-7 square metres of paving. This is a rough guide.

When ordering, please read our full EASY Joint description as it can be difficult sometimes to get landscapers or builders to come back and finish the job because you ordered 2 tubs less than you actually needed.

Go to the Azpects website and check their calculator, it couldn't be easier, just remember that your paving slabs are in MM and the Azpects calculator is in CM's.

Plus, make sure you follow all the other instructions too, get the base mix right for the very best results, don't make the mix too strong.Azpects Easy Joint calculator

With EasyJoint, like any other landscaping product, you must remember to read the instructions carefully. It wasn't that long ago I had a builder call and complain that the EasyJoint he'd bought online from us was running down the gable end of house he'd been working on and the customer had just returned from the shops.

Easy Joint is a paving joint compound, it is also known also as paving mortar and paving grout. It's NOT made for walls. The word paving suggests that, right?

Here's some tips for larger deliveries: including Border Stoneware statues, sculptures and garden furniture, decorative stone in bulk bags and rockery rocks and boulders by pallet.

 Border Stoneware Statues, Garden Ornaments and Furniture

We must have a telephone number for these large deliveries, a tonne of green granite rock or a 350 Kg water fountain is not like delivering a DVD or a pair of sandals, we need you or someone at home or on site to communicate with. We won't be able to get this delivery through the letter box and we won't leave it on the door step. However, we might leave it on your drive subject to your address and gaining your consent.

Rockery rock, boulders and decorative stone delivered to your door or on site

When ordering 'Stone' Globe Lights, please ensure that you order your 'ground spikes' if you want your 'Stone' Globe Lights installed on your lawn.

If you plan to install them on your patio or around your swimming pool, you will not need the ground spikes, but on lawns, in flower beds and in similar 'soft' landscape designs, you most certainly will.'Stone' Globe Lights for driveways, patios and around swimming pools

Making the 100% right choice for your wooden planters or plant troughs is not always easy because we have such an extensive range to choose from, plus, we provide bespoke options for corporate and commercial installations such as restaurants, bistros and pubs. Call us if you need advice and we can either explain everything in fine detail or arrange for one of the design team to talk you through your requirements so you get exactly what what you need for your home or your business.

Planters and Troughs online from Supreme Landscaping Products

When ordering products like stone sealers and cleaners, it is essential you follow the instructions for use. Not all products are the same, call us before you purchase if you are not 100% certain. 

Sandstone sealer and enhancer from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Sealing patios and paths: we strongly advise sealing new stone before it is installed, especially with granite and limestone. If you are not sure call us. 

Some natural stone sealers work better than others on certain types of stone, if you are not sure call us and speak to us, we have the experience and we can help. If our technical guys can't help they'll speak to our suppliers.

We welcome photographs if you've got newly laid stone and you've got issues with it, we'll happily take a look for you and advise accordingly.

Do NOT chuck brick acid on your nice new sandstone or your new granite patio, speak to us first!

That's our advice to all our online landscaping product buyers; check exactly what you need and if you're unsure just call us, we love helping our customers.

Always provide us with as much accurate information with regard to your order, we can normally get orders out next day but sometimes it can cost a little more subject to where you are, what you order is and what day it is.

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