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A lot of landscapers and builders are visiting our website regularly now to read our blog posts which in turn of course, increases our online website sales.

Why? Simple. 

The hard landscaping products we offer are all here and why wouldn't you take a quick look whilst reading the latest blog post? New products are being introduced all the time and that's why people keeping coming back to see what we're offering.

It's during this process that landscapers and builders are beginning to appreciate that social media marketing (SMM) and blogging offer huge value and don't really take as much time as they imagine.

The bottom line is that practially everyone searches on Google (or Bing) nowadays for whatever they need, not just games and toys, books and DVD's but also landscaping and construction products. Yellow Pages are so 1980's and 1/2 page glossy magazine adverts are expensive and just don't work, even in the most prestigous landscaping, construction and building magazines.

Social media marketing and blogging are the answer and they're easy... 

Where will I find the time? landscapers ask me. Where do I get the content?

Again, simple.

LinkedIn for Landscapers and Builders


The best place to blog is on your website if you've got one, because people will definitely come to read your posts if you distribute them well via social media. I recommend you start with platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, nothing too difficult or time consuming. As a guide for you, a post of ours very recently published has been receiving about 50 visits per day, that's great news in so many ways and that's just one of our posts. How many visits does your 'static' website get?  

People will see your landscaping tips (offer some value for free, it makes sense and people love it) and they'll also see the projects you complete and if you're good, you are bound to win some business. If you haven't got a website and maybe you only use Facebook, a good place to start getting your company noticed is LinkedIn. I've connected with lots of landscapers, landscaping architects and construction people recently and I've noticed how few publish articles.

Use the posts you put on Facebook, just add more photographs and some discriptive copy, you don't have to be a literary genius. (always use a spell checker!) 

Check out my LinkedIn posts, see how varied you can be, but get yourself and your brand noticed and you'll win more contracts. It's so easy. But DO NOT just always write about what you do, offer advice, offer tips, offer the voice of experience, people will love you for it.

EASYJoint a quality finish


Keep your blog posts original and always offer value (I'm doing it here, right?) people will keep coming back for more.

How much time do you need? This post will probably take an hour and a half and it'll go out to 1,000's of people and be read and read again and again. That's the joy of social media.


Content Marketing

You'll read a lot about Content Marketing and blogging if you take an interest in promoting your company and the good things that you do, but it's nothing new and it's not a science.

Keep your content interesting, be original, provide value and distribute, distribute, distribute. Share the good stuff! Get your company out there.

To prove that simply being in the right place at the right time can get your company noticed and provide both value and credibility through communication, please read the Crowdspring article below, I was delighted to rub shoulders with the likes of the world's number 1 digital marketer Sam Hurley, Tony Wood, Daniel Knowlton, Loz Jeames and Nigel Temple. Crowdspring may help you too if you're a landscaper needing some creative help and your budget allows? (I'm not affilliated to them in any way but they seem to offer lots of services that might be helpful.)


Communication adds values

So, it's 2017 and you want more business this year, so what do you do?

If you carry on the same as last year, you'll probably see the same results. Relying on word of mouth is nice and traditional, but if you still get down time and you need to win more contracts to grow as a company it's time to take a fresh approach.

This article has taken me about an hour and a half and has covered a lot of ground, (no pun intended guys) and I know contruction and landscaping people don't always find the time to promote their companies but they should. Be proud of what your company does and don't leave your future in the hands of some magazine sales person with targets to meet because they really won't care about your long term success.



The comment above says it all, "All communication adds value" and the more your communicate about your landscaping or building projects and the more people see what great work you do, the more contracts you will win. It works the same as advertising, right? It might not happen over night, it probably won't, but persevere and consider the cost is merely an hour or 2 of your time.

Write an interesting post and share it, get it out there and talk to people that respond to it, they'll probably be your future customers.

I am currently rearching landscapers and builders and the way they use social media and the way they blog. I know that many of the bigger construction companies have finallty caught on and are using social media and blogs but I want to help the SME's because currently, they're my main customers.

Watch this space and fell free to send me questions if you have any or if you need help. 

One final note from an old LinkedIn blog post of mine from January 2016. (people are still reading it) 


This (social media) problem is as true now as it was back in 2010, you would have expected some changes over that long period, wouldn't you? 

I remember back in 2010 struggling to convince one of the directors of a very large construction company to get ahead of the competiton and embrace social media. 'Follow me!' I said , 'and you'll see some wonderful results and I promise it won't cost the earth.' 

His company (turnover £240+ million) were happily continuing with their clearly expensive traditional advertising campaigns and they were also producing a glossy magazine which alone cost of £100k/annum. It was a good magazine, great copy, excellent photographs, quality paper and print, good distribution and for £100k/annum it needed to be. 

'How many people actually read it?' I asked the construction director once I realised the meeting was going nowhere.. 

He couldn't answer me, he smiled and looked a tad awkward. 

Since 2010 costs have no doubt increased: print, paper, postage, etc. none of it gets any cheaper, right? So we can be fairly confident that my construction director has comfortably spent £500,000 on glossy magazines that are now predominantly sitting in recycling bins waiting to be shredded. 

Had my construction director had the foresight to say 'Yes Peter, let's be early adopters, let's build a blog and share our success and promote our brand via social media!' he'd have a great social media presence today.


If you're a landscaper or builder keep coming back here as we're adding some amazing new products very soon, take a look at the new products we've recently added. Plus, we'll help you have a great year and help you benefit from promoting your own company. 

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Social Media, share the good etuff