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Maintaining a perfect product profile as an E-commerce company is not an easy task. However, working on the historic premise 'The customer is always right' means that complaints have to be dealt with fairly and promptly. They really can't be ignored.

The biggest issue with any product that involves usage, or some kind of application, is that people don't always read the instructions. Sadly, even some experienced builders and landscapers neglect reading the instructions. This approach is not recommended.


Read the product instructions


Just a few months ago we spoke to an experienced builder who had used EASYJoint paving grout (the name gives it away) to point the gable end of a house he was working on. Not a great result! 

That short lived complaint came via a telephone call and once the EASYJoint product and how it should be used was carefully explained to the builder, the situation sorted itself out. How he got on with the home owner remains to be seen.

However, if we see a bad review regarding any of the products we sell on Amazon or eBay it's something we have to deal with immediately, whether it's from a customer of ours or not. Getting a good name as an E-commerce company takes time, as does getting a good name for any new or innovative product and it's soon ruined by negative reviews. 

The fact that we speak to our customers and advise them on our products and the products specific applications and that we happily speak to the technical guys at Azpects if more involved issues do arise, keeps our customers happy. That's why they keep coming back to us and continue to recommend us to other people. 


A bad review on Amazon


Here's the 'bad' review: Absolutely useless... Fed up of finding black bits of grout in the house from when anyone walks in... 3 weeks after being put down it rained and majority of the grout came out??? Since found out that this has happened to others. Would not recommend don't waste your money!!!

This has happened a couple of times but it's simply because the product hasn't been used correctly. Basically, read the instructions and read them carefully.

When I came across this 'bad review' I called Azpects immediately and spoke to their Sales Director. Supreme Landscaping Products sell literally 100's of tubs of EASYJoint every month and very rarely do we have a complaint. In fact, I would say 99% of people just love this product. (Check out the reviews on Amazon and eBay)

David Eastgate at Azpects sent me this email when he responded to the bad review on Amazon.

Good morning  

Thank you for your enquiry.  I'm sorry that you're having a problem with the jointing on your patio. 

EASYJoint can take up to 3 weeks to harden to its full extent, especially when the weather is cold and wet, but to do this it needs good drainage so that air can get to all the joints.

EASYJoint requires air to permeate through the joints in order to cure properly and if the joints stay wet for long periods of time this will delay curing.  This is not a problem normally as EASYJoint is made to work in this way, which is why it can be installed using water and is unaffected by rain. However you also have a problem with the product crumbling it seems and that is a sign of poor drainage. 

We know from our many years of experience that this crumbling problem is caused by joints remaining damp for long periods of time - maybe a couple of weeks and more, without air getting to them.  At the curing stage EASYJoint needs air to permeate all through the joints in order for it to cure rock-hard.  If joints stay damp for weeks on end at the curing stage, they can crust over on the top but stay soft underneath.  What can happen then is after a few weeks the hardeners in the product can fail if air cannot get to all the joints. 

It looks as though that is what has happened here - then heavy rain can start to wash it out, leading to the situation that you have.  Usually an impermeable base mix of say 4:1 can be the problem (4 parts sharp sand, 1 part cement), even with a good fall/slope on your patio. 

It sounds as though the installer has used a strong base mix - maybe 3:1 or 4:1.  However this is stronger than recommended - 6:1 is standard with EASYJoint - 3:1 and 4:1 are generally impermeable and contrary to the standard advice we give for recommended base mix proportions.  

The fact that your installer said that EASYJoint had failed after a few weeks indicates to me that he is unaware of the reasons for this crumbling, which leads me to believe he may have put down a strong base mix, though of course I cannot be sure.  If this is the case and if the product is coming out of the joints to a large extent, to the point that they will need renewing, then I recommend that the product be taken up if it's all reasonably soft.  If you decide to do this then I suggest that whoever does the job should make drill holes at intervals (possibly every 12 inches) down through the joints and through the base material, using a relatively wide and long drill bit, to aid drainage, if you decide to replace with EASYJoint. 

Once again I'm sorry that you are having this problem and hope that the above explanation is clear enough for you. 

Kind regards  -  David Eastgate, Sales Director, Azpects Ltd


So there you are. Whether or not the Azpects product was purchased through Supreme Landscaping Products or not bad reviews just cannot be ignored and must be addressed to help both the customer and to retain a company's and the product's good reputation.


Amazon reviews


 Amazon reviews

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